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Welcome to our Castor Bean page…

First and foremost we emphasize the seeds and plants of the Castor Bean are poisonous.

We encourage you to read and research and be aware of what you are growing. These seeds are not for irresponsible gardeners.

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Two small seeds began growing. Six months later…

Wub and Cody measure a Castor Bean by the road. Fifteen feet tall and counting!

Two seeds were planted side by side in April. This picture was taken in October.
Yes, fifteen feet tall in six months. No fertilizer, no chemicals. Just ordinary soil.
Zone 7-ish. Imagine if we had fed the silly thing!
The plant above was still growing as of November 13, 2007, frost was a certain demise!
(Apologies, we need an updated photo. As of November 19, 2009, this year’s castor beans were still standing!)
Update, November 29, they were bitten by cold temperatures, but still standing strong.

A grand example of what our customers grow!

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Esau of Nebraska were kind enough to share a few photographs
of the castor bean plants they grew from our seeds.
Mr. Esau reported growth of 16-18 feet tall with leaves 3 feet across!

You can see for yourself that a majestic and beautiful plant will emerge and grow
from a small seed about the size of a fingernail.

Indeed grand! Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Esau, for sharing these glorious photos with Wuv’n Acres.
If you have photos you’d like to share on our website, send them our way and we’ll be sure to credit
the photo for you.

A few of the beautiful hues of the castor bean, one of many varieties we grow each summer.
The growth progress of a few castor beans in 2007:

Purchase your seeds at any time of the year.
They will keep in a cool dry place until spring.
Be sure to keep them away from anyone who might consume them, as they are poisonous!

Don’t forget, we have a very diverse garden thanks to our Honeybees!

We reserve the right to refuse shipment of these oilseeds out of the United States.
Certainly we do not wish to imply a thing by such a rule, please understand many countries
prohibit import of garden seeds, with Castor Beans no doubt on top of such a list. For additional
information before ordering out of the U.S. click here.

These seeds are sold for the sole intention of ornamental foliage in a garden setting and prevention
of garden pests such as moles. We keep records of all sales for castor beans and will not hesitate to provide such records to authorized law enforcement or other professionally licensed investigative parties
in the event these seeds have been used in a manner other than which they were intended, which is strictly
for garden beauty.

Basically, if you are gardening with them and have no ill intent, there should be nothing to worry about.

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