How To Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away? 5 Tips Right To The Point!

How To Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away: 5 tips right to the point

So, you’re lucky enough to finally have the backyard look of your dreams. Maybe a pool and deck, with a cozy outdoor seating area, outdoor cushions, the barbecue of your dreams, maybe an outdoor pavilion, and a great big outdoor rug to pull the whole thing together. It’s the perfect spot for entertaining. Except that …

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How to put a roof on a pergola?

How to install a roof on your pergola fi

You might be wondering: Why are pergolas so popular? Well, outdoor pergolas are wonderful constructions that add charming detail to your deck. They provide a bit of cover for the area beneath it, but not quite enough. Because of this, a lot of homeowners wish to install a roof for their backyard pavilion, but they don’t …

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How to install an outdoor ceiling fan on a pergola?

How to install an outdoor ceiling fan on a pergola fi

Are you wondering how to install an outdoor ceiling fan on a pergola? If so, you will find your answer in our post. Pergolas are wonderous architectural elements that help keep the heat at bay. However, sometimes they aren’t enough to keep you cool. If you’re looking to install a ceiling fan to keep yourself …

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How does gardening help the environment?

gardening-for-the-environment fi

Gardens decorate the environment we live in. They are sanctuaries that bring peace into our lives and allow us to feel more connected to Mother Nature. But as well as all the benefits and beauty it gives us as people, gardens also significantly help the environment. Let’s look at 5 reasons why gardening is as …

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How to Waterproof a Mattress for Outdoors

How to Waterproof a Mattress for Outdoors fi

Daybeds are perfect for lounging outdoors in style. They can add to your exterior décor and provide a cool spot for relaxing on warm days. It’s no surprise that many people including myself want to have them on their patios, in tree houses, or near the pool. However, outdoor furniture is often expensive and you …

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how to light up backyard? 15 Best Ways!

Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard

The summer heat is finally melting away, and that means that camping, stargazing, and bonfire season is upon us. Now that the heat has taken with it all of those pesky mosquitoes, we are free to enjoy our yard to the fullest, and landscape lighting can help you do just that. Whether you are trying …

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Designing a Guest Room: Getting Tips From Coliving Spaces

When it comes to entertaining overnight visitors, setting up the ultimate guest room goes a long way toward making your charges feel at home. No matter how exciting, exhausting, or peaceful and quiet their stay may be, nothing is more welcoming than a comfy place to lay your head at the end of the day. …

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How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Sun Bleaching

Hardwood floors are highly sought after.  Home buyers jump at the idea of purchasing a home with wood flooring — often even when it’s covered with carpeting. There’s a classic beauty to the natural grains that will never go out of style, and many perks. But, what can you do to care for your floors …

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Home Makeover: Why Furniture Rental Is a Great Option

As the years pass by in a flash, work and life tends to fill up every waking moment of our schedules, and it can be hard to notice the degrade of mundane everyday items that we often take for granted, like the furniture. But the endless lie-ins and lounging takes a toll on even the …

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