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What Is The Palm Trees Store? Here’s What You Need To Know

Have you always dreamed of having beautiful palm trees in your backyard? Do you wish to incorporate tropical plants into your interior design? 

Your dreams can now come true! 

Shop the Palm Trees Store for your favorite palm trees. They offer a vast selection of interior and exterior palms of different sizes to fit different budgets. 

Get To Know The Palm Trees Store 

Their Mission

The Palm Trees Store’s mission is to break the stereotype that palm trees are hard to grow and take care of. Instead of buying an artificial palm tree, why not give a real one a chance? They are confident that 90 percent of live palm trees are low maintenance

Their main goal is to build a greener world by supplying every home with a piece of unspoiled nature.  

Here’s a video on how to care for palm trees: 

What They Offer

The Palm Trees Store offers a great selection of different types of palm trees and palm seeds. They offer a palm tree for every taste and style. 

You can shop palm trees by size and other categories, like Multi Stem Palm Trees or Cold Hardy Palm Trees that can even grow in zone 7

Most importantly, their online store is easy to navigate and operate. If you are having a hard time finding your favorite type of palm tree, you can directly search for it in the search bar. 

The Palm Trees Store sells other goodies and essentials, like palm soil, fertilizers, planters, pruning tools, and even benches. 

They Ship All Over The World 

The Palm Trees Store ships internationally and to all 48 contiguous states in the US. They offer different shipping methods to accommodate their customers and to ensure the palms arrive undamaged. 

They offer free shipping on purchases of four or more large palm trees (rules and restrictions may apply). 

Click here to see what domestic and international delivery methods they offer. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Palm Trees Store offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee as a testament to the quality of its products. If for any reason you are not satisfied from 15 days of the date of purchase, you get: 

  • A full refund, an exchange, or store credit on small trees. 
  • A full refund, an exchange, or store credit minus a 20 percent restocking fee on containerized medium and large trees if you are from the State of Florida

Note: The store doesn’t offer refunds on misused products and field-grown trees once they are extracted from the ground. 

The Palm Trees Store: Your Place For Palm Trees

The Palm Trees Store has made its presence known amongst homeowners and landscapers. Their mission to make palm trees more accessible to a wider audience has come to fruition. 

With the help of the Palm Trees Store, you too can become the proud owner of a gorgeous palm tree as hundreds of other customers have done across the country. With their satisfaction guarantee, there isn’t any risk in giving them a try.

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  1. Hello Nadya,
    I’ve lived in Asia and I admire the tropical look of Palm Trees. We live in Northern Virginia, Zone 7 and want to landscape our backyard with some tropical look with -Palm Tree! We have other trees, like Red Bud; Crape Martel and Emerald Green. The area where I’m thinking to plant Palm Tree will have sun most of the day- 5-6 hours. Now, we do get some winter freeze and wondering if there are varieties that would survive. Thank you and hope to hear from you.
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