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The 15 Best Reasons To Inspect Your Crawl Space Now Infographic

You’ve probably heard people tell you to inspect your crawl space before. 

However, you might not know why. It’s hard to understand why you should invest money into this problem if you’ve never considered the reason for doing so. If you’ve never considered hiring a contractor to inspect your crawl space, consider these 15 creepy things that might be in there.

Rodent and Bug Infestations

Infestations from rodents and bugs

This is one of the most well-known potential problems. Rodents and bugs can easily get into an unencapsulated crawl space, and with a single rodent able to multiply sixtyfold in a single year, that single mouse can become an infestation quickly.


Snakes and serpents

Snakes are known for their ability to get into otherwise well-encapsulated areas. If you have even the slightest opening into your crawl space, snakes can easily get in, create a nest, and start reproducing.

Wild Animal Homes

Wild animal nest

During the nesting season, your home’s warm, cozy crawl space can look extremely inviting to many small animals. From there, those animals can tear out insulation, carry disease, and lure in predators.

Animal Bones

Animal graveyard

If you’ve ever had an animal die under your home, that animal will likely turn into a skeleton at some point. These animal bones can carry disease in some situations, and whether or not they carry disease, they’re definitely creepy.


Toxic growth of molds

So-called “toxic” mold gets a lot of press, but what you might not know is that any type of mold in your crawl space is dangerous. Even “non-toxic” mold can cause serious health concerns.

Invasive Plants

Aggressive vines

Invasive plants are bad for the environment and bad for your wallet. If you leave an invasive plant for too long, you can have to spend thousands of dollars and years of your time treating the plant’s roots.

Mysterious Locked Cabinets

A locked cabinet

If you’ve never looked under your home, you have no idea what’s under there. It could be something as seemingly ridiculous as a locked cabinet, which could hold anything from weapons to money to classified documents.

Mob Cash

A stash of cash

It’s most common for the mob to hide their riches in homes already controlled by mob members, but there’s no telling where they might choose to hide their riches. If you’re especially unlucky, it could be your home.

Guns and Weapons

Ammunition lying around

Guns and weapons may show up in a crawl space because of a fugitive, a criminal, or even just a previous homeowner. No matter why they’re there, you definitely don’t want them to be under your home without you knowing.

People Living Under Your Home

Unwanted houseguests

It may shock you to learn that inspectors find people living under other people’s homes more commonly than you might think. If you’ve never had an inspection, there may be someone there without your knowledge.

Unexploded Artillery

War relics

This is especially common under homes in historical areas. This Smithsonian even estimates that there are thousands of tons of unexploded bombs left in various areas from WWII.

Disturbing Journals

notebooks and writings

Journals can provide an important insight into the past. However, what if the past isn’t something you want to learn more about? If you find a journal in your crawl space, it could provide unwanted insight into past homeowners.


haunting ghosts

For those who believe in the paranormal, some crawl space issues may have to do with ghosts. In fact, these ghosts can take up residence in the crawl space because it’s so poorly trafficked, so an inspection could be a good first step.

Monsters and Ghouls

Large ghouls

Large ghosts can also reside in the crawl space, according to some who believe in them. They may not be extremely common, but a crawl space inspection may be able to help you shake any ghosts in your crawl space.

Foundation Problems

Structural issues

Of all these problems, foundation issues may actually be the scariest. Sure, animal skeletons can make you feel uncomfortable, but foundation problems can actually lead to your home collapsing.

The best way to avoid these problems, from structural instability to someone living under your home, is to schedule a crawl space inspection. You’ll find that it’ll pay for itself in peace of mind. 

Like backyard improvements you should not do by yourself, this is also something that’s better be handed over to specialists.

The 15 Best Reasons to Inspect Your Crawl Space Now

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