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25 Of The Smallest Bonsai Trees: A Great Addition To Your Indoor Garden

How small can a tiny bonsai tree be? And where can I buy one for myself?

It’s completely normal if you had these questions pop into your head when you saw a miniature bonsai tree for the first time. They are just so adorable, one instantly wants to know more about them. 

Bonsai trees are classified into three size groups – large, medium, and miniature. Any bonsai tree below 10 inches is considered “small”, and the smallest bonsais can measure less than an inch.

But enough chit-chat! If you want to see the smallest bonsai tree, keep scrolling. I’ve got lots of pictures in store for you to enjoy! 

Where To Buy The Smallest Bonsai Trees?

You don’t have to book a flight to Japan to buy the tiny tree of your dreams. Instead, you can buy it locally from within the U.S. and The Bonsai Boy Of New York will get it delivered to your front door in a matter of days

The Bonsai Boy is an online store that specializes in the growing and selling of bonsai trees in different sizes and varieties. With their huge assortment of trees, you are bound to find at least one that will complete your home décor. They sell a bonsai tree for every taste and style.

They offer a beautiful selection of indoor and outdoor miniature trees and bonsai accessories. With Bonsai Boy at your service, buying the smallest bonsai tree has never been easier! 

Use TENPERCENT code to get 10% off when you purchase 3 or more live trees from Bonsai Boy Of New York.

Decorate Your Living Space With These Foliar Stunners

Make A Big Statement With This Teeny Tiny Bonsai

Teeny Tiny Bonsai #foliar

Lo and behold! You are looking at the smallest bonsai tree that I could find. It is so tiny you could fit a whole forest in the palm of your hand. 

But don’t underestimate the power of this mini bonsai. While it may be small in size, it sure is big in personality. Place it on your fireplace mantel or your sofa side table and watch it transform your living room. Just make sure you don’t dim its shine with bigger plants.

Or Make This Luxuriant Bonsai New Focal Point

Bonsai as Design Focal Point #foliar
Image credit:

I fell in love with this miniature bonsai as soon as I saw it. Its intertwined trunk and bushy top are beautifully balanced. The bonsai has just enough curves to make your coffee table the new focal point of your living room

Its rustic looking trunk will beautifully complement your wooden floors and furniture and its shiny forest green leaves will refresh your home ambiance

You Might Prefer This Green Beauty 

Green Beauty #foliar
Image credit:

Meet the Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree! I love this bonsai for more than just its unapologetically green attire.This is one of the easiest bonsai trees to take care of! 

You don’t have to have a green thumb or years of experience in bonsai practice to make your plant thrive in your home. 

This 9-10-inch trouble-free evergreen will keep your home looking beautiful with hardly any effort. 

Or Its Golden Sister That Is Just As Green

Golden bonsai but is green #foliar
Image credit:

This elegant Golden Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai is very similar to its close relative listed above. It is a little bit shorter, measuring only 7-8 inches in height. 

Its straight, narrow trunk beautifully displays its defining feature – its umbrella-shaped leaves with golden highlights.  

Olive Bonsai For The Win 

Olive bonsai #Foliar
Image credit:

Complete your indoor garden with this miniature olive bonsai tree. It will instantly add a Mediterranean flair to your interior design. 

Your guests won’t believe their eyes when they see tiny green olives hanging from the branches like dainty little earrings. And your cat will love it too!

You Need To See These Needled Bonsais

Check Out This Curved Bonsai

Curved Bonsai #needled
Image credit:

How unique does this bonsai look? It almost reminds me of a spiral seashell that has been taken over by some sort of a marine plant. Absolutely gorgeous! 

This piece of art will find its voice amongst your other decor, thanks to its needled foliage that we are more used to seeing on outdoor plants. 

This One Is Standing Proud

Juniper bonsais often grow irregularly, but this one has been trained to have a coiled trunk and branches. Its striking evergreen foliage is reaching for the sky. You can almost tell from the picture that this tiny bonsai is proud to be only 8 inches tall

This Deadwood Will Impress You  

Deadwood Bonsai #needled
Image credit:

The main attraction of this bonsai is its multi-toned deadwood that effortlessly cascades from top to bottom like a waterfall. 

