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51 Awesome Indoor Herb Garden Ideas For Any Spaces

How amazing would it be if you had 24/7 access to fresh herbs every day? Pretty wonderful if you ask me!

As someone who enjoys cooking (and eating!), herbs are my culinary best friends. Nothing beats a meal made with fresh herbs, so I decided it’s time they move in. Yes, I created my very own indoor herb garden!

Today, I’ll be helping you do the same. Here are 51 indoor herb garden ideas for growing fresh herbs in any room.

Look Out The Window

Keepin’ It Simple

Herbs by the window in a rectangular box  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Is there a window in your kitchen? Then keeping things simple may be just what you need.

A rectangular pot to house your herbs can go a really long way. You can grow different herbs in the same pot, or just use as many ones as you want!

The pot you see in the picture has a minimalistic vibe. From the neutral color to the bold writing, it’s definitely a beauty.

No Hiding! 

Herbs in jars hung on a rod by the window  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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A window in any room can be a perfect host to your herbs. These plants add color and texture to any space, so why not make a statement while you’re at it?

I love these transparent pots. Not only do they work with lots of room decor, but they also show just how proud you are of your indoor garden. You’ll create an earthy feel since you’re not hiding the dirt. 

Go Big At Home

The thing about having a herb garden near a window is that you can work with the entire size of the window if you please. I mean, just look at this glorious herb garden!

If you need more space for your herbs, expanding vertically can be a handy solution if you’ve got a high window. You’ll need to build a couple more shelves, but you’ll get to grow more herbs in return.

Hangin’ Out

Vertical herb garden near a window on rods  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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So your window is above a sink and there’s no room to put any pots? No problem, just hang them!

What I particularly like about this layout is that it’s both practical and elegant. By hanging your herbs, you won’t have to deal with any accidents from knocking them over or having to move them for cleaning.

Moreover, you’ll be able to grow more herbs as you’ll have more space than if they were on the counter. Talk about a win-win situation.

Tie It Together 

Vertical herb garden near a window on a shelf  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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If you do decide on hanging your herbs in a window, do it in style. Of course, you can always go for the sleek wiring option, but if you’re feeling especially crafty, why not use rope?

Reconnect with your scouts days and make a firm knot with a strong rope. Besides looking cool, this is also pretty sturdy, so it can hold several herbs at once.

Herb Swing 

Another neat idea for setting up your herb garden near a window is to build horizontal shelves to house the pots. It looks like a mini swing, but for your herbs!

This picture is an excellent example of this kind of shelving layout. They even went the extra mile and matched the color of the boards with the window decor.

As you can see, there’s enough room for three pots per shelf, but you can make your own to house fewer or more herbs, depending on how much space you’re working with.

Think Smart

If you’re into the whole “indoor herb garden near a window” thing, it doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying a clear view as you look out of the window.

This is particularly awesome news for those who have only one or two windows in their home. You can simply make use of the sides of your window and stack some small pots vertically.

Blending In

An indoor herb garden can match the color scheme of your room if you want to achieve a sleek look. For example, when you’re hanging herb pots on the side of a window, you can pick a color to match their surroundings.

Just notice how these pots blend in with the all-white theme of the decor. Not only does this look polished, but the contrast with the green herbs adds a nice touch of nature.

Stay Close 

a ladder with rectagular wooden boxes containing herbs near a window  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Not all windows are suitable for a hanging herb garden or even a simple panel. No worries though, you can still have your herbs close to the window to benefit from the sunlight.  If it’s not possible, set up some growth lights near your pots.

All you need is to install a separate unit to hold the pots and park it near your window. You can either build your own, use a ladder similar to the picture, or buy a Garden Tower 2 to save effort and space by growing 50 plants in just 4 square feet!

Spice Up Your Kitchen 

Straight To The Point

Small Herb Garden in the kitchen near a window  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Sometimes it’s best to place your herbs in an easy-to-reach spot in your kitchen, especially if you don’t have a lot of time when you’re cooking.

In this case, simple pots make a fantastic solution for straightforward storage, just like the ones in the picture – short and sweet.

