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14 Gazebo Landscaping Ideas With Pictures For Your Backyard And Garden

Don’t know how to make your garden gazebo look good in your backyard? Are you running short of gazebo landscaping ideas?

We have all been there! Coming up with a good design idea is sometimes more difficult than executing it. Buying a gazebo from a review list is easy, making it look good in the garden, not so much!

That’s why I wanted to share these 14 gazebo landscaping ideas with you – to get your creative juices flowing! Let’s get to it! 

More Than Just A Frame 

What a beautiful sight to see! These gardens have fully embraced their gazebos. The growing vines are gently hugging them and making them part of the complete scenery. Who wouldn’t want to have such a peaceful corner in their backyard? Lucky for you, achieving this gazebo landscaping design is easy! 

For this project, you will need a metal gazebo frame decorated with swirling wires. The good news is that these gazebo frames are cheaper than wood and vinyl ones. They don’t feature a roof and sides so they have less material and are also easier to put up

Install your gazebo directly on the lawn or on a concrete slab, whichever you prefer. It doesn’t matter where you erect your gazebo, as long as it is anchored to the ground. Gazebo frames are light and can get blown away easily!

Once you have your structure up and ready, you can plant flowering vines at the base of each gazebo post. Place a fancy metal table and chairs under your gazebo to match the whole aesthetic. Finally, you can sit under your gazebo and watch nature slowly accept your new garden addition. 

Get A Full View With A Sun House

Can’t get enough of your pretty garden? Why not build yourself a sun house with a full view of your property. No matter which way you look, you will always catch a glimpse of the surrounding nature. 

Even though it may not look like it, this is one of the most dynamic gazebo design ideas you can try to achieve. Here’s why: 

A gazebo that is fully covered in glass, from top to bottom, will always keep you invested and interested. In the daytime, you can sit on a comfortable rocking chair and watch the birds fly by. And when the night comes, you can take part in stargazing with your significant other. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that!

Surrounded By Enticing Flowers

This must be one of the most beautiful gazebo landscaping ideas on my list. It is cheap and it works so well! I can’t think of a better way to integrate your garden gazebo into the landscaping than with vibrant flowers

Plant flower beds all around your traditional gazebo. You will first need to turn the soil over. The best time to aerate the oil is when it is moist, but not wet. Add 2 to 3 inches of compost to the soil, and plant your flowers, herbs, and shrubs in a beautiful arrangement. Don’t forget to water your plants well at the end! 

If you don’t like the idea of digging into your luscious lawn, you can plant flowers in large planters instead. Take a look at the picture above. You will achieve the same floral aesthetic, just in a different way. 

Place the prettiest and best-scented flowers at the entrance. Highlight the area with solar lights to make your gazebo noticeable at night, as well.

You can decorate your curb and walkway with flower beds, as well. Get the rest of my curb appeal ideas here!

Walk Me To My Garden Gazebo

Want to take a walk to my garden gazebo? Who would say no? I am amazed at how a stone walkway can make such a huge difference in one’s backyard.

This is one of those gazebo landscaping ideas where you say – why didn’t I think of this before? You won’t have to make any permanent changes to your gazebo. You only need to secure some pavers into the ground.

You will first need to plan out and design your stone walkway. Decide how long and wide you want your path to be. Do you want it to lead straight to your gazebo, or have some curvature to the shape

You can make a simple walkway from just a couple of pavers, or you can turn this into a full-on project with the help of this installation tutorial:

YouTube player

I would recommend you evaluate the condition of your backyard before you make any big changes to your lawn. A walkway may not cut it on its own! You may have to plant a flower bed around your gazebo and hide muddy lawn areas with river stones to make the whole landscaping come to life. 

Or Help Me Feed My Fishies

Fond of ponds? Who isn’t when they look this good? You, too, can give your garden a Japanese makeover like this one!

One thing I love about Japan is its koi fish ponds. I could spend hours sitting next to one and watching white, red, and black spotted fishes make their way around. I must admit that building a pond in your backyard is a hefty project that will require some time and resources from you. But the end results are well worth it!

Hire a professional to build you a fish pond running alongside your garden gazebo. You will get to lean over the railing of your gazebo, like on the balcony, and observe and feed your fish directly from above

Build A Classic Poolside

Everyone who loves to take an occasional dip in the swimming pool will love these gazebo design ideas. Having a swimming pool is already a benefit on its own. Add a gazebo next to it, and you’ve got yourself a winning combo.

A classic rectangular gazebo next to the swimming pool will instantly make your home an attraction. Your friends will love to hang around your house more than ever.

A solid-shaded structure with a shingled roof will shield you from the unbearable heat and unexpected summer downpours. You can run under your gazebo whenever you feel exhausted from the heat and swimming pool activities.

Or Put A Modern Twist On It

Don’t like the look of a traditional poolside gazebo? How about you put a modern twist on it? These new generation gazebos look sleek and futuristic.

Classic gazebos are not for everyone. You have to have a taste for traditional architecture and design to like them. And, if you have a modern house, you will have a hard time making any classical gazebo fit into the opposing theme. 

What I like about modern poolsides is that they are diverse in style and never boring. You can opt for an all-white structure that could be featured in a sci-fi movie. That black and white gazebo you see here could fit in any museum of modern art. Notice how the one featuring a wooden ceiling hasn’t fully given up on traditional style, though? 

Nonetheless, a modern poolside gazebo will give your home a whole new look and value. It will instantly expand your living space and make your swimming pool more enjoyable for your family and guests. 