The wooden base is meticulously curved to hold the whole plant in place without a ceramic pot. And those tiny needles bunched in little bouquets are just the cherry on top. 

Opt For A Classic Choice 

Classic bonsai #needled
Image credit:

This tiny tree will look amazing in any setting because of how simple it looks. Simplicity speaks louder than you think!

The well-aged cracked bark next to the dense bush of green needles looks very classic. You can see this combo anywhere in nature and the moss at the base of the trunk and tiny river stones complete the whole scene. 

Go Big Or Go Home

Bonsai on a rock #needled
Image credit:

This miniature bonsai tree is anything but simple. It has that wow factor that every centerpiece desperately needs. 

The rocky slope on which the bonsai tree tightly holds looks dramatic and suspenseful. Your guest will do a double-take when they go past a tree that is slowly leaning into the pit. 

You May Like This Minimalistic Bonsai Better

Image credit:

This tiny bonsai embodies the less is more concept. It doesn’t feature any deadwood, rustic bark, a heavy crown, moss, or a rocky slope. It just has a bunch of delicate branches that hold thousands of tiny needles to create an elegant minimalistic piece of décor

This Bonsai Is Clearly A Morning Person

Bonsai and coffee #needled
Image credit:

Who looks this good in the morning? This mini bonsai, clearly! I love how the bright and dark green hues are blended to create a gorgeous looking crown and the black clay pot makes the green pop even more. 

You can use this tiny bonsai as table décor. The needles are soft to the touch, so they won’t prick you while drinking your morning coffee. 

These Blooming Beauties Will Take Your Breath Away

This One Is Totally Blossomed Out 

Bonsai with flowers #blooming
Image credit:

This charming Mame Bonsai is so small you can hold it with the tips of your fingers. Despite its modest proportions, this beauty draws all the attention onto itself. 

And how couldn’t it? Just look at those precious little leaves and delicate white flowers. They almost look like scattered pearls. Who knew that such a miniature bonsai tree could bear so many blossoms.  

This One Is Sporting Purple 

Bonsai in green tub #blooming
Image credit:

Having a plant with attractive blossoms is a great way to give your home a subtle pop of color that won’t go unnoticed

At the end of each spring, and occasionally later on in the year, this 9-inch bonsai grows beautiful 1-inch wide flowers in a mauve shade. The green leaves in the background make the purple come to life. 

No Such A Thing As Too Much Color

Blooming bonsai #blooming
Image credit:

This 6-inch Tropical Boxwood bonsai tree proudly shows off its colorful side. In the spring, it will surprise you with beautiful small fuchsia flowers, and in the summer, it will bear little red fruit.

During the growing season, you will admire its new offshoots in a deep red shade. Of course, we can’t forget about the green! It will be there for you when the other colors fade! 

Let’s Tone It Down A Bit!

Blooming bonsai #blooming
Image credit:

This bonsai knows how to tone it down! She knows that too much color can end up looking tacky and no one is chasing after that aesthetic. 

Being only 8-9 inches tall, this miniature bonsai tree has an abundance of blooms. Its tiny white flowers are clustered together to create a big spectacle. They will look beautiful in any room, especially a white-themed one

This One Looks Unreal

Pink blooming bonsai #blooming
Image credit:

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! This is a real bonsai tree, not a plastic one!

Its bright pink blossoms are breathtaking. But this isn’t its final form. Look closer to see how many buds are anxiously waiting to open up and show off to the world. When fully in bloom, this tiny bonsai will look completely pink with little specks of green here and there. 

Do You Like The Look Of Pink Roses?

Pink blooming bonsai #blooming
Image credit:

This Pink Serissa Bonsai Tree is well-known for its short 7-8 inch height and delicate rose-shaped pink flowers. It would make your bedroom or living room look so much more romantic and sultry

The color choice of the ceramic pot is pretty bold, but it works! You too can play with different shades to find the one that best matches your interior style. 

Or Do You Prefer White Roses Better?