On The Move 

Small Herb Garden in the kitchen on the countertop  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Those pots we just talked about are also very practical. They make it easier for you to place the herbs just about anywhere you want in the kitchen. You can keep them on a window or on the counter close by.

They won’t take much room, as they usually come in compact designs to maximize space efficiency.

Recycle, Recycle

Small Herb Garden in jars in the kitchen on the countertop  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Going green in your kitchen can be a whole movement that goes beyond growing indoor herbs. You can easily find empty containers lying around that you can reuse as pots for your plants.

A really cute idea is whipping out a few old glass jars and using them as homes for your herbs. Being transparent, they’ll add a fun, earthy look to liven up your counter space.

Space Planning 

Even if your kitchen doesn’t offer much room to fit herb pots, there are still places in the kitchen that you can make use of. You just need to look carefully, that’s all.

I’m so loving what they did in this picture and I think it’s pretty clever. If you pay close attention, you’ll see they’re actually hanging the jars on the side panel of a cabinet near the window. They even played with colors to compliment the scheme of the room.

Cabinet Fun

Small Vertical Herb Garden in jars by the kitchen window  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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One of the best herb garden ideas in the kitchen is to use cabinets to save counter space if your kitchen isn’t exactly roomy. As you can see, this is similar to the idea above, but with more pots.

These folks recycled empty glass jars and fixed them to the side panel of their cabinet. The final result has a rustic, chic look that’s simply gorgeous. That’s how you hit two birds with one stone!

Just Wing It

Once you decide to create an indoor herb garden right in your kitchen, you may find yourself having to work with whatever space you can get. This is especially true if you only have one window.

This means you might have to combine different ideas into a single layout to make the most of the room you have. In this picture, you can see some pots are hanging, while others are simply put on the windowsill.

Join The Club

If you’re serious about having a herb garden in your kitchen and you plan on keeping it for a long time, you may want to consider dedicating a whole section of your wall to the herbs.

The kitchen in this picture features an indoor herb garden right next to the cabinets, taking up as much space as possible. They did this elegantly with a classy white porcelain finish.

Extra Mile

Big Vertical Herb Garden in the kitchen near a window  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Now if you’re really serious about your indoor herb garden, you might as well give it its own corner with a huge window to illuminate the entire garden!
They did such a fine job in this picture, so feel free to get inspired. As you can see, there are many herb containers spread along the shelves, with large glass windows to provide the required sunlight.

Safe In A Pocket

herbs planted in platic pockets attached to the wall  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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When it comes to herb garden ideas in the kitchen, practicality goes a long way. With the right vision and tools, you can actually create an extensive garden in the most limited of spaces.

Just take a look at this brilliant layout of an herb garden. This is basically two ready-made pocketed cloth panels placed side by side, full of plant pots. It’s smart, handy, and most definitely unique.

Nailed In Place

herbs planted in jars and attached to wooden planks on the wall  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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One option that’s almost always available as a great indoor garden idea is to nail a couple of boards to a wall in your kitchen and then fasten herb garden containers on these boards.

This picture demonstrates a simple yet effective way to get this done using two wooden boards and a few glass jars. The word decor is a nice touch to transform the garden into a focal point.

Green Walls

Back To The Basics

herbs planted in jars and attached to wooden planks on the wall  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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When I hear the words “indoor wall herb garden“, wooden planks are the first thing that comes to mind. They’re the easiest way to build an herb garden inside your house without having to take up too much space.

In this picture, we can see a basic interpretation of this concept in which a couple of wooden boards are nailed next to each other with herb garden containers stuck onto them.

I particularly appreciate that they did this vertically to make use of the entire wall space.

Wood With A Twist

herbs planted in metal pots and attached to wooden planks on the wall  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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This is a play on the wooden board idea for the artistic folks out there. What makes this unit special is the asymmetry of the wooden planks to make it look rustic and more natural.

The “right out of the forest” vibe is a terrific addition to rooms with minimalistic decor. The use of old-school tin containers boosts the earthy, vintage vibe of this indoor garden. 

