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What is the purpose of a Pergola? Is it Worth Buying One? Let’s Find Out!

When you have a garden or outdoor space like a backyard, there’s so much you can do with it.

A well-maintained and lush backyard can truly add to the appeal and decorum of your home. There’s nothing like having a tiny, natural paradise in your own living space outside.

In this article, we’re going to talk more about a structure that can truly add to the beauty of your backyard: A pergola. Pergolas have been around for a long time, and homes with large backyards look very appealing with one.  So what is the purpose of a Pergola?

What is a Pergola?

Pergolas are outdoor structures typically built out of beams, both vertical and roof ones, and don’t have any walls.

They can be built in your backyard, on your deck, or even on your patio.

Their structure consists of multiple parts and is open on almost all sides, but can be customized per your liking. A Pergola transforms your outdoor living space and gives it a new look and feel, and the advantage is that it can be added to your home at any point, and not necessarily at the time of the house construction.

As you can learn from this post, a pergola can be considered an accessory building and can be subject to local regulations.

What is the purpose of a Pergola - Pergola on a patio

Why adding a Pergola to your backyard?

Below, we’ve listed some reasons why you would genuinely enjoy adding a Pergola to your backyard:

Added functionality

A Pergola adds a focal point and utility to your backyard, especially if you don’t have a patio or deck at home.

If you have a pergola, you can use for a variety of purposes like an outdoor dining space or an outdoor lounge for parties and entertainment.

Outdoor Privacy 

If you’re someone who loves reading or just lounging outdoor but also prefer to have some privacy while doing so, you can add screens or drapes to your pergola and enjoy the benefits of both!

It’s not necessary for you to stay indoors to have some privacy and “me time”.

More space for nature

Nature and plant lovers are always looking for spaces that they can turn into a mini garden or even a vegetable patch. If you’re one of them, then a Pergola gives you the opportunity to add more greenery to your backyard with a covered garden.

What is the purpose of a Pergola - White pergola- with geenery

sunburn Avoided

Relaxing outdoor during hotter seasons can be quite enjoyable, but it also means that you could get a bad tan or sunburn if you have sensitive skin. With a Pergola, you can add a swing or a rocking chair and relax, while the roof gives you ample shade (especially if you cover it) and helps you avoid sunburn.

Added value to your House

Real estate experts believe that having additional structures in your backyard that add to the beauty and overall look of the place can actually bump its price and value on the market. So, if you ever do decide to move out and sell your current living space, a Pergola would surely appeal to a potential buyer.

Easy to construct

There’s no one particular material that a pergola has to be built with.

You can use a variety of materials for this purpose, which makes it a flexible and easy structure to add to your home. However, timber is one of the best construction materials for a pergola, because it’s sturdy, flexible to use, and also looks really good!

A pergola can easily become a fun DIY project for you and your family because it’s that easy to install.

There are lots available for this purpose, which come with the necessary tools and also the pre-made beams with which you’ll need to make the Pergola. You could also paint it, add hooks for hanging pottery, and do so many other fun additions.

You can check out Timber frame house plans by Hamill Creek if you wish to make a Pergola out of timber.

Easy to modify

Pergolas are very simple structures, which makes it quite easy to add on to them anytime in the future.

You could transform your pergola into a gazebo, for example, if you decide you want more pillars and better coverage for the roof. Especially as seasons change, easy modifications can be a real boon.

Perfect for guests

When you’re entertaining guests and relatives at home, outdoor seating can be such a good option.

You can relax, sip on some refreshing beverages, maybe even have a hi-tea session as you chat and catch up with them. With a Pergola, the overall look of an outdoor seating area is enhanced, and it looks beautiful.

What is the purpose of a Pergola - night small

Easy Care

It’s very easy to take care of a pergola. Follow the steps outlined in this post by Ron Wolf and your pergola will always look like new!

What is the purpose of a Pergola: Final words

Now that we’ve answered the question “What is the purpose of a Pergola?” and listed out why adding this structure to your backyard would be a great idea, we hope to have inspired you to do it!

There are many other beautiful outdoor structures you can add to your home over time, and the best part is that you can customize it as and how you like.

Hope you enjoyed our article! Let us know what you think in comments!

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  1. I purchased one of your pergolas at Lowes and love it. However, a sudden storm resulted in the canopy being blown off and the rods bent. The canopy is fine but I need to replace the metal rods that insert into the ends. This pergola is 116.14 x 116.14 x 94.3(H) and moves from one side of the pergola to the other. Can you help?


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