Blooming bonsai #blooming
Image credit:

I couldn’t resist but to show you another Serissa Bonsai Tree. This one grows white flowers that look a whole lot like roses, as well. Such beautiful snow-white blossoms will add a dash of innocence to your interior design. 

This 6-8-inch tall Serissa bonsai will look amazing next to its romantic sister that blooms in pink. 

You Might Like These Star-Shaped Blossoms More 

Blooming bonsai #blooming
Image credit:

This is a 7-9-inch tall Mount Fuji Serissa. I had to include it on my list because of its beautiful miniature white flowers that are shaped like stars. When fully blossomed, this tiny bonsai almost looks like a small galaxy. 

On top of that, its evergreen leaves are adorned with a white trim that perfectly match the blooms. How amazing is that!    

White Flowers Never Go Out Of Style

Blooming bonsai #blooming
Image credit:

You will love this 7-inch Serissa miniature bonsai tree that blooms in white. White flowers won’t go out of style any time soon. They are very classic looking and can fit into any interior design, whether it be modern, industrial, rustic, or vintage. 

These pure white flowers look amazing against the evergreen leaves, which will keep your home looking youthful throughout the year. 

This One Is Full Of Surprises 

Blooming bonsai #blooming
Image credit:

I don’t know about you, but I love being surprised. This tiny Brush Cherry Bonsai that measures only 6-7 inches will amaze you when you least expect it. 

Place it in a spot with lots of sunlight and watch its shiny evergreen leaves slowly develop red highlights. The transformation will surely take you by surprise. You also have its white bloom to look forward to each year.  

No Critique For These Uniques 

No Soil Needed Here 

Lovely bonsai #varia
Image credit:

You’ve heard it right! This tiny bonsai is so unique it doesn’t require soil to grow. You can plant it in a hollowed trunk, as seen in the picture, or a coconut shell filled with a little bit of husk. 

What I would do is hang a couple of these 6-7-inch tall bonsais from the ceiling to give your living space a multidimensional look. Click here to learn how to hang plants from the ceiling in different ways.  

Share This One With Your Friends 

Lovely bonsai #varia
Image credit:

This tiny bamboo bonsai is growing in popularity because of its 5-inch stature and generous nature. Let me explain!

You can grow a whole new plant from just one piece of bamboo. Cut off a piece and put it in water for a month or two to encourage the growth of the roots. Once ready, re-plant the sapling in soil and gift it to your friend. There is plenty to go around!    

This One Looks Animated 

Lovely bonsai #varia
Image credit:

This Jade Bonsai Tree could play a part in a stop motion cartoon. It looks very animated with its petite 6-inch height, round plump leaves, and oddly smooth trunk that branches out into a symmetrical crown. 

Each above-ground part of the plant stores water. That may be the reason why the whole tree appears youthful as if it is made of clay. Quite fascinating! 


Where To Buy A Mini Bonsai Tree?

You can buy a mini bonsai tree at one of these reputable online stores:
1. Bonsai Boy Of New York
2. Brussel’s Bonsai
3. House Of Bonsai
4. Bonsai Outlet 
5. Home Depot 
6. Lowes

How Often Do You Water A Small Bonsai Tree?

The general rule is to never let the soil completely dry out. Stick your finger half an inch into the soil to check the moisture level. If it appears dry, it is time to water your miniature bonsai tree. After a while, you will develop a sense of how often to water your bonsai.

How Small Can A Bonsai Tree Be?

The smallest bonsai trees called Keshitsubo can measure a mere 1 to 3 inches in height. Some are so small they can be planted in a thimble and held in the air with the tip of a finger. For comparison, the biggest bonsais require several people to carry them.      

Which Smallest Bonsai Tree Do You Like The Most?  

You’ve made it to the end! Did you enjoy my list of tiny bonsai trees? 

If you want to buy one, check out The Bonsai Boy Of New York.

Use TENPERCENT code to get 10% off when you purchase 3 or more live trees from Bonsai Boy Of New York.

I sure did enjoy writing about them! I love sharing new indoor garden ideas with you!  

Which smallest bonsai tree do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below, and share my list with your friends and family to get them inspired too.  

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