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Wonder What’s Allen and Roth patio furniture warranty And Who Makes It? Here’s The Answer

If you are anything like me, you probably wonder who makes the furniture you purchase.

Allen+Roth by Lowe’s is a brand that is not only sold at but also owned by Lowe’s. They offer a variety of patio furniture and accessories. This article about patio furniture gives you an idea of some of the options that Lowe’s has.

Let’s take a closer look.

Main parts of Allen Roth patio furniture

The patio furniture by Allen + Roth by Lowe’s comes in multiple material options to choose from. You will find furniture in wicker, aluminum, and steel. Depending on your needs, this brand will have a choice for you.

The wicker offers you a traditional beachy, pool, and lounge area that so many people love.

This collection comes in brown and warm gray, both colors would go with any outdoor style. The aluminum option comes in white and black. The white aluminum looks like your classic Florida veranda laid-back setting. In white it is a classic, in black, it looks very polished and upscale.

Lastly, the steel options come in brown only. It is a classic piece that would fit on a southern porch. This piece is timeless and with multiple bright colored pillows, it is also welcoming. Each of these materials provides a different function and comes with different warranty options to protect your furniture.

The manufacturing of these parts is done in China and is outsourced to various contractors.

Allen and Roth offers warranties, too

If you are anything like me, you research and know what you are buying before deciding. My hubby and I love to entertain our friends. And living in North Carolina we spend a lot of time using our patio furniture. Since we put our furniture through heavy use, having a warranty on our items is a pleasant bonus.

Allen + Roth by Lowe’s offers a limited warranty on any defects in workmanship.

Frames and welding are guaranteed free from defects up to 5 years. The finish is warranted for blistering, peeling or cracking for 1-year post-purchase.

If you need to utilize the warranty, contact customer service at 1-866-439-9800, Monday to Friday; 8 am to 8 pm EST.

Cushions and fabrics

Now that you know where your product is made and what warranty it has for its main parts, it is time to talk about what types of fabrics come with your Allen + Roth patio furniture accessories.

So, who makes Allen and Roth patio furniture cushions and other fabrics?

There are three main brands that provide the cushions and fabrics – Sunbrella, NeverWet and Nong Tai. You can find more information about Sunbrella here. If you are curious about NeverWet, see their website here. Lastly, Nong Tai is a Vietnamese company. Unfortunately, Nong Tai does not have a website at this time.

You will notice these brands offers different warranties and provide great quality. You are made aware if the item is made in the United States or imported. NeverWet offers 1-2 year warranties, Sunbrella offers a 5-year warranty. While Nong Tai and other non-Sunbrella brands offer a 1-year warranty.

Presently, these brands offer many great features that make them worthwhile. Having a high-quality item in our home is a must for my husband and I. Sunbrella and NeverWet are two amazing companies with a lot to offer. Let’s take a closer look at them.


First, Sunbrella is a company based in Anderson, South Carolina. While this is their main plant, this brand also has factories in Suzhou, China, and Lille, France. Having multiple locations allows this company to provide their well-made items all over the world. The United States and Europe are home to the design teams. The company strives to provide you with the most up to date trends in patio furniture and design.


Similarly, Neverwet offers waterproofing protection for your patio furniture. The brand offers a large line of products to give your Allen + Roth by Lowe’s furniture a long, high-quality life. This brand is owned by Rust-Oleum who manufactures in the United States and Europe. The factory base is Vernon Hills, NH, but there are factories in Wisconsin, Maryland, Oklahoma and more. NeverWet promises breathability in your items, with water resistant technology.

So what did you learn about Roth + Allen by Lowe’s?

In conclusion, this brand is sold by Lowe’s; offers high quality, long lasting and beautiful options for all of your needs. Roth + Allen by Lowe’s is a great investment for your home and future with multiple options that stand up to the elements.

Having a warranty for your Roth + Allen patio furniture is a good bonus. The products come with limited warranties that can last up to 5 years. This gives you peace of mind that your furniture will be around with you for a long time.

14 thoughts on “Wonder What’s Allen and Roth patio furniture warranty And Who Makes It? Here’s The Answer”

  1. Purchased an Allen + Roth Dartford woven patio set about 4 years ago from Lowes. The woven plastic material does not last. It is not designed to withstand the suns UV rays and has such become brittle and cracking. My entire set has unravelled and is useless. Do not recommend purchasing at all.

  2. J’si acheté un gazebo 27 Mars 2022 j’ai des traverse incliné de défectueuses et tige centrale de défectueuses pas moyen d’avoir du service de remplacement il en a pas de disponible backorder..,je suis pris avec le carré de mon patio de monté et rien d’autre pas de service et personne vend des pièces trouver erreur.,

  3. My patio set is 2 years old and the cushions are starting to fall. The material split open almost like it dry rotted. I have called Allen and Roth 4 times and asked to speak to the manager none of whom were helpful. I called the store and went to Lowes as well and the manager wouldn’t do anything for me. It’s still customer service. I don’t feel like after 2 years of limited use and careful care, that the cushions should break apart like this. I’m really disappointed…. 😔

  4. Purchased Allen and Roth cushions for my aluminum patio furniture in march from lowes in Mayodan,nc. The cushion are already flat. The foam rubber in those cushions are not holding up at all. I paid a good amount per set(59.99) and I feel like I should get more than two months services from them. It hasn’t even gotten hot enough yet too really use them and they already look worst than the ones I used three years and replaced these with. I purchased four sets,(2 chairs and a seated which has two sets of cushions in it). Solid blue in color, with backs and bottom cushions. I would not give them a good review at all. Could you do something about this situation?

  5. I have a sectional seat purchased in May 2018. The pillows are starting to come tear as if they have begun to dry rot. How do I replace these pillows?

  6. My lounge chairs have broken hinges for the back support. Lowe’s refuses to provide the name of the manufacturer for Allen&Roth chaise so I can buy the hinges. I won’t buy any more furniture from Lowe’s.

  7. I ordered item number 726733 cushioned love seat and coffee table and waited 3 weeks to get it and recently picked it up, when I unpacked it I discovered it did not come with hardware to assemble nor any instructions. I hoping this item can be sent to me overnight and I can assemble so we can enjoy our deck as the summer is almost over. Disappointed as I seen the tag for the quality inspection. How in this day in age does this happen?

  8. The webbing on our chairs has become brittle and is disintegrating after just one year. Contacting Lowes was a waste of time they do not stand behind anything. I recommended that they benchmark Costco on how to qualify suppliers and learn about customer service. I will never buy large items from Lowes again.

    • I was lucky because my purchase was discontinued and still under warranty I was given a full refund after three years. My patio fell apart completely disintegrated.

  9. The finish on the aluminum furniture in full sun will last only as long as the warranty. Ours is 3 years old and is faded and looks awful. We wasted our money.

  10. We had trouble with our entire set of cushions- two chairs, and a love seat. They all began to split threads whenever we picked them up to clean them or turn them. The warranty was for 2 years, and unfortunately, I called Lowes and not Allen and Roth first. By the time I got to the right customer service company, I was 2 months out of the warranty and they weren’t willing to move forward.

  11. I just bought the Bellmare Sectional by Allen and Roth. One of the couch cushions is coming apart at the seam (3 inch split). How do I access the warranty?

  12. I have a friend that has a privacy free standing curtain that looks like bamboo that Lows no longer carris but that they need and would like to know what the availability is on this product.


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