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35 Amazing Winter Front Porch Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Holiday Decor

Are you looking to spruce up your home in time to enjoy the festive season? I love this time of year and how people celebrate the holidays by creating a welcoming look to their homes. 

Decorating your porch is the best way to do this and it’s an amazing way to greet your visitors! 

In this article, I’m exploring some of the best winter front porch decor ideas. I wanted to share some of the ideas I’ve collected and inspire people to make their porch look welcoming and festive even if  .

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Decorating With Planters On Your Porch

Arrange Some Pine Cones

silvery planter combined with pine cones, pine fronds, and some logs #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #Planters

Image credit:

This is a fantastic way to put together some wintry outdoor items. A silvery planter combined with pine cones, pine fronds, and some logs makes for a simple but classy winter design. It’s also sturdy enough to stay in place when it’s windy.

Or Add A Dash Of Red

metal planter with a red bow, a sign, and some evergreen foliage in the arrangement #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #Planters

Image credit:

This is a similar design, but with a red bow, a sign, and some evergreen foliage in the arrangement. Nothing says “the holidays” like the combination of red and green and the “We Believe” sign is great fun as Christmas approaches. This one is perfect if you have kids.

Embellish Some Pine Cones

planters with gold ornaments that complement the red pine cones #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #Planters

Image credit:

Spraying or painting your pine cones red can make them look more festive and this porch design also features a dash of gold and green. 

I love the gold ornaments that complement the red pine cones. A couple of these arrangements are on this porch and this creates a lovely symmetry that stands out, even from the street.

Loads Of Cedar And Pine

 pine and cedar boughs just bursting out of this large planter #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #Planters

Image credit:

Look at all these pine and cedar boughs just bursting out of this large planter. This is a great temporary decoration, just make sure you’re prepared to sweep up the falling needles. 

The greenery provides the base for other flowers and decorations, such as leaves and twigs, to complete the winter feel.

Light It Up!

LED lighting for a planter wirh logs, pine cones and festive decor #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #Planters

Image credit:

The warm glow of some LED lighting can make all the difference. Here, it gives an almost “faux fire” look to the planter and provides some much-needed warmth (or at least the appearance of warmth) during the winter months.

Combine the lighting with your best combination of logs, pine cones, and other festive decor items.

Or Line It Up

planters filled with festive decor and ornaments  #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #Planters

Image credit:

This is a similar design to some of the above. These planters look like they might have had some different plants in them in the summer months, but in the wintertime, they look great filled with festive decor and ornaments, as well as some greenery to cut through the white of the snow.

A Winter Birdhouse

Planter with a birdhouse and greenery #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #Planters

Image credit:

This design features a cute little birdhouse tucked away in lots of greenery. There are a variety of leaves used here, as well as pine branches. 

This is a cozy little idea and I love all the greenery surrounding the birdhouse. This planter looks like it belongs in a Scandinavian garden! And if you add some DIY bird food from the Christmas tree turned bird feeder video I talk about here, the birds will definitely appreciate it!

Standalone Tree Decor

A Tree With Pine Cones

christmas tree decorated with pine cones #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

This couldn’t be much more simple in terms of design, but it’s effective! This cute tree has been presented nicely on a little stool and the pine cones look beautifully festive, both on the tree and in the basket. Why not add some fake snow to give even more of a holiday feel?

The Humble Tree

christmass trees on planters #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

Let’s face it, Christmas trees are beautiful on their own before adding ornaments or other decorations. With this idea, you don’t have to worry too much about the weather getting to your ornaments.

This lovely design shows that simple can sometimes be better. The planters are really simple, too.

Build Some Christmas Gnomes

Chtristmas gnome made of a tree and decorated with a big hat and gloves #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

Look at this design! How much fun do you think they had making these? A giant Christmas hat and some gloves are all you need to create a fun Christmas gnome that is bound to get the neighborhood talking. This is a great use of any offcuts from your indoor Christmas tree.

Add Some Christmas Sparkle

Christmas trees decorated with LED lights  #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

Simple LED lights can be enough to add that little bit of festive sparkle when you are putting a Christmas tree on your porch. 

A Christmas tree on either side of your welcome mat makes for a pleasing symmetry and draws your eye in. Just make sure you’re using environmentally friendly lights and install them properly.

Trees With Other Decorations

Wicker Baskets And Planters

wicker planter for the trees, combined with wicker baskets full of decorations #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

I love the way the wicker ties this design together. Here, we see a wicker planter for the trees, combined with wicker baskets full of decorations. 

Tree offcuts sprinkled with some artificial snow can be a great thing to add to these baskets, but you can use pretty much any outdoor Christmas decorations you like.

Or Trees Galore

tress leading up the stairs to the front door #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

Who says you need to limit the number of trees on your porch? I love the way these trees lead up the stairs and they each have their own decor and style. They’re complemented by a gorgeous wreath, too. 

Why not get a small tree for each family member and let them decorate their own?

