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10 Small Patio And Deck Ideas And Designs For Your Backyard

Do you want to give your small patio a big style? Don’t know how to do it?

I am here to help you out! I, too, sometimes struggle to come up with original but realizable makeover ideas for my home. In such instances, I often rely on other people to get me out of my creative block.

That’s exactly why I wanted to share these 10 small patio deck ideas with you! I want to help you turn your modest patio into something more. Let’s not wait any longer and get right to it.

Sit Under My Umbrella

Wouldn’t you like to spend your summer under one of these umbrellas? Drinking a cold lemonade under the thick shade? It doesn’t get any better than that!

This simple patio design idea is easy to achieve. Your main job is to find a quality sun umbrella in an attractive color, if possible. That red canopy you see in this image steals the show. It acts as a statement piece, so you won’t need to spend a lot on decor.

A sun umbrella will make your small patio appear much more luxurious. On top of that, it will protect you and your guests from direct sunlight and rain. A waterproof canopy will also keep your outdoor furniture from fading in color and developing mold.

Your next step is to build a cozy spot under the umbrella. Arrange outdoor chairs with pretty cushions around a coffee table, as shown in the images above. Just make sure you don’t overcrowd your tiny patio with too many chairs. Two is enough for a small space! 

Make your simple patio design come to life with plenty of greenery. Plant a palm or a flowering bush near the area to bring it closer to nature. 

Or Be My Fourth Guest

I love the intimate look of these small patio ideas for four. Even if these patios are small in size, they still can accommodate a group of people that are the closest to you.

You, too, can achieve this same look in your backyard. The idea is to recreate your living room ambiance outdoors. Think how you would furnish a small living room, and go from there. 

You will need an outdoor furniture set that includes four comfy chairs and a coffee table. You can swap the coffee table for a fire pit, too! Get a large patterned rug and decor that fits your style.

Symmetrically arranged outdoor chairs on a carpet to create an inviting square for four. Place an attractive centerpiece on your coffee table or stock up on marshmallows for those late-night roastings. 

Decorate your cozy corner with throw pillows and scented candles. Hang lanterns and string lights above the patio to make it look romantic

Make It All White

If you don’t like bold colors and want to keep things simple, opt for an all-white look. White tones exude elegance and class. It doesn’t go out of style either!

This is one of the simplest small deck ideas you can try. It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to master the all-white concept. 

Your main job is to turn your small outdoor patio into a blank canvas. Buy a whole lot of white paint and get to work. Paint the whole construction of your pergola or pavilion in white. Don’t forget to paint the fencing too!

Now you can start adding to your white background. You can either stick with the all-white theme and buy a matching furniture set or go off the rails and introduce color to the design. 

See how amazing these wooden deckchairs with blue cushions look? You get the idea! The white background makes them pop even more! 

You don’t have to diverge from the all-white theme too much. A potted shrub here or there is all the color you need! Remember, you set the boundaries of your exterior design!

Or Play With Lights

Do you like to spend evenings sitting on a deck? Why not make your me-time 10 times more special with some pretty lights? Let them brighten your night!

A great way to add some dimension to your house is to install outdoor lights wherever you see fit. Lights will accentuate the shape of your small deck and make it appear expensive. Lights will also make your deck functional at night. It’s a win-win!

Deck lights will illuminate the path onto your raised deck. Consider adding lights on the fence and the side of your house. Don’t forget to hang some sparkling string lights above the sitting area, as well. 

Try using solar lights to lower your electricity bill and keep your home eco-friendly. 

Cozy Up To The Fire Pit 

Remember roasting marshmallows as a kid? Why not relive these moments again by building yourself a cozy patio fire pit?

This patio makeover requires more attention and skill than others. You will most likely have to hire a professional to build a safe fire pit on your patio unless you have the talent to do it yourself.

Your main priority is to build a fire pit that won’t jeopardize your property or endanger your family. And one thing is for sure! It is safer to build a fire pit out in the open than under a pavilion. 

Factors like the height of the pavilion ceiling, type of flooring, and ventilation can greatly impact safety. Click here to see if your covered patio is safe for a fire pit.  

Getting over these obstacles is well worth it in the end. A fire pit will increase the value of your small outdoor patio and make it more exciting for your friends and family. Nothing like warming up to a fire while eating some delicious s’mores.

Or Build Yourself An Outdoor Kitchen

If you like to host dinners outside, then this is the perfect small patio idea for you. Catching up with friends is always better when good food is being served!

