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9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard

The summer heat is finally melting away, and that means that camping, stargazing, and bonfire season is upon us.

Now that the heat has taken with it all of those pesky mosquitoes, we are free to enjoy our yard to the fullest, and landscape lighting can help you do just that.

Whether you are trying to illuminate features in your backyard design, keep a walkway well-lit, or add backyard light as a safety feature, we’ve got just the right fixture for you.

#1 String lights are perfect for decoration and low-level lighting.9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: String Lighting

While floodlights are perfect to illuminate dark recesses of your backyard, they are often a little too dramatic if you are trying to entertain.

Chic Edison bulb string lights are all the rage and make the perfect addition to your backyard design. They are dainty, decorative, and provide moderate levels of light — enough to keep things mildly illuminated without attracting every single bug in a 12-mile radius.

#2 Mason jar lights add rustic charm to your backyard design.

9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: Mason Jar

I don’t know if it’s just a southern thing, but mason jars are totally hot this season.

Don’t believe me?

Google “mason jar ideas” and you’ll see tons of DIY projects using mason jars — soap dispensers, candle holders, oil lamps, and even terrariums. But I bet you didn’t know you could add mason jars to your string lights? You can make these unique patio lights yourself or just purchase them online.

#3 Solar-powered lights are the ideal landscape lighting for illuminating a walkway.

9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: Solar Lighting

Those seeking to illuminate a path or a walkway can’t go wrong investing in solar-powered walkway light​.

These backyard lights can be staked in the ground or hung from lantern posts along a path or walkway. And since they are solar-powered, you don’t have to worry about an increase in your electric bill.

Pro Tip

If the solar panel on your light is hazy and non-functional, a swipe of clear nail polish across the panel will restore it to its original splendor.

#4 Motion-activated Floodlights can make you feel safer.

9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: Flood Lights

You’d think that at almost 30-years-old, I wouldn’t get freaked whenever I hear noises in the backyard at night — especially considering the fact that I live in a heavily wooded area where deer, raccoons, and opossums regularly come to visit.

But nope, no such luck.

If I hear something stirring outside of my house at night, images of zombies, murderers, and thieves instantly flood my mind.

For those paranoid folk like myself, motion-activated floodlights might be just the thing to help you sleep soundly. But just keep in mind that any critter rummaging through your backyard will set it off, so try not to freak out too much.

#5 Unique chandeliers make a statement.

9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: Chandeliers

If you want to incorporate some patio lights into your backyard design, chandeliers are ideal, especially if you have a pergola or overhang from which to display it.

Chandelier designs are as unique as the people that own them, and you can even make your own using wine bottles, old bicycle tires, spoons, or CDs. Chandeliers are the perfect addition to any backyard design.

#6 Keep Christmas lights relevant by using them Year-Round

9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: Christmas Lights

Who says you have to roll up those Christmas lights when it’s no longer the season? Adorn your wooden fence and illuminate your backyard design by adding these lights to the top of your fence.

#7 Liven up your garden with some illuminated planters.

9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: Illuminated Planters

These things are like something out of a secret garden.

Functional and fashionable, you can have the garden of your dreams by incorporating these LED rechargeable flower pots into your backyard design. Or, if you’re up for the task, you can make your own using glow-in-the-dark paint.

#8 Kick it old school without electricity.

9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: Candle

Why is it that we automatically think “electrical” when we think of light? Our ancestors got along perfectly well with candles and oil lamps, and so can we. Oil lamps are fun to make and can be made by upcycling a mason jar, pasta sauce jar, or empty wine bottle. You can also make little torches by dropping tealight candles (real or fake) into mason jars and hanging them with wire.

#9 Get funky with glow-in-the-dark garden stones.

9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up your Backyard: Garden Stones

Accentuate a fire pit, flower bed, or create an enchanted walkway leading to a secret garden with glow-in-the-dark garden stones. They are fun and give off just the right amount of light without being over imposing.

BTW, did you know landscape lighting can increase home value? Use our ideas we outlined above ​for your curb appeal! For more inspo, check this post!

Author’s Bio: Darlene Mase lives in Newnan, Georgia with her husband and daughter. She is a stay-at-home mom and works as a freelance writer for and other popular sites. During her free time, Darlene enjoys traveling, hiking, camping, cycling, gardening, caving, kayaking, or anything else outdoors. 


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  1. Great post about all the different options to light up your backyard. Using christmans lights all year round looks lovely and is a fabulous idea. Thanks so much!


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