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How To Clean Concrete Patio? Try These 5 Ways

To clean concrete patios, you can wash with vinegar and baking soda mix or specialty concrete cleaner. To get out rust stains, you’ll need oxalic acid and a pressure washer. Mildew stains come out with bleach and pressurized water. Lastly, you can remove grease stains with cornstarch and degreaser.

Are you looking for how to clean concrete patio? With just a few easy steps, you can transform a dirty space into the shining focal point of your outdoor living space. 

I know how important it is to keep your outdoor spaces spic and span. More than looking good, a clean concrete patio can give you peace of mind and prevent you from slipping. Therefore, I’ve put together this foolproof guide that you can follow. 

How To Clean Concrete Patio With Vinegar And Baking Soda

What You’ll Need

  • Two cups of white vinegar
  • One cup of baking soda
  • An outdoor broom
  • A garden hose
  • A sponge
  • A scrubbing brush
  • A bucket


  1. Sweep And Tidy The Patio

    Ensure that you remove all dirt, dust, leaves, and other organic material from your concrete patio. It is easiest to use a broom first and then hose down the concrete afterward. To make this part more manageable, I recommend opting for a no-kink garden hose.

  2. Mix Your Cleaning Solution

    If you want to clean concrete patio without harming grass, I recommend using this white vinegar and baking soda combination. Mix the two in your bucket and check that you have a thick consistency.Use your sponge to rub the solution over your concrete patio. Make sure that you cover the entire surface.

  3. Scrub The Patio

    Infograph on How To Clean Concrete Patio

    Let the solution sit for half an hour before you start scrubbing. Use your scrub brush and go over each section a few times. You may like to use one with a long handle if you want to avoid straining your back.

  4. Final Rinse

    Spray the surface clean with your hose or pressure washer. Make sure that you rinse all sections and allow them to dry completely before you step on the concrete again.

How To Clean Concrete Patio With Concrete Cleaner

What You’ll Need

  • Concrete cleaner solution
  • An outdoor broom
  • A garden hose
  • A sponge
  • A scrubbing brush
  • A bucket


Here’s how to clean a concrete patio with the concrete cleaner.

  1. Clear The Area

    Sweep the patio clean and remove any outdoor furniture or plants. You want the entire area exposed so that you can clean it properly.A child sweeping the patio with broomsticks

  2. Apply The Concrete Cleaner

    Read the instructions on your concrete cleaner packaging. You may need to dilute it or use it directly on your concrete patio. Follow these instructions and cover the entire area. You may need to let it sit for 30 minutes or longer.

  3. Scrub The Area

    Use your scrubbing brush and scrub the entire patio. Pay special attention to areas that are dirty or stained.

  4. Rinse And Dry

    Hose down the patio and make sure that you remove all the solution. Let it air dry before you use the space again.

How To Remove Rust Stains From Concrete Patio

What You’ll Need

  • Oxalic acid
  • A ventilator
  • Protective gloves 
  • A scrubbing brush
  • A pressure washer or garden hose
  • A broom


  1. Mix The Acid Solution

    Depending on the oxalic acid you buy, you will need to follow different steps to mix the solution. I recommend carefully reading the instructions that come with the product and taking safety precautions.

    Oxalic acid is hazardous, particularly to your respiratory system and skin. Therefore, I recommend using a ventilator, mixing the solution in a well-ventilated area, and covering your hands with gloves.

  2. Clear The Area

    Sweep any dust and dirt away from the stained areas. You want the stain to be as exposed as possible to apply the acid. You can use this method if you use metal outdoor patio furniture that has left rust stains on the concrete.
  3. Scrub

    Place the acid solution on top of the stains and start to scrub with your scrubbing brush. You may need to scrub hard to remove stubborn stains

  4. Rinse

    Use your hose or pressure cleaner to rinse the surface and remove the acid completely. For older stains, you may need to repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple of times. Let it dry before you touch the surface again.

How To Get Out Mildew Stains From Concrete Patio

What You’ll Need

  • Chlorine bleach
  • A spray bottle
  • Tap water
  • Old towels or rags
  • A scrubbing brush
  • Eye goggles
  • A pressure washer or a garden hose


  1. Protect Your Lawn And Yourself

    Protect Your Lawn And Yourself Bleach infographic large

    Bleach will kill your lawn and flowers if you allow the solution to make contact with them. If you have grass or garden close to your patio, I recommend covering the exposed areas completely with old towels.

    I also recommend covering your body in old clothes and protective gear. Bleach can stain your clothing so put on items that you’re not worried about damaging. You should also wear goggles or other eyewear in case of spillage.

  2. Prepare Your Bleach Solution

    Ensure that you choose chlorine bleach instead of oxygen bleach, or else you risk removing the stain but not killing the mildew spores. This means that it will keep coming back, and you will need to clean more frequently.

    Dilute the bleach by adding one part to two parts of tap water. Make enough so you can cover all the stains. Put your solution in a spray bottle, and take care not to shake it up until the lid is properly closed. Otherwise, you risk it spilling and harming your skin.

  1. Clear The Space

    Remove any items, like outdoor furniture, from your concrete patio. You may also like to sweep the area to remove any residual dust and dirt.

  2. Apply The Bleach Solution

    Use the spray bottle to cover the stains completely. For light stains, you may only need to leave it there for 5 minutes. However, older or heavier stains may require a full 30 minutes of exposure to remove them.

  3. Remove The Stains

    Use your scrubbing brush over the stains and work in the bleach solution. You may need to go over different sections a few times to get the stain out fully.

    You can rinse off the solution with your garden hose or pressure washer. If you accidentally got any bleach on your plants, make sure that you clean them off too.

    Let the patio dry thoroughly before walking on it or replacing your outdoor furniture. You can also use this method to clean a flagstone patio.

How To Get Grease Stains Out Of Concrete Patio

What You’ll Need

  • Degreaser
  • Cornstarch
  • A broom
  • A scrubbing brush
  • A hose or pressure washer


  1. Cover The Stains

    Smear a thick layer of cornstarch on top of the stains. Make sure you have at least one inch of the product covering them. Leave this on top for 1-3 days to absorb as much grease as possible. 

  2. Test The Stains

    Remove the cornstarch and check if the grease stain is gone. If it is still a heavy stain, cover it with cornstarch again for another day or two. If it is a lighter stain, spray or cover it with the degreaser. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes. 

  3. Scrub And Rinse

    Scrub the stain hard with your scrubbing brush until it fully lifts off. You can then rinse the surface with your hose and let it dry.


What Cleans Concrete Patio?

For mildly stained concrete patio areas, you can combine baking soda and liquid detergent or use a concrete cleaner solution and your garden hose to clean the surface. For more stubborn stains, a pressure washer can be a helpful tool to wash the cement.

Will Bleach Clean Concrete Patio?

You can use diluted bleach and water to clean a concrete patio. This solution can remove stains and also disinfect the surface. However, you should only use this mixture in a well-ventilated area because bleach can be harmful to your lungs.

Will Power Washing Clean Concrete Patio?

Using a power washer is one of the fastest and most effective ways to clean a concrete patio. The pressure of the washer can remove stubborn stains that you may struggle to get off by hand. It is also an excellent option if you need to clean large areas.

How To Clean Concrete Patio In No Time

By following the steps above, you can learn how to clean concrete patio either by hand or with a pressure washer. This is an essential skill to know so you can keep your outdoor space clean, hygienic, and an enjoyable place to spend time.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and share the article if you found it helpful. As always, if you have any further questions, please feel free to request more information.

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