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55 Of The Best Small Garden Ideas In Pictures For You To Get Inspired

Do you have a small garden that you don’t know what to do with? It can be tricky to add beautiful plants without cluttering your garden.

I did the research to help you with this. In this article, we’ll look at 55 of the best small garden ideas that you can conveniently apply. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get going! 


Grow Herbs To Flavor Your Dishes

Upcycle Old Buckets

A small garden with herbs in multilayered containers  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Why spend money on terracotta pots when you can use your old buckets? Grab 3-4 buckets or containers of increasing size. Stack them above each other so that all of their sides are aligned in one direction. 

This way, when you place these multilayered containers near a wall, you’ll have the largest possible area dedicated to your herbs. There, you can grow any herbs, for example, mint (check my post to learn how to do it) or garlic (here’s my blog about it.) as well as veggies such as Brussel sprouts that grow well in containers.

Do Some Woodwork

A small garden with multilevel garden beds  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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If you happen to be skilled in gardening and woodworking at the same time, you’ll love this small multileveled herb garden!

Build two hollow rectangles from wooden planks. Stack them above each other so they look like stairs. Using thinner pieces of wood, divide each rectangle into one-foot squares.

What I like the most about this design is how it keeps your herbs neatly organized. It’ll be much easier to reach and maintain them.

Use Your Fence

Vertical small garden  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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If you’re searching for small herb garden design ideas to fit your limited space, you can conveniently use your fence to make a vertical garden

In addition to the shelving, it’s a good idea to place vertical boards on each end to prevent your pots from falling off. You can also upcycle some old pallets to make this shelf. 

Or Use Your Walls

a small garden with herbs on shelves  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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This is another great idea for confined areas. Instead of fixing shelves on your fence, fix them to one of your house walls! 

If you ask me, floating shelves look a lot better than shelves with brackets. They cover the smallest part of your wall so that you can maintain your original exterior.

You can easily DIY them from scratch. If you don’t want to bother with woodworking, you can buy them ready-made and install them yourself. 

How About PVC Pipes? 

Vertical small garden with herbs #diy #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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PVC pipes are widely used as planters. They’re budget-friendly, easy to cut, drill, paint, and glue. And most importantly, they’re sturdy enough to hold soil. 

This design features installation via ropes hanging from a galvanized pipe. I like this because all the elements complement each other to create a homogenous look. 

If you want to keep it simple, you can directly fix the planter pipe to the wall without any additional accessories. 

Want To Hide Your Wall?

Vertical small garden with herbs  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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If you’re unhappy about how your wall looks, you can cover it with a vertical herb garden. 

Although this design features a handmade wood wall, you can replace it with multiple pallets fixed together. 

The best thing about this is that you can move it any time you want. This is also great if you’re living in a rental, where you can’t make permanent changes. 

Put Herbs In Pockets

Vertical small garden with herbs  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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This is one of my personal favorite small herb garden design ideas. Simply put, this is among the easiest DIY planters for your herbs

All you have to do is attach one of your old fabric shoe organizers to the wall, and voilà! You got yourself a vertical garden with separate compartments in which you can tuck your herbs. 

You can also conveniently relocate it anywhere you want.

Upcycle A Pallet

Vertical small garden with herbs  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Pallets have become very common to use as a vertical garden. They’re cheap, customizable, and readily available. This design features terracotta pots secured to a pallet with stainless steel cable ties and nails. 

I don’t recommend keeping the pallet freestanding as the photo shows, as the weight of the pots may move the pallet and cost you your precious garden. Instead, fix the pallet to a fence or a wall.

A Stairway To Heaven

Vertical small garden with herbs  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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No, not the song by Led Zeppelin. You can make use of an old rustic ladder to shelve your herb pots. This is a superb idea and you can add a vertical wooden board to each step. This way, you’ll be reassured that no one will hit your pots by accident. 

Don’t like how traditional this looks? You can attach each pot to the step above it with a rope. In that case, you won’t need the extra wooden board I mentioned. 

Grow Vegetables To Stay Healthy

A One-Pot Wonder

A small garden with  tomatoes in containers  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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If you ask me, growing vining and climbing crops is one of the best small vegetable garden ideas. Take tomatoes for example. They won’t take up much space if you grow them in a pot. 

Make sure you provide the necessary staking, though a steel cage is a sturdy and inexpensive option. You can also use bamboo poles to add a fashionable touch to your garden. 

If you like this idea, then consider the Garden Tower 2. This is a great product if you want to grow lots of veggies in a small area.