Make your outdoor kitchen different and better with a brick oven! A brick oven will bring a new flavor to your food! If you’ve ever had brick oven pizza, you know what I am talking about.

Brick ovens are expensive and can cost well over 2,000$ when professionally installed. But you can slash the cost by half if you build one on your own. Clay and concrete ovens are even cheaper to build, averaging between 275$ and 350$.

This isn’t the simplest patio design, but it is well worth having! Make the most of your small covered patio and turn it into an outdoor kitchen! Here are some other enclosed patio ideas you can try out! 

Get Refreshed In My Outdoor Oasis

This is the perfect spot to relax after a stressful day. A place like this will instantly refresh you like an oasis is meant to!

You, too, can achieve this simple patio design in your backyard. You will need a quality outdoor sofa and accent chairs and don’t forget about the coffee table! It will tie your sitting arrangement together. No room is complete without a rug, light fixtures, and a whole bunch of decor

Stick with muted colors to set a calming mood under your covered patio. White, beige, and brown shades are ideal for this concept. Incorporate natural materials, like wood and stone, into the design, as well! 

And, don’t forget about the plants! That’s what sets an oasis apart from a desolate desert!

Or Meet Me Up Here

Making a small outdoor patio noticeable is often difficult. Sometimes even the most outrageous decor can’t make it stand out! But you know what can? An elevated deck or patio!

Instead of focusing on decor, how about you change the actual architecture of your patio? Raise your small patio slightly and turn it into a deck you always wished to have. Your patio will become apparent in an instance.

Build a wooden podium attached or detached from your house, whichever you prefer. I love how these homeowners picked wood over concrete. A wooden platform blends with nature much better.

Once you have your raised deck ready, you can start accessorizing it. A set of simple metal chairs is all you will need. Your raised deck has all the attention now, so you can keep the decor minimal

Let’s Chill On My Sofa

Outdoor living room ideas for deck and patio
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Tired of indoor living? Expand your living space beyond the walls of your house! Bring your living space outdoors with a simple patio design like this one.

When you look at these small patio ideas, what comes to mind? You’re right – a living room! That is exactly what you want to do. Build yourself an outdoor living room where you can relax and let go of your worries!

If you have designed and styled your indoor living room, you won’t have any trouble designing one outdoors, either. You’ve got this!

Get yourself all the “living room essentials.” That includes a comfy sectional sofa or a couch, a coffee table, a carpet, light fixtures, and string lights. You will need a whole bunch of decor, like vases, pictures, scented candles, decorative pillows, and throw blankets. Get everything you like! 

Or Take A Dip In My Tub

Wouldn’t you like to take a dip in one of these jacuzzis? I know I would! Your dream of having an outdoor tub can finally come true! 

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on furniture sets and decor, you can simply invest in a jacuzzi. You can transform your whole backyard with this single item. Who knew! 

A jacuzzi will make your once boring deck the most popular part of your home. I guarantee you will have a hard time getting some alone time in your hot tub. 

The only thing you may need to do is build a privacy wall next to the tub to keep your nosy neighbors out of your business. A privacy deck fence would work just fine. 


What can I do with a small outdoor patio?

Here’s what you can do with a small outdoor patio:

  • Build an outdoor kitchen.
  • Provide seating with patio chairs or sofa.
  • Build a fire pit.
  • Install deck lights, lanterns and string lights.
  • Decorate with curtains, throw pillows, potted plants and other decor. 

How do I maximize a small patio?

You can maximize a small patio with outdoor furniture that includes storage space. Don’t buy bulky patio chairs. Install narrow benches around the perimeter of the patio. Lastly, incorporate a lot of white and green into the design to make the patio appear bigger.

How do I make the most of a small deck?

Make the most of a small deck by investing in a quality furniture set. Instead of a large sectional sofa, buy a bench, a set of chairs, or hanging chairs. Place a rug on the floor and decorate the area with string lights, throw pillows, and potted plants.

What size is a small deck?

The size of a small deck might measure 12×12 feet, but it should measure at least 144 square feet to accommodate four people comfortably. The average size of a deck, however, ranges between 300 to 400 square feet.

Get Creative With These Small Patio Deck Ideas 

Do you know how they say the best things come in small packages? This can apply to your small outdoor patio! Make your patio the next best thing with a little bit of creativity

Coming up with a good idea is sometimes the most difficult step in the process. I know that from personal experience. That’s why I wanted to share these small patio deck ideas with you! To give you some inspiration and encouragement. 

Which one of these small deck ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to share this list with others.

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