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Where to Buy Plants in DC: 5 Best Places For You To Visit

Do you have that one friend who is really hard to impress? The one who has a very particular taste? 

If you’re thinking of buying this friend a present, the one gift you can never go wrong with is a plant! Plants are decorative, improve our mood, and serve as the perfect stressbuster. 

Plus, one plant might lead to many more and, before you know it, you have a beautiful garden.

Gardens help the environment by purifying the air around us, reducing noise pollution, and preventing soil erosion.  

Last month, I visited a friend in Washington, DC. Knowing they were into gardening and all, I did a bit of research and scoured the internet to find the right place to buy a plant in DC. 

Are you also stuck on where to buy plants in DC? Read on to see the hidden botanical gems that I discovered. 

Little Leaf

This was among the first plant stores I encountered in my search and one that comes highly recommended. 

Little Leaf's little shop has a big following. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

Little Leaf sells a variety of plants that include air plants, succulents, and other indoor plants. Despite setting shop in a relatively small space, this company has managed to establish themselves in the botany world and gain a significant following.

Little Leaf has a welcoming environment. Expect friendly staff, beautiful plants, and good advice on plant care. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

Julie P., who recently paid this plant shop a visit, remarks that they have very friendly staff. She also noted that they give out a care card with every purchase. This care card details important facts you should know about the plant and ways to care for it.

With plants from Little Leaf, your home can look this good. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden


If you live in the city, it can be difficult to connect with nature. Luckily, Rewild is devoted to helping you bring nature indoors with their high-quality houseplants. 

If you're tired of living in an urban jungle, Rewild can help you create a jungle of your own. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

It can be a bit difficult to choose a plant at Rewild because they have so many options! But, the staff are so helpful, they’ll make sure you go home with the perfect plant for you. 

If you are overwhelmed by Rewild's wide selection, their friendly staff will help you choose the right plants for you. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

They’ll also enlighten you on everything you need to know about the plants you’re interested in — starting with the ideal growth conditions to their care and maintenance.

Unlike other plant stores in the area, Rewild hosts workshops for gardeners both experienced and new. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

Another aspect that sets Rewild apart is the fact that they organize workshops. These in-house events give you an avenue to learn so much more about botany. And they aren’t limited to veteran gardeners. For the novice, they present a nice opportunity to learn what gardening is all about and see its benefits first-hand.

Urban Jungle

The Urban Jungle is located in Washington DC and their specialty is low maintenance plants, suitable for urban dwellers. 

Urban Jungle specializes in low maintenance plants. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

They stock a variety of plants, including exotic orchids and gorgeous succulents. Urban Jungle also has a team that can put together unique arrangements, capable of inspiring.

Urban Jungle's selection includes succulents, orchids, and fresh bouquets. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

According to Cate C., a recent customer of Urban Jungle, their succulents, orchids, and fresh bouquets are lovely and the order she placed made her transition into her new office easier. 

Forget flower bouquets. How about a succulent arrangement from Urban Jungle? #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

David M. had them organize a thank you Succulant Hairdoo Troll for his family member. They pulled it off without a hitch and the recipient loved everything about it.

Like a real jungle, Urban Jungle has unique and exciting plants to choose from. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

Their collection of plants is unique and excites both simple plant admirers and seasoned horticulturalists looking to add some life to their homes.

Ginkgo Gardens

Nestled in one of the largest residential neighborhoods of Washington DC, Capitol Hill, Ginkgo Gardens is another plant store worth considering. 

Ginkgo Gardens sells both indoor and outdoor plants, along with various other garden products. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

Based on my research, I discovered that they sell a vast range of plants for both indoor and outdoor settings. Additionally, they offer garden products, flowers, ornamentation, and accessories.

Ginkgo Gardens' inventory is always changing. You never know what you'll find! #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

One thing I love about Ginkgo Gardens is their nursery, which is filled with beautifully colored, blossoming plants and flowers. One of their regular customers points out that their inventory is always changing, so there’s always a new plant species to discover.

Unlike other plant stores in the area, Ginkgo Gardens offers landscaping services. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #landscape

Plus, they offer services that go beyond addressing your gardening needs. By this, I mean that they provide an all-inclusive landscape package that includes consultation, designing, and maintenance. 

Ginkgo Gardens can spruce up your home OR your yard! #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #landscape #backyarddesign #indoorplants #containergarden

Does your backyard needs a revamp? Give them a call and they’ll come to your aid. 

At Ginkgo Gardens, there are endless possibilities for adding greenery to your scenery. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #landscape #backyarddesign #indoorplants #containergarden

Logan Hardware

One of DC’s longest-serving garden centres, Logan Hardware offers a wide selection of plants. For their indoor offerings, they have tropical plants, orchids, fiddle leaf figs, and more. For outdoors, they have pansies, ornamental cabbages, and ornamental pepper plants, among others.

Logan Hardware, a subsidiary of Ace Hardware, is one of DC's longest-serving garden centers. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

They also offer potting service. If you do not know how to pot or repot your plant, just bring it to the store along with a pot and they will do it for you.

If you are nervous about potting or repotting a plant, Logan Hardware can do it for you. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

Logan Hardware is also known for their exceptional customer service. Whether you want to ask about the ideal plants for a beginner gardener or find out how often you need to change your container soil, the staff are always ready to help. 

Andrew Corson, a recent customer at Logan Hardware, points out that he received very friendly service and helpful advice. 

Logan Hardware is known for its friendly and knowledgeable  customer service. #succulents #garden #gardening #homedecor #containers #indoorplants #containergarden

Logan Hardware is a subsidiary of Ace Hardware. Thanks to this partnership, Logan Hardware can serve as a one-stop-shop for all your gardening needs. They sell a ton of other household products, like gardening products, lawn equipment, and more. 


Hopefully, this post has helped you figure out where to buy plants in DC. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, these are definitely the plant stores worth checking out. 

These top picks offer a good selection of plants, flowers, and even gardening equipment and although they are all quite different, there’s one similarity between them: they offer excellent customer support. 

In my case, I ended up not buying any plants for my friend. Instead, I got her a personalized planter box. Given her interest in gardening, I figured an extra planter will always come in handy. 

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