Raise It Up 

If you’re serious about growing a significant amount of vegetables in your garden, raised beds are a perfect choice.

For starters, they can be designed to fit any space and any shape. They’re also beneficial for the soil because they prevent soil compaction, improve drainage, and keep the pathway weeds away.

Moreover, they can help alleviate the back strain from bending over to garden. 

Try Old Water Tanks 

Vegetable garden layout for small spaces #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Water tanks become useless after a period of time, as they can’t hold water with worn and rusty bottoms. But don’t throw them just yet because you can use them as garden beds. 

You have a variety of options. You can use galvanized tubs, rubber containers, or antiquey wooden barrels. 

I love how this design uses rocks as a walkway. Add some small LED lights and you’ll have such a charming small garden!

To Infinity And Beyond

This is among the coolest small vegetable garden ideas I’ve found. It features multiple raised beds for vegetables with a wooden walkway. The coolest thing about it is how it sorts the vegetables. 

As you can see, the vining vegetables are kept at the back to grow on the trellises. Such a trellis is available online, but you can also DIY one. I’d recommend going with the DIY option, so you can customize the height to your wall or fence. 

Put Marigolds With Vegetables

Vegetable garden layout for small spaces  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Marigolds are one of the loveliest flowers you can plant in your small garden. But did you know they’re incredibly beneficial for vegetables? 

Their roots secrete some substances that kill harmful soil insects. Actually, I know gardeners who won’t grow tomatoes without marigolds. 

This design uses four raised beds with a lawn walkway. Vegetables are kept in the middle with charming marigolds around the periphery. 

Enclose Your Garden 

A small garden with an arbor at the entrance  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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I know the struggle. Some people want to have a small garden but their spouses won’t agree. 

If this applies to you, this idea will help you reach a middle ground. You can enclose your garden within a fence and place an arbor at the entrance to keep things tidy. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy. As you can see, you can quickly make one with a bunch of tree boughs. If you don’t want to bother, you can purchase a ready-made classy arbor online.

Utilize Every Inch Of Your Home

Try Vertical Planters

vertical small garden  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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If you’re searching for very small garden ideas, vertical planters are the perfect option. 

This design features a large wooden stand with multiple planters. You can build this stand from scratch to tailor it to your available space. It’s also available to buy ready-made from online stores. 

This design is especially beneficial if you have a balcony and it functions as a screen to give you additional privacy. 

Or A Green Corner

A small garden with succulents in the corner  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Why leave a corner unused to build up dust? A corner is such a great place to squeeze in some plants that won’t take up much space. 

Don’t just settle for a plain pot, though. As you can see, you can make a tiered small garden from two triangle-shaped wooden planters. Succulents, for instance, will thrive well in this tiny space.

If this corner is too cold or dark, consider using a heat lamp. In this article, I’ve gathered three of the best heat lamps currently on the market. 

With A Green Fountain

A small garden with succulents  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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If you have an old stone water fountain, first of all, lucky you! A fountain can be a superb addition to your small garden.

You can grow succulents to fit this small space. It’s also possible to grow any type of hanging plants on the peripheries, like English ivy.

Maybe A Green Wall

Vertical small garden  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Living walls are space-efficient, but they’re not that easy to make. Luckily, you can easily imitate a living wall with a simple trellis. 

The one you see in the photo is produced by Terra Trellis. It’s made from a steel frame with an oxide finish and stainless steel wires. It’s lightweight and super easy to install on a wall or a fence. 

However, it’s somewhat expensive. But I think it’s worth it. 

Squeeze In An Olive Tree

Multiple plants in containers groupped together  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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The unique thing about olive trees is their tolerance to dry air and soil. Therefore, they’ll thrive indoors and outdoors in any weather.

Group one with multiple pots of lavender and you’ll have a corner that will definitely make your friends jealous. 

Remember, Space Shouldn’t Limit You 

A small garden with succulents  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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I was extremely inspired when I saw this garden. This is a part of a small garden that was built by two people only. They started working on it when they moved into their house. The backyard had nothing but concrete and a hills hoist. 

Now, as you can see, it’s overflowing with lots of plants, including cacti, succulents, and a wide variety of vining plants.

This shows you that nothing lies between you and your dream garden. You can get creative even in the smallest area. 

Speaking of your dream garden, this design is also suitable if you’re making a rooftop garden. If you’re interested, check out my detailed article about rooftop gardens.

