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Home Makeover: Why Furniture Rental Is a Great Option

As the years pass by in a flash, work and life tends to fill up every waking moment of our schedules, and it can be hard to notice the degrade of mundane everyday items that we often take for granted, like the furniture.

But the endless lie-ins and lounging takes a toll on even the most tolerant couch. A coffee table can only take so many coaster-less beverages and feet-up scuffings before showing wear and tear. And a once-vibrant rug may no longer live up to its former plush pile glory.

If you think it’s time you spruce up your interiors, but aren’t quite sure where to begin, this post shares with you the easy way to refresh your home furniture and revamp your decor: furniture rental. Here’s why you should consider renting furniture when the time comes to overhaul your apartment.

Home Makeover: Why Furniture Rental Is a Great Option: Dinning table set

1) It’s Non-committal

With rented furniture, you spare yourself any chance of buyer’s remorse. This is especially useful if you are someone who likes to change things up, often. By picking a shorter rental plan, you have the option to see how your new pieces fit in with your space and extend their stay or show them the door, as you please. You can afford to be experimental and try new styles or quirky designs because you won’t be committing a ton of money with the expectation that the furniture will be with you for a lifetime.

2) It’s Economical

Buying good quality furniture new can cost a fortune. But renting premium furniture that’s modern and stylish is extremely economical. For a fraction of the cost of purchase, you can have the best furniture out there in your home. Don’t compromise on design, quality or comfort because of budget constraints. Do up your home in style with affordable monthly rental rates.

The best part?

You don’t have to deal with the sharp cost depreciation that sets in with purchased furniture as soon as you’ve paid the bill.

Home Makeover: Why Furniture Rental Is A Great Option: Bedroom Furniture

3) It’s Easy

When you rent furniture, you order straight off an online catalogue. No in-store browsing over the weekends and bargain hunting at flea markets for a mishmash of couches, dining sets, side tables and beds. You have access to the best items in the market, carefully chosen by furniture experts, all in one place. You can either choose à la carte or pick from expertly curated furniture sets segregated according to apartment size and living areas (for example, bedroom, dining room, living room).  Simply click on the items you want, choose a rental plan, and you are good to go.

4) It’s Fast

When you order furniture on rent from websites such as, you don’t have to worry about the logistics. You can effectively revamp your entire living space in a matter of days. CasaOne ensures delivery as quickly as 72 hours. Delivery and assembly is free and they even clear up after setting up. So it’s an extremely fuss-free and efficient way of sprucing up your home

5) There’s No Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of renting furniture is that you don’t need to schedule those yearly appointments to clean your couch or wash your rug. Cleaning and regular wear and tear of products are all taken care of by the rental company so you are guaranteed that your furniture will always be in tip-top condition, looking and feeling as good as new.

Home Makeover: Why Furniture Rental Is A Great Option: Masters bedroom

6) More than just furniture

You aren’t limited to renting out just beds, tables and chairs. Furniture rental companies have a huge range of product categories with a plethora of items available. Besides furniture, CasaOne rents out home decor such as cushions, planters, wall art, plants and vases. There’s are table and floor lamps to highlight areas of your home, and beautiful rugs to add a touch of warmth and coziness.

If your room does not have a ceiling lamp, check this post with awesome lights for a room without ceiling fixtures for more ideas how you can

7) Tailormade to your needs

You may want to start with redoing just your living room, or feel that your bedroom could use a reading nook with a comfy chair and a lamp.

Your furniture rental plan is adjustable according to your exact wants.

Whether you need to rent out just a single lounge chair or an entire home’s worth of furnishings, for one month or a whole year, what you ask for is what you get.

You can easily and inexpensively create chic interior designs like the ones you can see on the photos with the living room ideas published by ANestWithAYard.

Home Makeover: Why Furniture Rental Is A Great Option: 4 Chair dinning table

Final words

Home furniture rental is a great way to do up your living space. It’s relatively hassle-free and extremely economical. What’s more, renting furniture is also environmentally sustainable as it reduces wastage and disposal of furniture when the need for it is over.

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CasaOne is a furniture rental service company that operates in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It provides luxury home and office furniture, that is premium quality and stylish in design, on economical and flexible short- and long-term plans.

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  1. Really good article Nadya, thanks ever so much for sharing this.

    I guess the biggest benefit is being able to easily interchange different themes and styles throughout the year.

    Having the same furniture in place is probably going to create a sterile atmosphere after a while.

    • Thanks for the comments, guys!
      I agree with you and this is exactly how I would use it this service. It’s so much fun to change the decor completely once in a while.


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