More Festive Symmetry

symmetrical design of 2 trees and wreath for a front door #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

This design is really “out there” and loud and I love it! Lots of ornaments, two trees, and a gorgeous wreath. There’s lots going on here and all of it is festive and colorful. This is a symmetrical design and it really helps that the door is red! 

Compliment Trees With Red

Skinny Christmas trees with LED light  #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

I love these skinny little Christmas trees with their small LED lights. The owners of this home were clearly aiming for a red and green design. The mat, ornaments, and cute “Believe” sign really highlights the decor, with a wreath as the central feature.

Or With Classy White

rugs and pillow for a porch bench beside two planters with Christmas tree #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

There’s something rustic and minimal about this design which I love and white always looks classy. The rug and pillows make this porch feel warm, even though it’s outside, and the LED lights help, too.

Mix Up The Sizes

 red door and trees of various sizes, which sit in big barrels  #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

Another red door — this one really looks festive and the trees of various sizes, which sit in big barrels, look fantastic. They provide some lovely light for the porch and the little red poinsettias accent the Christmas trees. 

This scene has a winter container garden vibe to it and I also love the beautiful red bows on the trees.

Or Add Some Signs

red door, small christmas trees with LED lights and a big joy sign #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

The glow of the lantern with the “Joy” sign underneath really makes this feel like you’re walking into a water wonderland, especially combined with all those trees! 

Signs can be pricey, but you can reuse them each season. I love the twinkle of the LED lighting, combined with the glow of the lanterns.

Trees On Wheels!

Gardening cart decorated with a Christmas trees #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

The trees and artificial snow, combined with the sled in the background, give a brilliant look to this decor. Best of all — it’s on wheels!

Why not use a gardening cart or other wagon like this one? You can even move your porch decor around if you do this.

Or Wreaths On Sleds

winter white theme porch with white sled, lamp, christmas tree, white pillow and blanket  #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

Using a sled as a platform for your other decor is a wonderful idea. What a great way to decorate your porch with a winter theme. Combining this sled with a tree and classy white accents create a gorgeous entrance area for any home.

Bows On Skis

winter theme Christmas tree on a metal planter #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

Decorating with some skis can be another way to create that wintery feeling. You could be on the winter ski slopes or outside a hut in Austria with this inventive design. The tree with its frosty white faux snow and some Christmas decor makes for a top combo.

A Snuggly Couch

porch decorated with wreath and Christmas trees #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

Imagine settling down to sit next to all these wreaths and trees. Christmas is truly coming when you see a design like this. There’s even a reindeer and some gorgeous signs to complement all the greenery. 

A Christmassy Seat

front porch with re themed decoration and some green wreath and Christmas trees #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #christmasTree

Image credit:

This is a bit more of a minimalist approach, but it still lets you sit outdoors and enjoy the winter air. The tree is beautifully decorated and look at the beautifully inventive red truck with the mini Christmas tree. I love all the flashes of red and the lanterns.

Decorative Items For Your Porch

A Garland Wraparound

garland and led lights wrap around the porch, lamp on each stair steps #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

The way this lit up garland wraps around the porch gives a warm glow to the home. I love how welcoming this looks and it leads you up to the beautiful wreath and grand front door. This is one of the classier porch decor ideas I found.

An Old Fashioned Sled

sled decorated with a garland and ornaments #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

Putting a sled upright like this is a decoration on its own, but it is also the perfect place to string up a garland or hang some ornaments, as shown in this beautiful but rustic idea. This one is simple and low-maintenance, but effective.

With Some Ski Boots

winter skiing theme for a porch decoration #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

The winter skiing theme here makes for an authentic vibe and you’re sure to feel like you’re taking to the slopes or staying in a wood cabin somewhere in the snow. Hanging some old ski boots is another cute decoration idea. You can pick some of these up online or find them at a flea market.

A Chalkboard Sign

porch decorated with chalg board Christmas message, wreath, trees and a pile of woods  #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

This chalkboard is so cute and I love the fact that you can write your own winter message on it! 

If you are having visitors, you can give them their own unique welcome message or test out your artistic flair with your own drawings and Christmas message. Combine your chalkboard with wreaths and trees, or even a pile of firewood, as we see here.

Fill Up A Lantern

old lantern filled with ornaments #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

Here’s another cute and inventive idea. Why not fill up an old lantern with some ornaments? This protects them from the snow and rain and also creates a beautiful and interesting porch feature. You could fill them with LED lights, pine cones, and just about anything else.

Or An Old, Upcycled Chair

rustic old chair  decorated with winter decors #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

This rustic old chair provides a different platform for winter decorations, such as branches or pine cones. In this case, the greenery has been placed in an old metal bucket on top of the chair. There’s a shabby-chic look to this porch design.

Sleds And Signs

Decorate your front door with a garlands, wreaths and trees on the side #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

All these beautiful signs spread Christmas cheer, as well as complement the garlands, wreaths, and trees. Some of the signs on this porch even look like they could be homemade! There’s another sled and a Christmas-themed welcome mat, too. This is a great way to complete a festive patio makeover.