Liven Up Your Fence

Build A Walkway 

Small garden beds near a fence #fence #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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This is one of my favorite small garden fence ideas. It features multiple beds placed directly behind the fence. This way, you’ll be able to construct a walkway between two green sides.

I don’t know if you can see it, but there are multiple trellises that extend far beyond the fence. This will make your plants look like they’re floating in the air. 

It’s an excellent idea to plant flowers on both sides with colors that match the scheme of your house. This will make your exterior pop. 

Go With Large Garden Beds 

This is another idea to use the space behind the fence. It shows how you can go big without impeding the accessibility of the fence and the whole backyard. 

Also, if you look really close, you’ll see that the fence itself is used as a trellis. If your fence has a suitable structure, I’d highly recommend this idea. Your house will look like a green fortress from outside. 

How About A Waterfall?

A small garden with multilevel garden beds #fence #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Simply put, this is the most fashionable and sleek design you can do with a small garden. It cleverly integrates a bench, garden beds, and a waterfall, all behind a fence.  

You can go the extra mile and place some small fish in the pond. Moreover, it’s possible to add a couple of LED lights underwater to have a charming view at night. 

Yes, it’s not easy to implement such a complicated design. But it’s surely worth all the effort. 

Would You Like A Seat?

There’s nothing like enjoying a book while you’re surrounded by your lovely plants. This idea features a garden bed that has a bench at its front. 

There’s another clever tweak you can add. To make the bench more comfortable, add another small wooden board as back support. Then add a couple of colorful cushions and you’ll have a cozy garden where you can relax.

I like how the owner of this garden placed a palm tree in the middle of the bed. It’s cool to have such a tall plant peeking behind your fence.

Back To Simple Pots 

Small garden beds near a fence #fence #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Back to simple small garden fence ideas. This design has four pots placed behind a fence. The owner used olive trees as the main central plants. I like that they’re tall enough to peek behind the fence. 

Get creative with the other plants that fill the pot. Here, the lavender is totally stupendous. 

The use of the rectangular pots here is far better than regular circular ones — it keeps things tidy and takes up the least amount of space possible. 

A Corner Garden Bed

Small garden beds near a fence #fence #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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This is another idea that features a garden bed with a built-in bench. However, I think it’s implemented in a much tidier way. 

The garden bed has a continuous border that goes into the corner. Instead of being a part of the bed, the bench is made from separate boards fixed to the side. 

If you look really close, you can see a couple of spotlights placed in the soil. This must look absolutely gorgeous at night! 

Another Corner Bed

Small garden beds near a fence #fence #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

I’m in love with this concept, so I thought I should include more than one way to implement it to fit all scenarios. 

This design is constructed over a slightly bigger space. I don’t like the distribution of the bushes, though. It could’ve been way neater.

But I like the composite lumber used for decking — it fits well with the white color of the bed.  

Aim For A Minimalist Look

A small garden with plants in containers near a fence  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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If you don’t want to clutter your garden, you’ll love this minimalist design. The fence is painted in a deep black that looks great with the white LED bulbs. 

The ground is covered with white gravel for contrast. You can also see small terracotta pots scattered along the fence. 

If you want to add an additional touch of green on the fence, fix a shelf like the one seen in this photo. Personally, I prefer more pots on the ground over shelves to maintain a minimalist design. 

Hang ‘Em Up  

Hanging planters near a fence  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

For my last recommended small garden fence idea, consider these hanging planters by the fence. The owner of this garden used some kind of trellis to hang the planters from. But you can make do with a simple galvanized pipe

It’s possible to make the planters yourself, but they’re also available online. I like how the owner played with the height to cover the largest part of the fence. 

Freshen Up Your Patio

Got A Tiny Space?

A small garden organized on a patio with stepping stones and containers with plants #patio #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

This is an arrangement you can pull off on the tiniest patio. For the ground, spread some gravel and put a bunch of pavers on top for contrast.  

The owner of this garden used a lot of pots of different sizes and colors, which I’m not fond of at all. To make it more appealing, unify the color and choose one medium size for the pots. 

Or A Wide Patio?

A small garden organized on a patio #patio #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

This design is suitable for folks with wide patios. The owner chose to go with small garden beds placed on both sides.

The biggest part of the patio is reserved for the wooden deck on which the lounge is placed. Above all, I’m super impressed with the color scheme. The blue lounge fits nicely with the turquoise cushions. The green beds also go along with the white floor. 

Make It Look Cozy

A small garden organized on a patio #patio #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

You don’t need a large patio to enjoy a cozy afternoon with your precious plants. Take this design, for example. The owner placed a garden bed in the corner with a small tree in the margin.

