How Far Apart Should Pendant Lights Be Over An Island In The Kitchen? A Guide to Spacing Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Island

Ever since Brett and I installed the kitchen island pendant lights, the most frequent question I got asked by every person who visited was this: “Nadya, how did you figure out the spacing?” or “What should the spacing of pendant lights over the kitchen island be?” Of course, a lot of cross-questioning follows. How many …

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What is the Best Lighting for Unfinished Basement? Here are 5 best light fixtures

Best lighting for unfinished basement

Trying to find the best lighting for unfinished basement is tricky. Bare concrete walls feel cold and don’t reflect light well. Exposed floor joists can make odd shadows. And mounting a light fixture is quite different on an unfinished ceiling. My father is in his 60’s and has an unfinished basement. He’s decided he wants …

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How To Choose Best Lighting for Office With No Windows With 5 Desk Lamps Reviews

how to choose Best lighting for office with no windows

I love working at home, but our home office doesn’t have the best lighting. We converted a room in the basement for our office and unfortunately, it doesn’t have any windows. With no windows and low ceilings, it felt very cave-like. To improve working conditions, we recently decided to update the lighting. Read on to …

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