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8 Snowblower Storage Ideas Including Snowblower Storage Shed (The Last One Is The Easiest!)

Did you buy a new snow blower from my review list? But now you don’t know where or how to store your snow removal machine when it’s off-season? 

No worries! I will help you out with my list of clever snowblower storage ideas

I know the struggle of having no storage space left in the garage. Large machines quickly take over what’s left of the floor space. That’s why I had to find new methods of storing my snowblower and other equipment. 

I came across some amazing snow blower storage ideas I wanted to share with you. Let’s take a look!

Grow A Garden On Top 

Are you an avid gardener who loves to plant seeds in random places? Then this snowblower storage idea is just for you!

Turn your winter snowblower storage shed into a raised garden. Extend all sides of your storage unit with wooden planks and you will create a large planter for your herbs or succulents. 

Your new and improved wooden storage box will serve a double purpose. It will improve your curb appeal and shield your snow blower from harsh weather elements. 

If you keep your storage unit out in the open, you won’t have to water your plants. You should, however, consider protecting exposed wooden parts of the box with a thin layer of stain and metal parts with a rust preventative.

Or Extend Your House Corner

Storing a snow blower is difficult when you are running out of floor space in the garage. Having one of these wooden storage units next to your home is not only convenient but also smart. Here’s why…

Most people buy their snowblowers in the off-season when they are not in use. In most cases, they end up being in the way until the first batch of snow arrives. So, instead of keeping your large equipment in the garage, you can keep it in your “side location.”

In the summer, you can store your snow blower in the new extension, and in the winter, your riding lawnmower can go here. You can check these other riding lawn mower storage ideas. Some of them can work for your snow blower too! 

Get A Resin Storage Unit 

Resin snow blower ideas
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Don’t have the skills or tools to build or replace a wooden storage shed? Why not buy yourself one of these resin storage sheds instead? They are easy to install and take apart. They don’t rot or rust. One of these sheds can last you for years if you hand wash it occasionally, so get your money’s worth! 

These resin sheds are available in different sizes, colors, and designs. They can be installed on any solid surface, next to your house or driveway.

Resin storage sheds, like the ones you see above, open at the top and the front. They have a double door and a lifting cover for quick access to stashed belongings. Consider buying a resin shed with a built-in floor to keep the snow blower fuel tank or gas tank and undercarriage away from moisture. 

Simply Lift Your Snow Blower

Elevated snow blower storage space
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Don’t have enough floor space in your storage shed? I’ve got an easy solution for you! Lift your snow blower and maximize your storage area. 

This is one of the best snow blower storage ideas I have come across so far. It is easy to execute and will cost you nothing if you have nails and a bunch of odd wood planks already on hand.

Prepare your material and use it to build a raised platform for your snow removal device. Make sure the base is solid and strong enough to handle the weight of your heavy snow blower. 

Place your improvised podium in the corner of your storage shed, where it will be out of the way. Store your snow blower on top and your lawnmower at the bottom. Leaving your machine in storage like this over summer may not be enough. You should cover your unit with a canvas bag to keep dust and moisture at bay.

Install Sliding Door For Easy Access

Don’t like the look of traditional sheds? How about a storage unit with a sliding door and a minimal design. I love how sleek and modern they look! 

These storage sheds embody the saying “less is more.” They look amazing despite their simple boxy design. The lack of decor is what makes them stand out from the rest. 

I like this storage idea for more than just its looks. A sliding door will give you better access to your snow blower and its necessities (gas, fuel stabilizer, and a spark plug). People who have arthritis pain in their hands may find it easier to open a sliding door over a classic door, as well. 

Put Up A Storage Tent

Pop up storage tent ideas for snow blower
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If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to your space shortage, consider buying a pop-up storage tent. You can have a free room for your equipment in under an hour. No tools or drilling are involved!

A storage tent may not look the prettiest, but at least it serves its purpose better than some of the shed ideas I have seen. That’s what’s important at the end of the day! What’s a beautiful shed worth if it can’t keep your snow removal machine dry

Before you rush to buy one of these storage tents, you need to find a good location for it. These sheds run large in size, and they need a level terrain to stand on. Luckily, pop-up sheds are easy to take apart and relocate in case you change your mind about the placement. 

If you like these pop-up storage tents, you will like these metal storage sheds even more! They defy high winds much better! 

Try Storing Below The Deck 

Below deck storage ideas for snow blower
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Who needs new snowblower storage shed when you have a free space below the deck. What a clever idea! It encourages you to make use of what you already got!

The first thing you need to do is prepare the space below your deck. It is safe to assume that you already have random planters and gardening tools stored under here. I know I’m guilty of storing things I rarely use under my deck. 

Consider installing pavers or wooden floors underneath the deck as a measure to restrict water from entering the space. If you don’t have the means to do it, you should at least lay a heavy tarp on the soil to insulate your snow thrower. 

The last thing you need to do is enclose the sides of your deck to keep your belongings safe and secure, even from thieves. You can simply mount wood pallets on the side of your deck and make a double door using door hinges. 

It Is Easier To Place It In The Corner 

Snow blower stored in the garage

You don’t have to look for affordable storage sheds or even rent a self-storage unit if you have a garage. All you need is a free corner where you can wheel in your snowblower. 

You will find that most manufacturers prefer their snow blowers to be stored in a heated garage, away from the weather elements. An accessory building with all sides closed and a solid roof on top will best protect your snow blower from sun, rain, snow, and wind

In winter, when you are wheeling your snowblower in and out of the garage, it is best to keep it near the entrance door, just like it’s shown in the picture. 

For summer storage, I recommend you keep your machine out of the way, at the opposite end of the building. Place it on a mat and keep it covered to preserve its quality for years to come. 


Where should I store my snowblower in my garage?

You should store your snowblower in a garage corner that is on the opposite side of the door. Keep it out of the way in the off-season. Wheel the machine in the corner, place it on a mat and cover it with a canvas bag.

How do you store a snowblower without a garage?

You can store a snowblower without a garage in the yard’s storage shed aka garden shed. A resin storage box will also protect your powered device against elements. You can also store your snowblower outside. Just keep it off the ground and covered with a heavy tarp.

Can snow blower get wet?

A snow blower can get wet when clearing a huge amount of snow off a driveway. It is more dangerous when a snow blower gets wet from rain and condensation due to poor storage. Exposure to moisture can flood your fuel system and cause rusting.

Should I cover my snow blower?

You should cover your snow blower while it is in the off-season stroage, especially if you are keeping it outdoors. A snowblower cover will protect the unit against dust, dirt, salt, scratches, and moisture damage.

Can snowblowers be left outside?

Snowblowers can be left outside if kept off the ground and covered with a heavy tarp. Prop your snowblower on bricks or wood pallet, and wrap it well in waterproof material. By doing this, you will protect your machine against harsh weather conditions until the next season.

How do you store a snowblower in a shed?

You store a snowblower in a shed by keeping it covered and on a mat. You same storage technique if storing your snowblower in a resin shed or a rentable self-storage unit. You will have to elevate your machine, as well, if you decide to keep it outdoors.

Snowblower Storage Ideas For An Organized Home

See! Finding extra space for your snow removal equipment after the winter isn’t all that difficult. You don’t have to build an accessory building to protect your gas snowblower. You can simply make a storage box out of old wood pallets or buy a resin shed instead.

Organized storage is safe storage. That’s the main reason why I wanted to share these winter snow blower storage ideas with you. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to share these snow blower storage ideas with others.

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