Organized Beauty

If you’re a fan of clean lines and organized scenes, you’re in for a treat! Contrary to popular belief, having an indoor garden doesn’t have to look messy or all over the place.

This picture is “living” proof of what I’m saying. Take note of how tidy and organized this indoor wall herb garden is. You just need to hang a few metal bars and you’re good to add as many tin pots as you please!

Mix And Match 

Don’t forget that there are no set rules for you to follow when you’re building your indoor herb garden, which means you’re free to tailor it depending on your specific needs.

You can clearly see this in the picture where the indoor garden layout contains different shapes and sizes of plant containers. Similarly, you can mix and match pots to create your unique pattern!

Practical Squares

herbs planted in metal pots hanging on metal frames attached to the wall  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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If you’re on the hunt for a practical approach to build a versatile indoor herb garden, this idea is for you.

To make this happen, you’ll need to install thin metal bars in alternating directions to create squares as shown in the picture. If you’re not exactly handy, you can search for a similar already made panel and simply buy it.

The reason this is so practical is that you can hang as many herb garden containers as you need, or remove some of them when not in use.

Slopes Of Green

A herb garden container comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, even ones that are quite unusual. 

The sloped containers in this picture are a good example of these unconventional shapes and they’re pretty darn cool! Notice how they’re made of wood to match the background wall and tie the whole scene together.

Herbs Extravaganza

Herb wall shelves with attractive wooden boxes  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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This incredible setup is definitely not for the weak! Such an extravagant layout is more suitable for large households and kitchens where a lot of cooking is happening.

The herb containers themselves have a modern pattern, complete with carved out stripes for a sleek finish. 

For this kind of indoor wall herb garden, you’ll need to give up a substantial portion of wall space, so be sure to take that into consideration.

Stocked Up

Herb wall shelves  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Here’s another nifty idea for an indoor wall herb garden. Instead of building a couple of shelves or hanging several pots, how about you build an entire wall to function as a living kitchen salad!

This magnificent indoor garden can house a wide array of fresh herbs, from mint, parsley, and coriander (cilantro) to all the way to lettuce and other vegetables. Not only will you have dozens of fresh plants for cooking whenever you want, but you’ll also be making a bold statement with a wall full of herbs.

Up You Go

Minimalist Dream

Vertical Herb Garden on shelves  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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When you’re in need of some room to grow herbs inside the house, making use of vertical space can be an excellent solution to set up your indoor garden.

As you can see in this picture, a hanging herb garden is a convenient way to do this without having to nail shelves onto a wall. I really like the combination of wood and white pots, as it perfectly complements the minimalist theme.

Practical Solution

Vertical Herb Garden on shelves  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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This is another practical version of a vertical herb garden that requires a bar like the one we use for curtains. Instead of fastening shelves directly to the wall, they used thick ropes and tied several knots to take on the weight of the pots.

They made their shelves to fit four containers each, but you can add or remove slots to house as many herb pots as you want. I also like the traditional color of the clay pots.

Floating Approach 

A vertical garden with pretty pots with the herb names written on them  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Most of the indoor gardens on this list allow you to move the pots around, but this particular layout is a built-in approach that looks incredibly crafty, to say the least!

If you examine this picture closely, you’ll see how the pots are sort of “woven” into the wooden planks, creating an illusion of floating herbs. Imagine setting up this unique garden indoors – so futuristic!

Tray Service 

Small vertical herb garden on the table  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Do you know those multi-level trays that caterers use for serving cupcakes and other treats? Well, how about you load them with herb pots instead?

Yes, you can actually do this and it looks good! This picture shows a three-tiered tray made out of wood, topped with authentic clay pots to bring together the earthy vibe.

String Decor

Small vertical herb garden hanging from the ceiling  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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For home decor enthusiasts looking to grow indoor herbs in style, here’s a way for you to combine the best of both worlds!

This picture demonstrates how you can incorporate the hanging concept to build a dangling indoor garden. As you can see, this hanging herb garden uses several planters with hooks to attach each one to the next via bars underneath. 

This particular layout doesn’t need a wall to mount, which adds flexibility as to where you can set up your indoor garden.

