21 Super Easy Fall Decor Ideas You Probably Did Not Think About

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It’s already November and Thanksgiving is right behind the corner!

Have you already decorated your house and backyard? In the case you are falling behind on the decor duties or just want to add something new to your existing decorations, check out our extensive post!

Every year, I want to do something new that I have not tried before but also something that is easy to do. I have been looking for super easy fall decor ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs… and found so many of them!

In this post, I collected 21 of my most favorite super easy fall decor ideas to try this autumn. Dive in – and let me know what you think in the comments!

1. Vintage cup with acorns and leaves

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas la maison boop
​via ​lamaisonboop.blogspot.com​

​This cup makes a cute shelve accent that can be full of ​memories! Use your grandma old cup or fill the cup with pieces collected at a meaningful place to make it a memorable decoration.

You will need:

  • a few acorns
  • ​a vintage cup
  • ​dry grass
  • ​dry oak leaves

​How to make:

  1. ​​Fill the cup with the grass.
  2. ​​​Make a depression slightly off the middle.
  3. Add the acorns in the ​depression.
  4. ​Tuck ​the leaves into the grass ​next to the acorns.

​​Make a depression slightly off the middle

2. ​Pumpkins with jute rope winded around

A post shared by Rent-A-Center (@rentacenter) on

​A super easy and inexpensive way to add some rustic touch to your pumpkins is to wind some jute rope around it.

You will need:

  • pumpkins
  • ​jute rope

​How to make:

  1. ​Attach one end of the ​rope to the stem.
  2. ​​Wind ​the rope around ​the pumpkin.
  3. ​Secure the other end of the rope around the stem.

​3. Colorful ​blankets on a ladder

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas creeklinehouse

​via ​www.creeklinehouse.​com

​Courtenay from creeklinehouse.com showed us another super easy fall decor. Just ​p​​ut your colorful warm blankets or scarves on a display by hanging them on a wall ladder​.

You will need:

  • a wall ladder
  • ​a couple of colorful blankets or scarves

​How to make:

  1. ​Place the ladder where you want your decoration to be.
  2. ​Hang the blankets on the different height.

​4. Grow-yourself fall decor

​Susan from ​www.sawnailandpaint.com went with a super easy fall decor consisting entirely of the goodies produced by her garden.

Gather some green apples from your garden (or ​your fridge) and place them next to a white pumpkin. Add a splash of texture by including some stems of Hydrangea from your garden or flower shop.

You will need:

  • a white pumpkin
  • ​a couple of green apples
  • ​some green stems or flowers
  • ​a white or neutral colored vase

​How to make:

  1. ​Place together the pumpkin and the apples.
  2. Put the stems into a vase.
  3. Place the vase behind the apples.

​5. Plenty of apples ​everywhere

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas threebeancircus

​via ​threebeancircus.com​

​​Kendra from threebeancircus.com has ​decided ​for not having ​pumpkins in her fall decor just ​yet. After all, it’s only September. ​In her post, she gives ​a few alternatives and the first one is decorating with apples only! 

Yes, we hear you, Kendra! We love apples too.

You will need:

  • a bunch of red and green apples
  • a few stems of ​baby breath flowers
  • ​a basket

​How to make:

  1. ​Put the basket where you want your decor to sit.
  2. ​Fill the basket with ​apples. ​
  3. ​Tuck the baby breath stems in on one side.

​6. Perfect copper hues

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas cottonstem

​via ​cottonstem.com​ 

​Erin from cottonstem.com loves copperware and for her fall decor, she decided to substitute the traditional fall orange with the color of her vintage copper tea kettles. We love the result very much!

You will need:

  • ​pumpkins in various shades of green
  • ​cooper-ware
  • ​old drawers

​How to make:

  1. ​​​Arrange big pumpkins in the drawers.
  2. Add copper-ware.
  3. Place small pumpkins around.

​7. Mini pumpkin garland

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas studiochoo

​via ​studiochoo.com​

​​Got a long boring wall to decorate? Make a garland of mini pumpkins and hang it ​there! With an accent like this, you will get a guaranteed ​festive look ​in exchange of 10 min of work.

You will need:

  • mini pumpkins
  • ​a drill with a thin drill bit
  • ​a rope
  • ​two nails
  • ​some ribbon

​How to make:

  1. ​Drill a hole in each pumpkin.
  2. ​Pull a rope through each of them.
  3. ​Tie a ribbon bow on the each end of the rope.
  4. ​Make a small loop next to the bows.
  5. ​Hammer the nails to the spot where you want to hang the garland.
  6. ​​Put the garland up.

​8. P​orch ​pumpkin garland​

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas theothersideofneutral

​via ​www.theothersideofneutral.com​

Here is another, more rustic ​look of a pumpmkin garland. ​Becky from www.theothersideofneutral.com made ​it to decorate her porch and we love how it turned out!

