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how to light up backyard? 15 Best Ways!

The summer heat is finally melting away, and that means that camping, stargazing, and bonfire season is upon us.

Now that the heat has taken with it all of those pesky mosquitoes, we are free to enjoy our yard to the fullest, and landscape lighting can help you do just that.

Whether you are trying to illuminate features in your backyard design, keep a walkway well-lit, or add backyard light as a safety feature, we’ve got just the right fixture for you.

Garden’s Mystical Orbs

Garden pathway decorated with globe lights

Who needs a fairy godmother when you can enchant your garden with glowing orbs? Place them among your flowers, and you’ll half expect to see Tinkerbell flitting about. Whether you opt for solar-powered or LED orbs, they’re basically garden disco balls. And hey, if you’re missing a shoe, it might just be with Prince Charming. Go on, turn your garden into a fairy tale wonderland, minus the pumpkins and talking mice.

Whimsical Water Illuminations

Backyard pool decorated with globe lights

Got a pond or a pool? Fancy making it look like a scene from a mermaid musical? Add floating LED lights, and you might just catch a frog trying to serenade a princess. Color-changing capabilities will turn your water feature into a magical, whimsical delight. Move over, Ariel, there’s a new star in town!

Pots with Personality

Illuminated plant pots in the backyard

Elevate your garden aesthetic by using backyard lighting to offer plants their own limelight. With luminous plant pots, your flora will feel like they’re on the red carpet every evening. And if the neighborhood cat decides to go plant-tip-toeing at night? They’ll now have a spotlight on their antics. Shine on, you crazy daisy!

Glowing Pathway Steps

Backyard pathway decorated with ground lights

Say goodbye to stumbling around in the dark and accusing the elves of moving things around. LED-embedded stepping stones will light your path, making every evening stroll feel like a walk down Hollywood Boulevard. Plus, you’ll finally know if it’s your gnome or the neighbor’s you’re about to trip over. It is one of the most practical backyard lighting ideas.

Rustic Radiance Jars

Backyard lighting with mason jars

Maison jars are not just for preserves and hipster drinks anymore! Hang solar-powered mason jar lanterns from trees or shepherd’s hooks. You’ll have an eco-friendly luminary that even grandma would approve of. “Is it a lantern? Is it a jar of pickles?” Only your garden knows.

Google “mason jar ideas” and you’ll see tons of DIY projects using mason jars — soap dispensers, candle holders, oil lamps, and even terrariums. But I bet you didn’t know you could add mason jars to your string lights? You can make these unique patio lights yourself or just purchase them online.

Backyard Broadway

Backyard decorated with colorful light projectors

Turn your backyard or space into a stage. With a projector, you can cast patterns, images, or even scenes from your favorite musicals onto walls. Who needs Broadway when your backyard is a box-office hit? Don’t be surprised if the local squirrels start selling tickets.


Backyard pathway decorated with glow paint

It’s time to give your garden gnomes a run for their money. With a bit of glow-in-the-dark paint, your statues and ornaments will become the night’s showstoppers. Kevin the gnome might just ask for an autograph, or perhaps he’ll start his own glow-up journey.

Chime-a-Light Delight

Backyard decorated with light chimes

Ever wondered how to make your nights twinkle without relying on stars or dodgy magic tricks? Enter the LED-equipped wind chimes – or should we say, “chandeliers of the breezy outdoors”?

By integrating tiny LED lights into wind chimes, you introduce a touch of whimsy to your garden, balcony, or porch. As they sway with the breeze, they’ll cast a merry twinkle, making them part wind instrument, part disco ball.

The result? A concert by Mother Nature’s favorite band, with lighting effects! And just imagine telling your friends, “Oh, those? They’re my wind-operated garden chandeliers!” Cue the chuckles and admiring glances. With a slight breeze, they not only play the tune of nature but also dance in LED delight. Who said your outdoor space couldn’t have a bit of chandelier glam?

Chandelier designs are as unique as the people who own them, and you can even make your own using wine bottles, old bicycle tires, spoons, or CDs. Chandeliers are the perfect addition to any backyard design.

Tipsy Tiki Torches

Bottle candles used for backyard decoration
Image credit: @mamarussell5

So you’ve had a fabulous wine night, and now you’re left with empty bottles and a slightly foggy memory. Turn those wine memories into brilliant backyard decor! Repurpose your old wine bottles into stylish tiki torches.

Simply fill them with citronella oil – not only will they light up your garden like it’s party time, but they’ll also keep those pesky mosquitoes from crashing your soirée. It’s a win(e)-win(e)! Joke’s on them, right?

And when your friends compliment your unique garden lighting, you can wink and say, “Just a little something I drank up… I mean, thought up!” Not only are you recycling in style, but your garden parties just got a touch more illuminated and a lot more buzz-worthy! Cheers to that!

Fence with Flair

Backyard fence decorated with lights

Your wooden fence isn’t just a boundary; it’s a focal point, a runway waiting for its moment. Integrate solar lights into the caps to transform your garden’s outline. You won’t just be setting boundaries; you’ll be making a dazzling statement. No more sneaky midnight gnome migrations between yards!

Shadows and Drama

Backyard Illuminated with modern lights

Do you think your garden is ready for some theatrics? Get lamps with intricate designs that cast captivating shadows. From dancing leaves to playful geometrics, let the drama unfold as the evening descends. Shakespeare might’ve said, “All the world’s a stage,” but your garden is the star. This is one of the most impactful backyard lighting ideas.

Starry Night Statues

Illuminated rabbit statue in the backyard

Ever felt that without lighting, your garden statues are a bit… stone-faced? With embedded solar lights, they’ll shine brilliantly as if they’ve swallowed a piece of the cosmos. They’re bound to become the talk of every night owl (and perhaps a few nightingales).

Pro tip: If the solar panel on your light is hazy and non-functional, a swipe of clear nail polish across the panel will restore it to its original splendor.

Floating Dreams

Backyard decorated with light balloons

Turn your garden into a dreamland with LED-filled balloons. Anchor them to create a fantasy of landscape lighting. Perfect for romantic nights or simply to give the moon some competition. And if anyone asks, yes, they’re from your recent trip to Wonderland.

Birds’ Nightclub Oasis

Birdbath decorated with lights

Ever watched birds splashing around and thought, “They really know how to party?” Time to crank up their bath-time rave! Outfit your bird baths with underwater LED lights.

As the sun sets, your birdbath will transform into the hottest avian nightclub in town. Birds will be tweeting (literally) about the fantastic neon-lit waters, perfect for a moonlit dip. Robins will rock, sparrows will shimmy, and you might even catch an owl doing the moonwalk. And if there’s a queue outside every morning? Don’t be surprised.

After all, even birds love a good disco dive. And for those late-night chirps? Well, every club has its after-hours, doesn’t it? Remember, a splash in the day keeps the birdie blues away, but a night swim? That’s the feathered fiesta they’ve all been waiting for!

Glowing Garden Bed Borders

Backyard planters decorated with lights

Looking to turn your garden bed into the VIP section of your backyard? Here’s a backyard lighting idea that’ll make your plants feel like celebrities: luminous garden bed edging!

Think of it as a nightclub rope for your roses. Using solar-powered strips or luminescent stones, you can create a glowing boundary that says, “Step back! VIP plants only!”

It not only adds a splash of light to your nights but also ensures no one trips over your tulips during those late-night garden parties. Because let’s face it, your plants worked hard on their glow-up, and they deserve the spotlight!

Final Words

BTW, did you know landscape lighting can increase home value? Use the ideas we outlined above ​for your curb appeal! For more inspo, check this post!


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