Ideas For Pots And Containers

Less Is More

Pretty pots with the herb names written on them  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Personally, I appreciate it when a design is straightforward yet elegant at the same time. If you share the same opinion, you’re going to love these pots.

Sporting a “less is more” theme, these white pots are the image of vintage simplicity. The painted terracotta pots come with small plates to catch the water and faded black labels for a cozy feel.

Fun With Patterns 

Pretty pots with the herb names written on them  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Of course, you don’t have to go with solid colors and clean lines for your herb containers. It’s your garden after all, so it should reflect your unique taste, no matter what!

In this image, for example, they used two shades of brown to add some playfulness to the scene. The labels are also written in a stylish font, complete with fun patterns like dots and zigzags to warm up the indoor garden aesthetic.

Outside The Pot

A farmhouse style utencil caddy can be used for different herbs  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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I’m all for reusing items from around the house when it comes to building a small herb garden. I mean, repurposing old containers to grow plants saves you money and ultimately saves the environment from waste.

So think outside the box and have a look for forgotten containers lying around that you could use for herbs. For example, a utensil caddy can hold several types of herbs in one place for extra convenience.

Rainbow Theme

Colorful plastic pots with herbs placed on small shelf  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Your herb garden containers don’t have to blend in with your surrounding color scheme. Instead, you can use contrasting colors to draw attention to your indoor garden as a centerpiece.

Look at how they managed to transform a small herb garden into an eye-catching corner just by putting together a rainbow-themed set of pots. The stand itself was kept white to really let the colors of the herb containers pop.

All In One!

A minimalistic cement pot for herbs  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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If you don’t have much room to set up a separate pot for each of your herbs, don’t worry! You can still create your indoor garden using only one pot.

You just need a larger pot and a number of herbs that are somewhat similar to one another. This way, it’ll be easier for you to grow them since they thrive in the same conditions. In this picture, you can see a beautiful rustic pot used to house five herbs.

Pendulum Herb Toy

Pendulum toys make for an intriguing piece of office and home decor, so how about trading the traditional metal balls with pots for your herbs?

Yes, you can actually do this – just look at this picture! Notice how the light bulb-shaped pots are each hung with a separate rope. The whole piece has a modern, chic vibe that’s downright pretty!

DIY Herb Pots

Carton Pots

If you want to get involved in every step of creating an indoor herb garden, it’s time to summon your DIY skills.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your own herb pots is by using a milk or juice carton box. Keep the lid on, cut one side of the carton to make room for the herbs to grow, and voila! You got yourself an herb pot.

Tin Pots

Tins are another type of container that’s perfect for housing herbs. They’re durable, easy to clean, and you won’t have to make any adjustments to fit your plants.

Here, we can see a lovely assortment of vintage tea tins (tea lovers, you know what I’m talking about!), arranged and loaded with various herbs. The best thing about these DIY pots is that you literally just need to pop off the lids and you’re good to go!

Glass Pots

Small DIY herb garden planted in tall glass jars on the table #diy #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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There’s no way we’re going to make a list of DIY herb gardens and not pay tribute to more glass jars! There’s a reason why these jars are the oldest trick in the book when it comes to homemade plant pots — they’re simple, effective, and hassle-free.

Just keep a few empty glass jars after you’re done with whatever was inside, then use them as pots whenever you please. You can print your own labels for a “pro” touch.

Plastic Pots

DIY vertical heb garden made of old plastic bottles that are reused as pots #diy #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Plastic bottles are popular among DIY enthusiasts who are also trying to be environmentally friendly. Besides being extremely easy to work with, plastic bottles are also pretty cheap, versatile, and readily available.

In this particular image, they used only the top section of the bottles to mimic what a conical pot would look like. Then, they vertically mounted the plastic pots onto a wooden plank to make use of the wall space.

Getting Creative With Your Indoor Garden

Tin Bouquet 

Small herb garden planted in tin jars on your dining table #diy #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
Image credit:

Who knew that old, rusty tin cans would make such a gorgeous indoor herb garden? From the way the cans are arranged to the cute red ribbon that ties them together, I absolutely love everything about this herb garden.