For the seating, there’s a chair facing a small sofa. This way, you can relax alongside your loved ones. 

This color palette has also made it to my heart. I like how green stands out between all the dim grey around it. 

Or Make It Look Simple

Needless to say, gardening holds huge importance in my life. A green area on your patio, even the smallest one, can be the perfect getaway from busy urban life.

This arrangement has a nice balance between green and paved areas. The main green area is occupied by a stone garden bed that has lots of plants. The fence is decorated with a couple of tall trees. 

How About A Romantic Corner?

Urban style small garden on a patio #patio #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

What’s better than spending quality time with your loved ones between a bunch of pink and orange roses?

Nevertheless, these weathered plastic buckets don’t really fit. Replace them with brand new terracotta pots and you’ll have the best charming corner ever. This design can also suit your balcony or rooftop gardens.

Don’t Forget About A Dining Table 

a nice eating spot in the garden on a patio #patio #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

I’d be totally stoked to have breakfast every day in such a beautiful setting. Look at how these minimalist yellow chairs stand out. 

I also like how the fence goes from stone to a trellis. Simply put, this is among the best small patio garden ideas you can implement. 

Decorate With A Pond 

a small patio garden with a pond in landscape #patio #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

This is my last recommendation for small patio garden ideas. This arrangement keeps the main bulk of plants on both sides of the wooden deck. 

In the middle, you can see a shallow, small pond with a stone base. I like how the owner let some plants grow in the middle of the deck. The trees being taller than the fence make the patio feel cozy and private. 

Beautify Your Backyard

Embrace The Rocks

a small garden near a wall  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

Instead of a traditional black garden bed, use a bunch of multicolored rocks to match your exterior. 

I wish everyone would maintain their garden in this way. Look at how crisp the lawn looks. The rocks neatly follow the curve of the lawn. This is among the best small garden ideas that you can easily implement. 

Build Yourself A Shed 

a small garden with a shed in landscape  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

This is a cool arrangement for a functional, yet beautiful backyard. The largest area is covered with a lawn on which you can do activities with your family. 

On the left, you can see a small wooden shed. This is where you can keep your gardening supplies to conveniently reach them anytime. 

On the other side, there are multiple pots placed on the gravel. I think that terracotta pots would look better, though.

Or A Cabin

a small garden with a shed in landscape  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

Implement this design in your backyard and you won’t want to go inside anymore! I like how the walkway is placed leading to the small cabin

You can also place a bunch of small pots with colorful flowers along the walkway. It’ll feel like you’re being warmly welcomed into your own backyard. 

It’d be great to have some vining plants climbing over the cabin walls. In this case, painting the cabin in beige would add a lot to the general look. 

Don’t Overlook The Side Yard

A small garden with stepping stones in the backyard  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

I always like a side yard that has a lot of plants and trees. Throw in a stone path and you’ll feel like you’re walking in a magical place. 

However, I prefer to have a tidier grassy area. This will draw the line between a usable side yard and a neglected jungly area. 

Place A Distant Bench

How would you like to get back from work and enjoy a quiet bench in your peaceful backyard? It seems like the perfect way to recharge and get ready for tomorrow. 

The owner here cleverly chose birch trees to complement the setting. The unique thing about birch trees is their loose and light foliage. This will give the right amount of shade, not too dark or too light. 

You can go for a regular upholstered couch, but an outdoor bench adds an irresistible classic feel. It’s also a lot cheaper! 

Or A Heavenly Pergola 

A small backyard garden relaxing outdoor dining room under a pergola  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

Installing a pergola in your backyard will give you security, shade, and the ability to hang different plants.

Here, you can see a bunch of wisterias floating over a simple dining table. The wisterias look green now. But wait until spring and they’ll bloom with a beautiful bluish-purple color. 

Although the striped cushions are the smallest part of this setting, I think they complete it like the last puzzle piece. 

Prepare For Tea Parties

A small garden with a outdoor dining room in the backyard  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

Be better prepared for your next tea party with friends or family! It’s always better to have a backyard that’s not so cluttered. Aim for a setting that allows for a good amount of sunlight. 

Take this one, for example — plants are limited to small areas by the window and wall. The sleek dining table and chairs fit well with the overall simple theme. 

Consider A Mighty Fig Tree

A small garden with a outdoor dining room in the backyard  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

Have you thought about growing a fig tree in your garden? This might be one of the best small garden ideas you can apply. 

