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33 Of The Best Porch Curtain Ideas With Images For Your Inspiration

What is better than enjoying the shade on your own private porch? This can be the best spot for lounging, so you can read a lovely book or enjoy your tasty drink after a long day. 

Transforming my porch was one of the best decisions I’ve made because it immediately turned my plain old porch into an elegant yet private spot. This is why I gathered the best porch curtain ideas to suit every taste to increase the curb appeal of your home. 

Different styles of curtains can be used to add elegance, provide privacy, and make your porch look a lot more stylish. Keep on reading to get inspired by these cool porch curtain ideas. 

Add Shade To One Side Of The Porch

Installing a curtain to one side of your porch gives you much versatility. It’s a stylish addition and can be left closed or open, depending on the weather and your mood. 

Go for neutral and light colors to add space to your small porch. Light colors will let the light pass through, so you can still enjoy a book or chill after a long day. The fabric should be a little bit on the heavy side, so it doesn’t move around when you leave the curtain open. 

You can hang curtain panels on both sides of the porch to make it enclosed. Or, install a side curtain to either side of the porch and complete the look with some plant pots. 

Corner Curtains For A Magical Addition

Using an L-shaped bar or curtain rod, you can install the curtain in the corner of your porch. Because the curtain is installed in one corner, you can still enjoy the light on the other side. You can have comfortable L-shaped sofas in your outdoor seating area, so you can either sit in the shade or enjoy the sunlight if you want. 

Leave the curtain open to allow the air to pass through, but make sure that the fabric is heavy enough so it doesn’t bother you when you’re enjoying a book or a meal. A corner curtain can be extremely versatile, as you can open both sides or only one, depending on the weather and occasion. 

Gather the corner curtains using ribbons or pieces of fabric and decorate them with fairy lights along the upper edges for an indirect light source for play nights and family dinners. You can also use this spot for a romantic dinner, as the curtains will give you the needed privacy. 

Drop Cloth Curtains Add A Little Edge

Although they look very simple, drop cloth curtains are exquisite and stylish. These outdoor curtains feature an overlapping piece of cloth that you can install facing the inside, outside, or both sides of the porch, depending on your mood. 

The key is to go for a longer piece of fabric or even use your original curtains after bending the fabric at the top. The length of the bent piece of fabric can be changed depending on your mood, and you can secure the curtains to the curtain panels using regular pins. 

Heavyweight or blackout fabric works best for this design because their weight will keep the curtain down to create the drop cloth look. Go for earthy and neutral colors that match the décor of your porch and your outdoor furniture. 

Keep the curtains flowing for more privacy on busy mornings, or gather them for a fresh breeze on a hot summer evening

Let Your Porch Curtains Shine With Light

String lights can be used to transform the look of your porch. These lights can be installed in multiple ways, depending on the mood and the event you’re hosting. 

Install the string lights along the curtain panels’ length for an elegant family dinner or a special date. The lights can be incorporated along the length of the curtains for more illumination. When the strings gather at the curtains’ bottom, they will provide more light without affecting the mood. 

Hanging lights can be a job for two people, especially if you’re decorating the porch for a special occasion. You don’t have to worry so much about symmetry, and you can hang the string lights a little loosely for a wavy effect. 

You can also install string lights along the front porch ceiling, stopping where the porch curtains start or let them fall to the ground. 

As an indirect source of light, these string lights will help you create an elegant ambiance for these special occasions without spending lots of cash. You can go for cool or warm white lights, depending on the color of the curtains and your porch furniture. Buy more string lights for more illumination, or keep the night magical with just a few strands. 

Curtains Come To Life With Sunflowers

According to old myths, sunflowers symbolize loyalty, good fortune, and long life. Thanks to their bright colors, these flowers make an excellent addition to your porch when you use them to decorate your outdoor curtains.

Live sunflowers will last between six to 12 days when kept in a vase, so they will wither quite fast if you use them for decorating your porch. However, you can always buy fake sunflowers to transform the look of a plain curtain. 

Sunflowers can be combined with loose curtains, either flowing freely along the vertical length of the curtain or simply rotating around the pillars on your porch. They add just the right amount of color.

For a themed party, you can use big sunflowers to make your cinched curtains look more stylish. Use a plain ribbon or a piece of fabric to hold your porch curtains, and add one flower to each curtain to make it look more elegant.

This is a nice idea to implement before hosting a brunch or a group of friends for a drink, as sunflowers will definitely lift up the mood with their bright colors. Adding some hanging flower or plant baskets will also make your porch feel fresh and unique.  

Enjoy Your Privacy With Curtains Covering Your Glass-Windowed Porch

Regardless of your living room size, you can add more space to your seating area by installing glass windows to cover your porch. Glass windows allow the sunlight to pass through, keeping your porch well-lit without the need for any artificial light source during the day. 

At the same time, you can opt for semi-sheer curtains to cover your glass windows and add privacy to your porch. 

Curtain panels can be installed all around the porch or restricted to two sides, leaving the front area exposed. Curtains can be moved, dragged around, cinched, or left flowing freely, depending on your mood. 

Open the windows to let the air in, and enjoy the relaxing breeze all day long. There are lots of curtain ideas for porch windows that you can experiment with. If you’re enjoying your breakfast, you can go for cinched curtains to get some sunlight. At noontime and on hotter days, closing the curtains will provide you with the needed shade without affecting the amount of light on your porch. It also grants you more privacy. 

Modern Blind Curtains Are Appealing

Blind curtains are perfect for an effortless modern porch renovation because they’re functional, versatile, and simple. Unlike regular curtains that are made of fabric, blind curtains are made of other materials, including wood, bamboo, vinyl, or aluminum. As a result, they’re more durable and can’t be easily cut by an enthusiastic pet or child. 