Float Above The Water

Don’t like playing by the rules? This gazebo landscaping idea was made for you! I mean, why build a deck on solid ground when you can make it float above the water

We can both agree that these gazebo design ideas are absolutely stunning! It makes you wonder how something like this is even possible to build. Architecture sure has come a long way! A pool structure like this one will instantly transform your home and turn it into modern art

You may have noticed that these homeowners have turned their floating decks into full-on outdoor rooms. They are fully furnished, illuminated, and even equipped with the latest technology. You, too, can follow their example and make your deck an extension of your house. This applies to any type of deck, not just floating ones!

Meet Me At My Poolside Bar 

Swimming pools quickly get boring if the poolside area isn’t also inviting. Without a gazebo, a floating deck, or in this case, a poolside bar, your guest won’t have a place to hang around. You can spend only so much time in the water before you get over it. 

Having one of these socializing oases by the pool is a huge advantage. You will give your home an attractive place where you can accommodate your guests. They can comfortably sit on concrete stools submerged in water while you prepare the food and drinks for them. 

What I like the most about this idea is that you can customize it to your budget. As you can see, there isn’t a standard shape and design for a pool bar. If you can’t build a large one, you can simply install concrete stools at the bottom of the pool and make them run along one of the sides. Then, the edge of your pool can act as a bar. Pretty neat idea!

Ever Been To My Bali?

You don’t have to go across the world to get the Bali experience! You can get it in your own backyard by building one of these Bali-inspired gazebos. They look breathtaking!

You can’t recreate the Bali look without a water feature in your yard. If you already have a pond or a lake on your property, you can incorporate it into the design. If not, a simple water fountain placed near your existing gazebo can do the trick! Try it out! 

A square garden gazebo with a tall shingled roof will best fit this theme. If your backyard structure has a different shape to it, don’t worry! You can give it some Indonesian flair with furniture and decor

Get The Hot Tub You Always Wanted

Is there a better way to relax than in a hot tub? I don’t think so! I say treat yourself, and get yourself the jacuzzi you always wanted!

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on furniture sets and decor, you can simply invest in a jacuzzi. It will instantly transform your backyard. A jacuzzi will make your once boring garden gazebo the biggest attraction on your property. I guarantee you will have a hard time getting some alone time in the water!

Accommodate this idea to your budget. You can go all out, and install a jacuzzi directly into the tiled gazebo floor. Or, you can buy an inflatable hot tub and pair it with one of these hardtop gazebos from my review list. Make this a time and cost-effective project.  

If you don’t have a hedge or a high fence running around your backyard, you may have to enclose one or more sides of your gazebo with a panel wall. That’s the only way you will get some privacy from your neighbors. 

Or Build A Romantic Deck Gazebo

Does your wooden deck look kind of boring? Is it missing something? It may be missing a matching wooden gazebo

Did you know you could extend your wooden deck with a gazebo? Well, now you know! Instead of enclosing your deck with railing tell the carpenter you hired to build a hexagonal extension to the deck. He will later enclose the hexagonal podium with the railing and add support posts on top of it. All that is left to do is install the roof on top of the posts! 

I suggest you stick with the wood theme and build a simple bench in the gazebo, as well. Don’t crowd the tiny space with patio chairs. Place simple dining set out in the open instead. You can always put them under the roof when it starts raining. 

Let’s Roast Some Marshmallows 

Remember roasting marshmallows as a kid? Why not relive these moments again by building yourself a cozy gazebo fire pit?

This gazebo makeover requires more skill and attention than it may look like. You will most likely have to hire a professional to build a safe fire pit near your house unless you have the talent to do it yourself.

One thing is for sure! It is safer to build a fire pit out in the open than under the gazebo. Factors like the height of the ceiling, type of flooring, and ventilation can greatly impact safety. Find out here if you can have a gazebo with a fire pit inside.

Or Make A Brick Oven Pizza

Outdoor kitchen gazebo
Image credit:,

If you like to host dinners outside, then this is the perfect gazebo design idea for you. Catching up with friends is always better when good food is served!

Make your outdoor kitchen different and even better with a brick oven! A brick oven will bring a new flavor to your food! If you’ve ever had a brick oven pizza, you know what I am talking about.

Brick ovens are expensive and can cost well over 2,000$ when professionally installed. But you can slash the cost by half if you build one on your own. Clay and concrete ovens are even cheaper to build, averaging between 275$ and 350$.

This isn’t the simplest project to make, but it is well worth having! If you don’t have the budget for it, you can buy a stainless steel outdoor pizza oven instead. It is a great alternative! Don’t hesitate to turn your garden gazebo into an outdoor kitchen. You will make the best memories under that roof! 


What do you put around a gazebo?

Things that can be put around a gazebo are flower beds, shrubs, and vines. Plant flowers near the entrance and tall shrubs on the sides, where you want some privacy. Let the vines take over the railing! You can put decorative boulders and solar lights around your gazebo too!

Where should I put my gazebo in my garden?

You should put your gazebo at the end of the garden, so it is not in the way. Build it in the corner with the most amazing view or at the end of the avenue. Avoid placing it in high traffic areas, under trees, and too close to the house.

How do you make a gazebo look nice?

You make a gazebo look nice by hanging planters from the ceiling, growing vines around the railing, and planting flower beds around the structure. You can decorate the gazebo with a simple furniture set, curtains, and string lights, as well.

Gazebo Landscaping Ideas To Change Your Home  

It is safe to say that these gazebo landscaping ideas will change your home for the better. The best thing is you don’t have to build a fish pond or a swimming pool next to your gazebo to make it special. Even a simple flower bed can make your landscaping design more attractive.

At the end of the day, it is all about being creative and making the best of what you got. I have learned that even the most spectacular gazebo landscaping designs can be built on small budgets

I hope I have inspired you to try one of these gazebo design ideas! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to share this list with others.

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