A Wreath On A Seat

white chair decorated with wreath hanging #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

You can get creative about where you put a wreath and hanging it from a chair, such as we see here, is a great idea. You might not be sitting on your porch chair when the weather turns cold, so you may as well decorate it!

Snowflake Designs

welcome mat feature a snowflake design, a sign board with the word joy and a door decorated with a garland #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

Both the sign to the right of the door and the welcome mat feature a snowflake design. Even if you live in an area where snow is unlikely, you can still use this as a design feature on your beautiful winter front porch.

Scarves And Skis

chair decorated with red scarves, rugs, skis and  a lamp #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor

Image credit:

I’ve already mentioned that skis are a great idea for decorating your porch, but you can also add scarves, rugs, and fabric, such as tartan, to give a warm winter feel.

Evergreen Wall Decor

Behind A Lantern

evergreen tucked behind a lantern #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #walldecor

Image credit:

Evergreen cuttings can be used in loads of interesting ways throughout the winter. They’ll last for ages and give the feeling of nature on your porch. Tucked behind a lantern, like this, can be interesting and it makes sure the greenery can be seen in the dark.

Or Under A Lantern

decorate a lantern with greenery and a bow and ornaments #porchIdeas #porch #winter #frontDoorDecor #homeDecor #patiodecor  #walldecor

Image credit:

Similarly, hanging some greenery under a lantern can look great, even after the sun has gone down. This design features a bow, as well as evergreen cuttings. This is a beautiful way to let everyone know winter is coming.

Front Porch Decorating FAQs

How Do You Keep Outdoor Decorations From Blowing Away?

There are numerous techniques for making sure your decorations are firmly secured. You can use carpet adhesive, cleverly positioned pots, or even tie your decorations down with washers, as explained in this article on how to keep your outdoor rugs from blowing away

How Do You Keep A Wreath From Blowing Away?

You should securely attach your wreath to your door using floral wire. By using multiple pieces of wire, you can help it withstand the wind. Other options include suction holders that securely stick to your wall or door, which can then be fastened to the wreath. 

How Do You Use Christmas Garland?

Garlands are a pretty versatile decoration. Hang yours on the mantelpiece or thread it through the bars of your banister. 
There are no specific rules, but if there’s somewhere to thread the garland it will help keep it in place. If you’re using garland as a patio decoration or on a porch, it might blow away if it’s not anchored somehow.

BONUS: A Stunning Video With Patio Makeover Tips About How To Make A Winter Garden

As the seasons change, so does our mood, and the decorative styles we like! Things that would seem redundant in summers such as blankets, evergreen plants, and fires can be extremely welcoming come the winter.

Fire pits are one of the many cozy and inviting aspects of design you can use for that winter appeal, and at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto, you can see how their beautiful forest-style winter theme was largely built around these fire pits.

Naturally, for a hotel, they wanted to make something that felt welcoming for diners and would make a good space for those winter hot drinks, and some of their winter decorating ideas are exceptional.

Many of the DIY ideas for this design are similar to those featured in our recent ‘outdoor party ideas’ piece, and some of the clever methods of using winter firs and fairy lights to give that wonderland feel, are something anyone can do, whether at residential or commercial premises. A porch, deck, patio, you name it, all can be decorated like this.

It is also proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a winter environment great for hosting guests in the holiday months.

If you a fireplace on your patio or you plan to make a bonfire nearby, you will definitely need firewood. You can easily make it an organic part of your overall winter garden design with these creative ideas.

BONUS: Making A Front Door Swag? Wait Till You See This Excellent Christmas Decoration Video!

Interested in a fun DIY project to do either on your own or with kids, to give a lovely authentic look to your door and celebrate the winter months.

This video is a brilliant example of exactly how to make a swag for your front door and doesn’t require a huge amount of resources or even time. Jennifer Decorates has some wonderful resources on her channel, and this follows on excellently from some of the DIY winter party ideas we’ve recently featured on the site.

Not only does she show you how to create an outdoor swag, but Jennifer’s tips on creating a bow can also be useful for other Christmas decorations or even wrapping up your presence as the big day approaches. Just look at the size of the pines on that tree! Even if you can’t get such a stunning branch, you can still make a stunning decoration.

Be sure to watch this video all the way to the end and pay attention to how Jennifer hangs the decoration under a lantern to ensure it is seen even in the long winter evenings.

This is even part of a series so if you catch the winter decorating bug you can follow her other tips as well as the other outdoor winter ideas featured on her channel.

You should do it at the end of November. This way, your porch will be ready for an outdoor party in December!

Wrapping It Up

Have you enjoyed this list? Feeling inspired to decorate your own porch with one of these winter front porch decor ideas? I wanted to share all these amazing designs with everyone, so you can have a more gorgeous winter. 

Looking for deals on Christmas yard decorations and inflatables? Check out my page where I collect these deals!

BTW, if you happen to need these ideas to prep your house for sale, check out this ultimate post by Nadya Jones that presents about 150+ curb appeal ideas.

If you have friends you think will enjoy this list, feel free to share it. Also, leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts!

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