These blinds move up and down instead of moving to the left and right like regular curtains. The vinyl ones also feature slats that can be titled to let more light in or completely close for more privacy. 

Neutral and light colors are quite popular because they don’t block the light completely, even when the blinds are pulled down. This will give you the needed shade while still allowing some of the light to pass through. As a result, you’ll have the perfect spot for your everyday meditation. 

Create A Magical Effect With Sheer Screen Curtains

Sheer screen curtains will allow you to enjoy a well-lit outdoor area with adequate privacy. White flowy curtains will move with the breeze for a serene and calm effect, especially when combined with simple porch furniture. You can also add some hanging plant pots to elevate the ambiance of your porch.

Leaving the curtains open throughout the day will create movements that can feel so calming. You can enjoy your meditation session or even let your thoughts flow as the fabric moves. 

You can keep the curtains cinched using strands of ribbons or rope as the earthy hues are so elegant. Install the curtains along the sides of the porch, or stick to one side if you enjoy the sun more often. 

Uniform Curtains For More Structure

Curtains, especially the ones made of lightweight fabric, move a lot with the air, creating a magical energy. However, if you’re fond of structure, you can follow specific guidelines when installing the porch curtains. 

Measure the dimensions of the front porch and divide each side into equal parts to determine where the curtains will be installed. Bigger curtains can be opened to cover the whole area to create the needed shade, especially if your porch faces the sun throughout the day. 

If your porch is located away from the sun’s direction, you can go for smaller curtains. Closing them will provide you with some privacy when you’re reading or enjoying a meal and a drink. 

Lightweight fabric can be cinched or even tied in a knot. You can also use a piece of rope or ribbon. 

Try A Cool Pattern To Bring Your Porch To Life

You don’t have to stick to solid white and neutral earthy hues. Using colorful patterns can be an excellent idea, adding fun and elegance to your front porch. 

There are thousands of patterns to consider if you want a bold look. Consider the palette of your outdoor furniture and choose a striped pattern. Stripes go well with other simple patterns, and you can go for shades from your furniture palette combined with white to let the light pass through. 

A checkered pattern will give you the aesthetics of the elegant English countryside, adding style and grace to your porch. If you’re fond of bold designs, pick an edgier pattern, using waves or shapes that match with the colors of the furniture on your porch. 

Regardless of your choice, you need to make sure that all colors and pieces blend effortlessly. Flowers, plants, and other functional pieces, like a coffee table, will make your porch the perfect outdoor seating area. 

Enjoy An Eclectic Style With Colorful Curtains

For bold homeowners, bright colors and more unique patterns can be combined with comfortable porch furniture. The combination of colors and light creates the perfect atmosphere for a lavish and elegant look, even if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash. 

You can combine several colors in your porch curtains by either going for different hues of the same fabric or choosing a unique pattern that matches the patterns in your furniture. The colors give the vibe of an oriental mystical palace, especially with the right accessories, like lamps and cushions. 

Use the colorful curtains to cover parts of your porch to add more privacy, or use them as a backdrop for your comfortable sofa. When installed all around the porch, you’ll have an enclosed area with colorful interior light depending on the shades you choose. 

Buying Guide For Finding The Best Porch Curtains

Porch curtains are exceptional accessories that can totally transform the look of an ordinary-looking porch. Curtains are extremely versatile, so you can choose different colors, patterns, and designs to suit your taste. Here are a few factors to consider before buying porch curtains. 

Think About Style Options

When you’re shopping for porch curtains, there are three different styles that you can choose from. Sleeve curtains fit around the curtain panel and completely cover it when the curtains are open. Before buying the curtains, you should make sure that their hanging length is suitable for your outdoor area. 

Tab-top curtains give an elegant look, still showing some of the curtain panels. The loops at the top of the fabric work in windy areas because they keep the curtains stable. 

Grommet-top curtains open and close effortlessly and are the most common type. In most cases, the round grommets will be made of sturdy metal or PVC and can even match the color of your curtains and outdoor furniture. 

Look For Durability

Although there many fabrics and materials to choose from, you need to consider durability and quality when shopping for outdoor curtains. Sheer fabric is less durable but it moves freely with the wind to create a magical effect. 

More heavyweight curtains can be left open or closed. Make sure that you’re picking an easy to clean material that matches the colors of your furniture. The material should also be mildew and mold-resistant. There are several ways you can prevent your outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind to protect them from getting damaged.

Choose The Right Colors

Light colors allow the sun’s rays to pass through, creating a well-lit outdoor area. Darker colors add the needed privacy if you want to transform your porch into an outdoor dining area or a cozy corner to enjoy your yoga. 

Make sure that the material is fade-resistant so it doesn’t change color due to sun exposure. 


Should Outdoor Curtains Touch The Ground?

Whether outdoor curtains should touch the ground depends on your taste. Curtains can touch the ground or hover an inch or more above it. If you wish to block out more sun and enjoy more privacy, you should stick to longer and wider curtains. 

Do Porch Curtains Keep Out Pollen?

Porch curtains keep out pollen and other allergens, but you’ll need to clean them regularly to get rid of allergens or they will spread these allergens when they blow around. 

Transform The Look Of Your Porch Using The Best Porch Curtain Ideas

Did you like these versatile porch curtain ideas? Although porch curtains are simple and affordable, they will immediately make your porch more elegant and functional. Your porch will be the perfect seating area, dining room, or sanctuary, where you can enjoy your time to the maximum. 

If you like this article, share it with your friends and help them get inspired. And don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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