You will need:

  • mini pumpkins
  • ​​some jute ​twine
  • ​a hot glue gun

​How to make:

  1. ​Tie a piece of twine to ​the stems of each pumpkin.
  2. Secure them with hot glue.
  3. Hang a line of twine where you want your decor to be placed.
  4. ​Tie the pumpkins across the line while evenly spacing them.

Tie the pumpkins across the line while evenly spacing them

​9. Knob top pumpkins

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas stonegableblog

​via ​www.stonegableblog.com

​Yvonne from stonegableblog.com got a great idea of how to get even more creative energy out of pumpkins: Simply add a chic door knob to it!

You will need:

  • white faux pumpkins
  • ​small door knobs
  • ​sticky glue

​How to make:

  1. ​Remove the stems from ​each pumpkin.
  2. Glue the knobs on the top o​n of the pumpkins.

​10. Cute faced mini pumpkins

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas homeyohmy

​via ​www.homeyohmy.com

​Amy from homeyohmy.com made these cute​ faced mini pumpkins that cannot help but make you smile! This will be the most adorable shelve decor you probably ever had.

You will need:

  • ​mini pumpkins
  • ​eucalyptus branches or any other long stems
  • ​a drill with thin drill bit
  • ​permanent marker

​How to make:

  1. ​​Draw the eyes​ on a pumpkin.
  2. ​​Drill ear holes above the eyes.
  3. ​Remove the leaves from the bottom part of the stems.
  4. ​Tuck the stems into the ear holes.

​11. Copper striped pumpkins

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas homeyohmy

​via ​www.homeyohmy.com

​Here is another super easy fall decor by Amy from homeyohmy.com. This time, she decorated mini pumpkins with copper tape. Another adorableness!

You will need:

  • white mini pumpkins
  • ​copper tape

​How to make:

  1. ​Cut the copper tape into stripes.
  2. Apply each stripe down the sides of the pumpkins in between ​the groove​s.​
  3. Peel​ the backing of the tape while ​smoothing over the tape with ​your fingers.

​12. Rain boots ​decor

​Got cute rain boots? Why not making putting them on a display? Jackie from www.sawdustangel.com did exactly that: She used her rain boots in a fall monochrome fall decor.

You will need:

  • mini pumpkins
  • ​cotton stems
  • ​cotton balls
  • ​pine cones
  • ​a farm tray
  • a ​wooden box
  • ​rain boots

​How to make:

  1. ​Place the rain boots in the wooden box.
  2. Place the farm tray next to the rain boots
  3. Place the cotton balls behind the tray.
  4. Put the pumpkins in the tray.
  5. Fill one rain boot with pine cones.
  6. ​Tuck the cotton stems into another rain boot.

​13. Yellow leaves in turquoise rain boots

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas turqiose rainboots

​When it comes to rain boots decoration, the options are limitless. For example, you can create a bold decor by combining bright yellow leaves with a pair of contrasting turquoise boots. Such an eye candy for gloom rainy days! Btw, this is exactly what we did – and then we took a photo for you.

You will need:

  • turquoise rain boots
  • ​yellow leaves
  • ​two tall plastic glasses

​How to make:

  1. ​Put the glasses in the rain boots – they will prevent them from bending.
  2. ​Split the leaves into two bunches.
  3. Tuck ​each ​bunch into the rain boots.

​14. Mini pumpkins ​on an embroidery hoop 

I had an idea last night and jumped off the couch and sped to @michaelsstores — ok I didn’t speed per say, but I was anxious to see if my #falldecor vision would work! I’ve always wanted to work with embroidery hoops, and adding pumpkins and fall foliage made me giddy. ? ? Even though it’s still August…. ?? You guys get it. I’m not going to hang these just yet- but when is it acceptable to add fall decor anyway? I’m thinking after Labor Day? Works for me! I wanted to share my prototype with you guys in the meantime! I’m thinking of placing a whole bunch above my mantel! So excited. Hope you enjoy!! . #fall #pumpkins #makemesmilethursday #thedailydiyhome #makeitwithmichaels #diydecor #countrylivingmag #betterhomesandgardens #crafternoon #currentdesignsituation #morningslikethese #nothingisordinary #prettylittlething #pursuepretty #thatsdarling #houseandhome ##embroideryhoop #embroideryhoopart #halloweendecor #finditstyleit #hotglue #crafter

A post shared by C H R I S T I N E Johnson (@cottageonlex) on

​Christine from @cottageonlex plans to make fall decor out of embroidery hoops, fall foliage, and mini pumpkins and it already looks adorable.

