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How to take care of your pergola in 6 simple steps

Home design is very important if you want your home to feel warm and welcome. I am sure you have no doubts about it. But do you think about exterior design in the same way? It can sometimes be neglected, but this is as important as the inside is. 

One of the parts of the exterior design can be a pergola. As I wrote in this post, the pergola’s function isn’t just decorative; functionality is also important. You want to feel comfortable sitting outside and spending time with friends or family.

To fully enjoy those moments, learn how to appropriately take care of your pergola following these easy tips and tricks.

Clean regularly

If you want your pergola to look flawless always, make sure to keep it clean. No matter how much money you invest in your pergola, it won’t look presentable unless you clean it regularly. 

Hose the pergola regularly. Higher pressure will dislodge all the dirt. Of course, adjust the pressure to the material your pergola is made of.

If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of time in the pergola, and if you do, outdoor dining wouldn’t come as a surprise. A messy and grease look of your grill won’t be very helpful if you want your pergola to look amazing.

Make sure to always remove the burnt-out bits and old food, and to sanitize everything after using the grill.

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Use the right cleansers and techniques

The material your pergola is made of is important for the right choice of detergents and cleansers. You don’t want to treat it badly and create more damage. The same cleanser cannot be used for a wooden and a metal pergola.

If you don’t have special cleansers, use just water. High pressured warm water in a downward direction will solve your problems with dust and dirt. You can opt for more thorough cleansing and choose the right technique, depending on the material the pergola is made of. Use different brushes to get rid of any undesirable dirt. A bristle brush or a toothbrush can help you keep all areas tidy and clean. 

Remove all the stains 

To keep your pergola’s refreshed vibe, deal with the stains and mold as soon as they show up. A lot of things can cause staining, but especially fasteners. Make sure that you have as little as possible black spots caused by corrosive fasteners on the wood with regular clean-ups.

Oxygen bleach will make your life easier when it comes to removing stains and mildew. Mix it with the vinegar and plain water and apply it to the stains. After waiting for a couple of minutes get your brush and start rubbing. In the end, apply soap and water everything down.

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Pay attention to cuts and dings

By paying attention to all kinds of damage, and repairing it, you are not only making your pergola look more beautiful, but you’re also prolonging its lifespan. The smaller cuts or dings can make the pergola look unkempt. When you notice something that can be fixed immediately, don’t wait, but do it. Let touch up paint be your accessory when dealing with these kinds of problems.

If something is making you problems with pergola maintenance, try to focus on the cause of the problem. For example, if the corrosive fasteners are creating more and more work for you when you have to deal with dings, replace them. This will be more helpful in the long run.

Replace damaged sections

Extreme weather can cause serious damage to your beautiful pergola. Mossy growths are probably going to show up in times of severe moisture. The structure of the pergola can easily be weakened if the winds are too high or it can even suffer from flying debris. 

If any major damage happens, replace the part that you have to. You should do this especially if the damage is so serious that the whole construct is jeopardized. Don’t let one compromised section ruin all the hard work you’ve put into maintaining your pergola. 

Keep the vines tamed

A usual accessory of a pergola is the vine. The vine, or any other creeper, gives a livelier feel to space. It is beneficial for that cause, but it can also grow and thicken, and add weight to the pergola. Don’t let this happen! Trim your vines regularly.

Don’t forget to treat the termites and insects too. All your effort will be in vain if insects and moths have colonized your pergola. They should be treated not only because they make the pergola seem less appealing, but also because they can infect the pergola’s structure.

Keep the vines tamed using a pergola.


Your surroundings have a huge impact on your mood. Being in an untidy, unorganized space must have negative consequences. Make your home as enjoyable as possible by taking care of all its parts. If you didn’t know how to do that with your pergola, you no longer have a problem. Get a hose and brushes and start today!

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