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Craftsman Vs Troy Bilt Snow Blower: How Do These Brands Differ?

Looking for a powerful snow blower to see you through the winter, but have no idea where to start your search? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve rounded up and reviewed two of the best snow blowers on the market that are sure to meet your expectations.

Keep reading to find out more about the amazing Craftsman vs Troy Bilt snow blowers and the difference between them.

Introducing Contender #1 – Craftsman Snow Blowers

A man operating a gas powered  snow blower

Multi-award-winning Craftsman is one of the most popular tool brands in both Canada and the U.S. The brand is well-known for producing tools that are durable, high quality, and useful all around.

Craftsman has 22 snowblower models to choose from. Quite the range, hey? Most of them (19 to be exact) start with the push of a button, while the rest (just 3) are started by the pull mechanism.

Whether you’re a homeowner or own a professional business, you’re bound to find a suitable snowblower within the Craftsman range, which comes in single, two and three-stage designs.

Models In The Craftsman Range

A gas powered snow blower on stand-by

Gas-Powered Snow Blowers

Craftsman has three kinds of gas-powered snow blowers in its range: single, two and three-stage models. 

The single-stage model is ideal for homeowners who require a snow blower for light use only. This type of snow blower comes with a push-button start and is equipped with brushless motors.

The two-stage models are perfect for moderate to heavy snowfall. They come in both compact and professional sizes, making it super convenient to find your perfect match. Some of the features included in these models are forward and reverse drive systems and power steering.

The three-stage models are the beasts of the ball. They’re designed to clear heavy snowfall on large properties. If you live in a region with year-round snowfall or require a snow blower for professional use, this is the one!

Electric-Powered Snow Blowers

These snow blowers are perfect for light to moderate snowfall. They’re compact, lightweight and run from your nearest electrical outlet. They work well on smaller properties, are easy to store and require very little maintenance.

What’s So Special About Craftsman Snow Blowers?

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The one thing that stands out the most for me is the range of Craftsman snow blowers on offer. These snow blowers are fitted with features that make the typically bothersome snow blowing process a breeze. 

Some of the amazing features you can look forward to are power steering, engine-driven power, treaded tires and remote chute controls.

Craftsman Snow Blower Pros:

  • Tons of options to choose from
  • Powerful engines
  • Models for both residential and commercial use
  • Features that aid convenience and ease of use
  • Varying sizes (both compact and heavy-duty)

Craftsman Snow Blower Cons:

  • They require assembly, which can be time-consuming.
  • You’d need to adjust the belts regularly.

Introducing Contender #2 – Troy Bilt Snow Blowers

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Troy Bilt has been in business for more than 80 years. This brand prides itself on producing reliable tools that are sure to last you a lifetime.

Troy Bilt offers 17 snow blowers, and like the Craftsman range, there are a variety of single, two and three-stage snowblower models to choose from.

Models In The Troy Bilt Range


There are four single-stage snow blowers available in this brand and they make up their own sub-range called “Squall.” Although they’re all unique and each has great features that make them easy to use, all models in the Squall range have a 21-inch clearing width. 

These snow blowers are designed for light to intermediate snowfall, making them perfect for homeowners and residential use. They’re lauded for leaving a clean path behind them and have proven to work well when clearing 3 to 9 inches on smooth pavement.

No products found.


Troy Bilt’s two-stage snow blower sub-range contains 12 options to choose from and they can be found in Troy Bilt’s “Storm” range. Their clearing width ranges from 24-34 inches.

These models are powerful and designed for both residential and professional use, hence they can easily clear moderate to heavy snowfalls. All 12 of them are very unique but they boast excellent features and capabilities, such as trigger-controlled power steering, remote side crank chute control and ergonomic controls. Comfort and power – a win-win situation if you ask me!


Troy Bilt has just one three-stage snow blower model in its “Vortex” range. This snow blower is deemed to have the capabilities to “clear anything Mother Nature can throw at you.” If you need a snowblower that screams “heavy-duty”, look no further than the Vortex machine!

This snow blower is designed for commercial use, but it can also be worth it if you have a large property that gets heavy and frequent snowfall. With a large powerful engine, Touch N’ Turn™ trigger-controlled power steering and three-stage technology, this machine comes second to none when rated for its power and ease of use.

What’s So Special About Troy Bilt Snow Blowers?

No products found.

Troy Bilt snow blowers are equipped with features that can only be described as the best of the best! D-Track drive system, One Hand operation, self-propelled drive and electric 4-way chute control are just a few of their game-changing features that change the task of snow blowing from a daunting feat to a quick and easy operation.

Troy Bilt Snow Blower Pros

  • An array of unique models 
  • Powerful capabilities across all sub-ranges
  • Built for comfort and convenience
  • Models for both residential and commercial use

Troy Bilt Snow Blower Cons

  • Some of the controls on the larger modules are a little complicated and could take some getting used to.
  • The belts require adjustment from time to time.

Craftsman Vs Troy Bilt – Features Face To Face

Craftsman 208cc Electric Start 24' Two Stage Gas Snow Blower, Liberty Red

Variety Of Features

While both these brands have a ton of options to choose from, Troy Bilt impresses me the most because of the variety of high-quality features that come with their snow blowers. Infused with high technology and designed for comfort, these features combined make Troy Bilt’s snow blowers very convenient and easy to use.

Winner: Troy Bilt

Electric Options

Electric tools are all the rage, as bothersome gas-powered tools become a thing of the past. While both ranges have electric snow blowers, Craftsman takes the lead with just how many they have to offer. A total of 19 out of 22 in their range are all electric, while Troy Bilt has far less. 