You will need:

  • an embroidery hoop
  • 3 ​mini pumpkins
  • ​fall foliage
  • ​a hot gun

​How to make:

  1. Glue ​each piece of the foliage next to each other on the inside of the hoop ​while covering ​each stem with the ​leaves.
  2. ​Glue two pumpkins next to each other on ​the top of the last foliage stem.
  3. Glue the third pumpkin on the top of the other two.

15. ​Pumpkins with branches on a mantel

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas somuchbetterwithage

​via ​somuchbetterwithage.com​

​​​This is a very texture rich mantel decor consisting of branches and green and white heirloom ​pumpkins. If your budget is limited, you can follow the example of Jamie​ from somuchbetterwithage.com and paint cheap ​plastic pumpkins in sage hues.

You will need:

  • white and green heirloom pumpkins
  • ​stems with leaves

​How to make:

  1. ​Place the stems on top of your mantel.
  2. ​Place the pumpkins on top of the stems.
  3. Put some stems in between the pumpkins.

​16. Central piece with a pumpkin under a cloche

​Sydney from www.kandgrayinteriors.com shows us how to make a very easy but effective fall decor. Use the pumpkin under the cloche as a center piece on your dinner table or as a base for a decorated corner.

You will need:

  • a cloche or a cake dome
  • ​a ​pumpkin, preferably ​the same shape as the cloche

​How to make:

  1. ​​​Put the cloche in the middle of your decor.
  2. ​Put the pumpkin ​under the cloche.

​17. Pumpkins going up on an urn

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas homestoriesatoz

​via ​sprinklednest.com​

​What about your porch? It can also have a super easy fall decor. Look how Suzanne from sprinklednest.com combined a few pumpkins of different sizes together and placed them on the top of an urn.

You will need:

  • 4 pumpkins of different sizes
  • ​an urn
  • ​branches with foliage

​How to make:

  1. ​Place the branches on top of the urn.
  2. ​Place the biggest pumpkin on top of the branches.
  3. ​Place the other pumpkins on top of the biggest one to form a pyramid.

​18. Coastal vibes ​in traditional decor

Too soon? Nah. ??? I spent the day hanging out at home, decorating for FALL and drinking coffee with every delicious fall scented candle lit! ☕️?This sneak peak will hopefully assure those of you that thought the coastal vibes would be disappearing…they are not. ?☺️ #coastalfallyall . . . . . . . #mysundaysimplicity #sundaysimpleliving #coastalhome #southernliving #falldecor #neutraldecor #pumpkinseason #coastalliving #interiorinspiration #inspire_me_home_decor #housebeautiful #mysaturdayvignette #tabledecor #homegoods #hamptonsstyle #beachyathome #MyWhiteWeekend #coastalhome #interinspo #housebeautiful #countrylivingmag #mydecorvibe #homedecor #neutralinterior #finditstyleit #styleathome #prettylittlethings #bhgfall #floridahome

A post shared by Jessica | Florida Living (@housefullofsummer) on

​Want to make our fall decor memorable and special? Add some coastal vibes to it as Jessica from @housefullofsummer did. A starfish or a shell would totally do the magic.

You will need:

  • white pumpkins
  • ​a starfish or shell

​How to make:

  1. ​Place the pumpkins together on a display.
  2. ​Add a starfish of a shell next to the ​pumpkins.

​19. Blue​, a ​fresh hue of fall

​​If you get tired of traditional red and oranges hues as much as I do, try something different. For example, a refreshing blue hue! Look how Brook from @farmhouseincolor made a gorgeous fresh fall decor based on neutrals and blue.

You will need:

  • blue colored faux pumpkins
  • ​other blue accents

​How to make:

  1. ​Do your usual decor but use blue pumpkins instead of orange ones.
  2. Mix some ​other blue accents into it.

​20. ​Bowl with ​pine cone​s​ and acorn string lights

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas gardeners

​via ​www.gardeners.com​ 

​​In a long fall evening, cozy up your room with warms lights! Use a bowl of pine cones and a string of acorn light pulled through it as an original autumn decor accent.

You will need:

  • a bowl
  • ​a bunch of pine cones
  • ​acorn string lights

​How to make:

  1. ​Put the pine cones in the bowl.
  2. Pull the string lights through the pine cones.

​21. ​Candy jar with ​paper flowers and a mini light string

​​This is ​another version of cozy and ambient lights that can light up dark fall evenings. Sandi from www.candycreationsbysandi.com came up with this idea while working on her paper flowers.

You will need:

  • mini string lights
  • ​a candy jar
  • ​brown paper flowers

​How to make:

  1. ​Put the paper flowers into a candy jar.
  2. Pull the string lights in between the petals.

​Final Words

​I hope you enjoyed my collection of super easy fall decor ideas. ​I like them all and want to do each of them in my house! Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

21 super easy fall decor ideas

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