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4 Of The Best Ways To Put A Shade Over Your Swimming Pool

Is there anything better than jumping in a swimming pool, drying off in the nice hot sun, and then retreating to the shade? Getting a nice tan, some exercise, lounging around by the pool.

Indeed, it’s a downright shame being stuck inside the house during the summer, but at the same time, you don’t really have a choice if you don’t have any shade outside in your yard. You can only spend so much time getting a tan before you start getting crispy. But you know what they say – if you build it, they will come.

If you already have a swimming pool outside, why not get some shade out there? Below you can find 4 of the best ideas to put a shade over your swimming pool that will help you and your family cool off in those hot summer days, protecting you all from the Sun, but still keeping you outside.

Plant some trees

First things first – getting some vegetation in your backyard might be just what you need. Not only will you get some natural shade, but you are also helping the environment.

What makes it even better is that there is nothing more beautiful to put in your garden than a tree.

Of course, the obvious problem here is that it can take several years for your tree to grow to its full size. But if you get one transplanted, this won’t be that much of an issue. And of course, caring for your tree is not that big of a deal, but you do have to do it anyway.

Put Up A shade sail

A very affordable and trendy option to get some shade for your pool area is getting shade sails.

Namely, you get a large piece of special cloth that is attached to poles that are anchored somewhere in your yard. They then stretch over the area that you want to protect from the sun. You can get them in a variety of colors, shades, and styles.

Now, what makes them unique is that they don’t really give you complete shade. They are semi-translucent pieces of fabric that let some sun pass through. However, you can find some version with UV inhibitors that protect you from the Sun just in case. Finally, overlapping them can give you some extra protection as well.

Of course, the main problem with this covering is that they are sails, meaning they are vulnerable to winds. Obviously, try to not use them when strong winds are a-blowing.

Install A Shade structure

Getting proper swimming pool shade structures installed and constructed might be your best bet. If you want to create shade for your outdoor space, why not just build a roof over this place?

Now, there are many outdoor structures you can set up. Sometimes you want a nice awning or a canopy there (check out this ABC canopy if you don’t know which brand to buy). You can most likely save a buck here and there if you build it yourself, but that, of course, necessitates a bit of planning, and the appropriate skills, free time, and tools.

The complexity of the structure will, of course, depend on your needs, your budget and (if you’re going with the DIY route) skills. So, you can get a pergola that gives just the right amount of shade but still letting some light in. However, you can always install a shade over your pergola.

Complete enclosures are also an option, as are freestanding structures with some added features (like benches or tables).

One of the ways to put a shade over your swimming pool is to install a permanent shade structure #pool #shade #backyard #outdoor #howto

Use Simple umbrellas

There is nothing wrong with the simple, humble umbrella. A common sight near pools and beaches everywhere, they are a simple, flexible, and straightforward cost-effective solution to this age-old problem.

You can get some fixed in anchors near the pool itself. Getting special mounts that you can move around, maybe fill up with water to keep them stable, can add some extra mobility to your umbrella needs.

One of the ways to put a shade over your swimming pool is to use an umbrella #pool #shade #backyard #outdoor #howto #umbrella
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Which Way Did You Like the Most?

And there you have it folks, a few ideas on how to beat the summer heat and get some shade over your swimming pool.

Sometimes, all you need is a good umbrella that you can move around. Other times, however, you might prefer shade sails, giving you some class and style. If you really want to go all out, getting free standing shade structures can be just what you need. Finally, why not go green and get a tree?

Let us know in the comments what you think!

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