Winner: Craftsman


Both Craftsman and Troy Bilt have two-year warranties on their products. The difference, however, is that Craftsman includes further coverage on its engines for up to 5 years

This extended warranty covers manufacturing defects and supplies parts and service to those machines that are covered. The customer service offered by both Troy Bilt and Craftsman seems to be on par with each other.

Winner: Craftsman

Check out this video of reviews of five of the best snow blowers in 2021 by YouTube user Unbox Daily. Both Craftsman and Troy Bilt snow blower models are featured in the top 5.

Craftsman Vs Troy Bilt – Stand Out Features

Craftsman: PowerStart™ EFI Technology: Equipped with PowerStart™ EFI Technology, Craftsman snow blowers are able to sense engine temperature and weather conditions to deliver the right amount of fuel for effortless, fast starting.

Troy Bilt: AugurAssist drive system: Included in several Troy Bilt snow blowers, the AugurAssist drive system helps push your snowblower forward while clearing down to the pavement, allowing you to work faster and saving effort.

P.S. If you’re still not convinced and think you need to check out more snow blower options, this round up of snow blower reviews will help!


Are Craftsman and Troy Bilt snow blowers the same?

Craftsman and Troy Bilt snow blowers are not the same. Although they are two different brands, their engines are made by the same company, MTD.

Are Troy Bilt snow blowers any good?

Troy Bilt snow blowers are good. They’re well known for producing well-designed, high-quality tools. They’re often deemed to be one of the best value brands out there. They are designed to last years, with very little maintenance along the way.

Are Craftsman snowblowers any good?

Craftsman snow blowers are good. They’re quite popular because of how safe they are to operate. They’re also convenient and easy to use for those who aren’t used to snow blowing.

The Verdict: Craftsman VS Troy Bilt

While both these brands make the snow-blowing process a breeze, they sure don’t make it easy for us to choose a winner. They’re both just so brilliant!

If, like me, you’re also finding it hard to choose one of them, maybe this will help:

Buy Craftsman if:

  • You’re a beginner who doesn’t know the ins and outs of snow blowing.
  • Safety is your number one priority when buying tools.
  • You’d like as much warranty as possible.

Buy Troy Bilt if:

  • You want to make the snow-blowing process as comfortable and easy as possible.
  • Unique features that improve ease of use is your thing!

So, which do you think you’d choose between Craftsman Vs Troy Bilt snow blowers? Please let me know if you found my review to be helpful, I’d love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “Craftsman Vs Troy Bilt Snow Blower: How Do These Brands Differ?”

  1. Bought a Troy-Bilt Storm 2460 snowblower from Home Depot in December 2020. Used it twice during that winter for less than 2 hours. Worked well and started easily. Ran engine dry for storage as recommended. First big snow of 2022 on a Monday morning, went out to garage, gassed it up and tried to start. Spent 2 hours screwing with it and couldn’t get it start. Could not smell any raw gas coming out of exhaust. Neighbors came over to help, sprayed ether into air intake, cranked, started, ran for about 3 seconds. Couldn’t get engine started and running sustained. Tuesday morning called Troy-Bilt “tech support” spoke to a young lady named Taylor, she said to remove carburetor bowl and float and clean with carb cleaner. I asked her if doing that would void the 3 year warranty and she no because carburetor maintenance is part of “normal” maintenance and this type of problem was a common problem.

    Found that all the fasteners are metric, used a 10mm socket and 1/4″ drive ratchet to try remove bolt. Bolt wouldn’t budge. Had to use a pipe on the ratchet to get sufficient leverage to break bolt loose. Finally removed bolt and carb bowl. Found metal shavings in the bottom of the bowl. Not good! Anyway, removed float and hosed everything down with GumOut, reinstalled float and tried to reinstall bowl. Could not get bolt to thread back in. Played with it for about 10 minutes, finally took bowl back out and tried threading bolt in without bowl. It threaded in for about last 2 threads on the bolt! Apparently, the pickup pipe where the bolt threads into was stripped out, hence the metal shavings. Called Troy-Bilt support back on Thursday morning, this time got a male support rep, gave him my case number and explained what I found.

    He said that I had to buy a new carburetor! I asked why it wasn’t covered under the warranty, his response “maybe if you would have taken a picture of the metal shavings in the bowl we could done something!” What a bunch of **! Asked how much a new carb was, he said $71 but he would give a discount. Oh, and the carb wouldn’t ship until March 1st! Ordered it anyway. Real disappointed. After I got off the phone with Troy-Bilt immediately went online and found a company on eBay in Houston that had 4 carbs in stock for $40. Ordered one and it arrived yesterday. That will be this Saturday’s project provided I can get the carb bolts out without stripping anything else out! Told this story to vendor I use for our club’s Ag equipment and he basically told me the same story about a slightly different model Troy-Bilt snowblower he was trying to repair for a customer.

    Apparently, the gorilla that assembles the carbs cross threads the steel bolts in the pot metal carb bodies and torques the bolts down so tight they don’t leak. In case you’re wondering, no, there was no Loctite on any of the bolts! Overall, extremely disappointed with the machine, quality of manufacturing and Troy-Bilt’s failure to stand behind their products. Troy-Bilt was purchased by MTD here in Ohio and MTD was purchased by Stanley Black & Decker which are now owned by the Chinese. Used to think very highly of Troy-Bilt products, not any more. From what I have been reading it looks like I may be in store for a lot of headaches with this product! Caveat emptor!


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