The great thing about it is how beautiful its leaves look. With these large, staggered, and star-shaped leaves, you’ll enjoy a lovely and wide shade in your garden. Not to mention the delicious figs, of course.

Or Perhaps A Mid-Century Lounge 

Mid-century style small garden  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

Take a look at this gorgeous garden arrangement. The raised bed that follows the fence surrounds you with refreshing, positive vibes. 

The mid-century modern furniture looks stunning, especially that sleek recliner. It must be beautiful to sit back and enjoy the beautiful trees above you. I also like how the owner chose beige for the Papasan chairs. This tone contrasts well with blue and green. 

Color Your Sky In Green

A small garden with an outdoor dining room  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

Don’t you just love it when trees take over your backyard’s sky? This is especially useful for urban homes, where you want to isolate yourself from the busy neighborhood. 

The brick pavement adds a nice touch to the setting. Look how well it fits the similarly-colored terracotta pots. If you reuse old terracotta pots, make sure to sterilize them first.

This arrangement teaches us how to make use of every small space. Take a look at the flower beds on the stair ledges, for instance. 

Got Space? Go For A Tiered Garden

A small backyard garden on a slope  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

If you have a wider space, consider a tiered garden. This arrangement puts garden beds on the first tier, a rustic dining table and chairs on the second, and the lawn on top. 

I wish that the top area was decked, though. That way, you’d be able to put furniture on it and enjoy the beautiful scenery from there. 

Also, the long walls could’ve been used for vining plants. This would be a lot better than the aged look they have. 

Prepare A Sleeping Corner

A relaxing spot with a hammock in the backyard garden  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

I saved the best for last. How would you like your afternoon nap to be amongst the stunning greenery? All you need are two strong poles and a comfy hammock.  

Nevertheless, I don’t think that gravel is suitable for such a large area. This even makes the stepping stones obsolete. I think gravel should’ve been limited for the area around the tree, leaving the grass to occupy the main part of the ground. 

Bloom It Up

Recycle A Wagon Wheel

A hanging flower planter in the middle of a lawn  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

This is one of the cleverest small flower garden ideas that I’ve ever seen. It uses a wagon wheel frame to hang a flower planter. 

I don’t like how it’s secured to the ground, though. This isn’t suitable for families who own dogs, for example. Consider hanging the frame on your balcony or porch instead. This will allow it to rotate with the wind. 

Or Craft A Bed From Scratch

A small flower garden bed in the middle of a lawn  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

Who said garden beds have to be rectangular? Consider this hexagonal shape for a change. It’s available online, but I think you could DIY. You’ll be able to play with the shape and dimensions to tailor the bed to your space. It’s pretty easy, too! 

This flower bed would go perfectly in the center of your garden. Don’t add any other element, like gravel. It’ll look better on a plain lawn, just like in the photo.  

Use Bachelor Buttons

A small flower garden near a fence  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
Image credit:

A bachelor button, aka cornflower, is among the most vivid and gorgeous flowers that you can grow in your garden. 

They like to grow in somewhat dry soil under the strong sun. That’s why it’s best to place them near your fence. Also, it’s better to plant them directly in the ground instead of using a pot. This will make them grow bigger and faster. 

Now Hang Them Up

If you’re searching for vertical small flower garden ideas, this one is among the best. The owner was clever enough to make use of the fence shape. The hanging planters with the pink roses look incredibly stunning. 

But what really makes this idea special is how the flower bed complements the hanging planters. Get creative with the color combination, but keep one color in each area. In other words, if you choose blue for the hanging planters, make them all blue.

Or Spread Them Out

A small blooming garden with a chair  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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Why read in an enclosed room when you can go on and enjoy it in the middle of nature? Fill your garden with all sorts of your favorite flowers, add a small chair, and enjoy! 

I also like how the stone walkway leads to central circular pavers.

Last But Not Least: Use Tiny Spaces

A small garden with flowers on a slope  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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If you have a small garden, you’ll have to use every inch. The ledges of the stairs are occasionally overlooked. They’re one of the best places where you can put flower beds. 

The lavender here looks stunning, but I think it’d be better with more color. 

Have You Found Nice Small Garden Ideas?

The right garden will make your house stunning and will also help the environment. I hope you liked the small garden ideas I’ve collected for you. I tried to make it as varied as possible so as to fit most of your needs. 

Do you have more ideas? Tell me in the comments below. Share this article with friends and family so they can renovate their small gardens, too! 

55 Of The Best Small Garden Ideas In Pictures  #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping
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