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9 Of The Best Lawn Mower Storage Ideas For Your Regular Or Riding Mower

Are you looking for riding lawn mower storage ideas? You’ve landed yourself in the right place, then! I’ve been struggling with my lawnmower since I got it until I finally realized I already have about seven or eight places I can keep it!

I bet you have these places in your backyard, too. You’re just waiting for someone to point them out. Well, that’s what I’m here for! Keep reading. I’ll even tell you how to store a lawn mower in the garage.

Build A Mini Shed

Mini Shed for Lawn Mower

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People usually use mini sheds to store things that can’t be inside their houses, such as chemicals and pesticides. Well, while you’re at it, why don’t you try to store your lawn mower there, too?

Although it’ll limit the space you have for the rest of the items, you’ll have saved yourself a great deal of hassle. The mini shed will protect your mower from wintery conditions and it’ll stay dry and warm, which will raise its life expectancy by a few years.

Besides, mini sheds are pretty easy to build. If you don’t already have one, you can get started right now.

Or Even Better, A Mid-Size Shed!

Mid-Sized Shed

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The larger, the better – a mid-size shed won’t only protect your lawn mower and keep it from freezing during winter, it’ll also give you enough space to store all your gardening and landscaping items. If you have the room for it, I recommend going straight ahead and building one.

I included mid-size sheds on my list because they offer full security for the items inside. Besides, wooden sheds can last a lifetime if taken care of, so you’ll be ensuring a storage place for as long as you need it.

Do You Have A Garage?

Lawn Mower Garage

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If you have unused space in your garage, there’s no reason your lawn mower should stay outside. Most people with lawnmowers store them in the garage. Besides the full protection from the weather conditions, your machine will be safe from any thieves. 

A garage typically offers more security than a shed. Plus, you can customize it to fit all of your items. You can also use the garage to store your lawn or garden tractor. If you don’t already own one, here’s a review that’ll help you pick the best garden tractor for you.

If You Don’t, Go For A Fabric Tent

Fabric Tent for Lawn Mower

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If you’re on a tight budget, a fabric tent is a great solution to your dilemma. It’s easy to set up and put away, it doesn’t take much space, and it can offer some protection from the winter. On top of this, it doesn’t take up much storage space, seeing as it folds down to a compact size.

The only downside to fabric tents is that they may get blown away in particularly harsh winds. Although this is unlikely if you live somewhere with moderate weather, it’s bad news for people in wintery states. 

Or Maybe Store It Under A Tarp

Lawn Mower under a Tarp

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Many people don’t have enough space in their yard to build a shed or put up a tent for riding mower storage. If that’s the case for you, you can always store your lawnmower under a tarp. It won’t cost you much and it folds up to a compact dimension for ease of storage. 

Though a tarp won’t protect your mower much from heavy rainwater, it’ll keep it warm and prevent it from freezing. It’s a viable option for people in very cold states.

You Can Also Use Some Space Against The Wall

Lawn Mower Storage from the Wall

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I bet that against your outside wall doesn’t come to mind when you think about where to store your lawn mower, right? It’s a pretty convenient idea, though, when you think about it. You won’t have to build a full shed or install a tent – all you’ll have to do is create a space against your wall and build or buy a storage box.

All of us certainly have some empty wall space outside our house. This can present a brilliant solution for your issue, as you can see in the photo. You can even paint the box the same color as the wall to help it blend in.

Or From The Ceiling

Lawn Mower Storage in Ceiling

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Now we’re thinking out of the box! Unless you’re three meters high, there’s probably a pretty large chunk of ceiling in your garage that you don’t need. Why not use this space to store your lawn mower?

While it may not be convenient for extra-large mowers that you can’t lift, it’ll fit moderately-sized ones just fine. On top of this, it won’t cost you as much as building a shed will. You’ll only need to pay for some woodwork or do it yourself.

Or Maybe On A Shelf?

Lawn Mower Stored in a Shelf

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The idea sounds absurd at first. Storing a gardening machine on a shelf seems impossible. But when you see the image above, you’ll realize it’s actually doable, and it’s a really great idea!

If you want to keep your lawnmower inside and away from mother nature, storing it on a shelf in your basement or garage is an excellent end to your dilemma. However, bear in mind that the rack should be strong and stable enough to hold your mower. If you need to, hire a handyman to install some shelves for you.

How About On A Table?

Lawn Mower on a Table

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Most of us have an old wooden table lying around in the basement with nothing to do. Well, if you don’t have a shed or a tent for your mower, it’s time to put your old table to good use. As you see in the photos here, large tables are perfectly capable of accomodating lawn mowers.

The good thing is, you won’t need a waterproof cover. Your lawn mower will already be inside and away from the harsh conditions. Besides, the table won’t need any maintenance, other than the regular cleaning every once in a while.

Meanwhile, a shed or a tent will typically need some maintenance effort on your part.

Did You Like Our Riding Lawn Mower Storage Ideas?

Since I got my lawnmower, I’ve been struggling with the issue of storing it somewhere safe. That’s why creating a list of riding lawn mower storage ideas was a priority for me. What did you think about the listed options? I’ve tried around three of them, and I can tell you they worked excellently!

Let me know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to share the article if you liked it!

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