Let’s not forget about the tray on which they’re placed. These folks used a clay tray filled with stones to create an earthy yet polished look.

Herb Cups

Although it may sound like I’m suggesting you make some kind of herbal drink, that’s not what I mean! I’m talking about turning old or new cups and glasses into pots for your indoor garden.

This idea opens up unlimited possibilities when it comes to the colors and patterns of your pots, so it’s an ideal chance for artistic folks to go crazy! It also enables you to find just about any shape or size you need to suit certain herbs, so definitely a big plus here.

Tea Time

herbs planted in cups on the table  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Planting an indoor herb garden can be the excuse you need to finally use those vintage teacups you bought on sale last summer (or have been holding onto for too long than you’d like to admit)!

All you have to do is whip out these bad boys and load them with the potting mixture to grow your herbs. Don’t forget to pair the cups with their plates to complete the retro look.


Don’t worry, this picture wasn’t perfectly timed just as the pots were falling, they’re actually made to stay this way. Talk about creativity huh?

So how can you build your own tower of titled pots? Well, if you look closely enough, you’ll notice there’s actually a pole on which the pots are fixed. This trick lets you mount the herb pots like a zigzag without worrying about them falling over.

Swimming With Pets

herbs planted in am aquarium  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
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Got some pet fish? What if I told you could create an indoor garden that keeps your swimming pets company? Sounds cool? Well, it looks even cooler!

What you see in this picture is called an aquaponic system. It’s when you combine animals and plants in a water environment that benefits both parties. It’s not that complicated to achieve, and makes for a fascinating conversation starter!

Go Soilless!

herbs planted in am aquarium #diy #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
Image credit:

One of the most creative ways to grow a small herb garden indoors is to go the hydroponic route. This method of planting requires no soil. That’s right, you just need to make sure your herbs are never without water, as simple as that!

If you already have a large glass jar taking up valuable space, a hydroponic garden is a perfect solution to make use of it. Don’t forget to check that the jar is big enough to fit such a system.

Blackboard Garden

herb shelves attached to a blackboard #diy #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
Image credit:

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more creative, someone whipped out their old blackboard and built this sweet indoor herb garden. However, they didn’t stop there.

As you can see in this picture, they used gutters to house the herbs since they make for spacious plant pots. To do the same, securely attach gutters to a blackboard with nails. As a final touch, you can write the names of the herbs with chalk on the board.

Herbs On Wheels

A wheeled vertical shelf with herbs in ports and gardening tools  #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening
Image credit:

Last but not least, this last idea doesn’t require a wall, some shelves, ropes, nails, or any of this stuff. The only things you need are plant pots and a tray cart.

This kind of cart is usually used as a movable bar, but today, it’s going to be your portable indoor garden! Being movable, you get the freedom to locate the garden wherever you see fit at a certain time.

For example, you can keep your herbs near a window during the day and move it away to free up space at night.

Indoor Herb Garden – FAQs

How Often To Water Indoor Herbs?

Ideally, you should water your indoor herbs two or three times per week, depending on the moisture level in your house. In general, there’s no need to water indoor herbs daily unless it’s too hot or the humidity level in your home is too low.

When To Plant Indoor Herbs?

You can plant indoor herbs any time throughout the year! Indoor herbs thrive in the same temperature range that most people prefer, about 65°F to 70°F. However, many cooks grow their herbs inside during the winter, as it becomes too cold or too wet for them outside.

How To Fertilize Indoor Herbs?

Typically, indoor herbs just need a water-soluble all-natural organic fertilizer that you can mix in with potting soil before planting. It’s best to fertilize your herbs at the beginning of their growth cycle to ensure maximum beneficial effects.

Make sure you apply whatever fertilizer you choose at ¼ of the recommended rate on the package because the standard fertilizer ratio is too concentrated for potted plants.

Final Thoughts On Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

That’s a wrap, people! I had so much fun researching and putting together this list of indoor herb garden ideas. I hope you enjoyed going through them and are inspired as much as I am!

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts, so leave a comment down below! Also, feel free to share the article if you liked it!

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