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ABCCanopy reviews: Why Choose This Canopy? Plus 3 Alternative Canopies

It’s no easy job throwing together an outdoor gathering. Even small family get-togethers can cause a little head-scratching. Aside from the endless preparation, there are a few unknown factors that are liable to cause a twinge of anxiety in even the most confident of hosts. 

Chief amongst those little nagging worries is the good old North American weather. Will it rain? Will we all be scorched pink by a random, blistering heatwave?

Probably not, if we are honest, but why leave it to chance? Better to throw up a great-quality, sturdy and reliable canopy instead, and that is the point of this post. I recently had the opportunity to test a good quality canopy after suggesting a few brands and products to a friend of mine, who settled on the ABC Pop Up Canopy. 

Having spent the weekend visiting, I seized the moment and gave it a pretty thorough inspection. The end result is this review, and if you are thinking of buying an ABC Canopy tent, I am pretty sure this will aid your decision. 

Long story short – I like it, so does my friend, and I think you will too. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

ABC Canopies – What Are They?

ABC Canopy is a European-founded company who have become popular in the USA as a direct-to-consumer brand. No middleman, basically. As a result of this popularity, they manufacture all American market products in a dedicated 23,000 sqm factory over here, supplying products to homes and businesses in all 52 states.

As a specialist gazebo, canopy, tent, and parasol business, the standards at ABC Canopy company seem quite high, with attention to detail rarely afforded to this kind of product. That is partly why I was drawn to them in the first place: there seems to be a deluge of cheap imported canopies into America right now, with many canopies, awnings, and parasols barely making it through a couple of seasons.

My criteria were pretty simple, really. Find a canopy supplier who won’t break the bank but will provide something worthy of lasting at least a decade of good use, if not more. It was this criterion that led me toward ABC Canopies.

The other main thing that attracted me to ABC Canopies is that they specialize in this kind of shelter and nothing else. Large retailers often buy canopies and parasols wholesale from far-flung suppliers, promoting really quite cheap and nasty products but dressing them up with interesting sales blurbs and catchy points of sale. With ABC Canopies, you get the sense of buying something from an expert canopy maker., direct from the manufacturer.

Customer service seems on point, also. I put in a test call falsely stating that two clips had broken. Without question, they offered to send some out directly, without even questioning where I purchased the canopy. I don’t know if that is the standard response or simply because I charmed them a little, but either way, it was impressive.

ABCCANOPY Pop up Canopy Tent

My friend went for their pop-up canopy product, as he wanted something easy to set up for occasional use without spending too long taking it down and storing away. The pop-up delivers quite well – it took me just a few minutes to take it down and then a few more minutes to erect it once again, and I should note I did so on my own, without any help.

The pop-up would serve both personal and commercial use, as far as I can tell. In terms of personal use, the only factors worth considering are robust materials capable of withstanding all weather conditions, and with its thick, robust canvas and strong poles, it will easily do that. 

For commercial use, given the fact the canopy is going to be constantly erected and stowed away, strong connection points and hinges would likely be the main factor, and the pop-up delivers on those counts also.

The ABC Canopy can be helpful in a variety of different situations.

So, a variety of events are covered with the ABC Canopy Pop-Up, from birthdays, and garage sales, through BBQs and cookouts – in addition to commercial use for trade shows and events. There is no reason the Pop-Up couldn’t be used for both scenarios, as far as I can tell.

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Pros & Cons

Those of you who are familiar with my reviews (which now include some further ABC Canopy reviews) will know I rarely hold back in assessing the possible limitations and pitfalls of a product. In this case, I am struggling a little, to be honest! The Pop-Up delivers exactly as promised, and with very few possible points of failure, it is difficult to arrive at the cons here, but there is something worth noting, which we will get to. But first, let’s take a look at the positives.


  • Easy to erect: The Pop-Up takes very little effort to throw together. Just unpack the product, which is almost concertinaed together nice and tight. Pull it open, and stand. Very simple to use and can be put together by one person – although two would be ideal.
  • Intermittent use: This is a great canopy for occasional use as it stows away so easily. It takes minutes to take down, and owing to the clever design, no room is wasted in packing it together.
  • Portable: The Pop-Up is quite light, also. This is a canopy that travels very well, as it is so easy to transport in the back of a roomy vehicle.
  • Robust: The thick canvas will stand up to the harshest of sunny days.
  • Carry case: You do not see this too often with canopies – but the Pop-Up actually has a really nice carry case with wheels.
  • Wide area of use: Covers up to four tables or three beach chairs.
  • Stable: Comes with stakes and ropes to add some extra stability.


  • Large size: The first point of contention might be the size. The ABC Canopy Pop-Up is quite large at 10ft x 10ft, so an adequately sized yard or garden will be required. Otherwise, the canopy might be a little obtrusive and dominating. 
  • Large surface area: Water can build up on the top if weather conditions are bad, owing to the size of the canopy. That’s easy enough to deal with, however, but worth noting.
  • Walls: The product doesn’t ship with canopy walls, although these can be purchased separately if needed. 

Something else worth noting: Remember, this is just a Pop-Up canopy and not designed for permanent use. If you live somewhere the wind can be very high, you may have to look at ways to support the canopy additionally.

That said, it is a pretty great canopy and is worthy of consideration if space isn’t a problem and you don’t live in an area known for frequent strong winds. Obviously, be careful here and make sure you have enough space to use the Pop-Up without completely taking over your yard space.

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Features & Benefits

One of the top features to point out in the ABC Canopy review is the fabric that covers the canopy itself. This is a heavy-duty material with a strong silver coating. The design is almost quite scientific, as explained in this post and also in this article

The silver coating basically has additional strength and sun reflection properties. In addition to being 100% waterproof, it also has a UPF of over 50, meaning it is good for keeping the harmful sun’s rays to a minimum too. Some people have struggled with this product if there is a lot of rain as it may get in through the sides, but generally, a normal amount of rain won’t be an issue.

The setup is another great feature here.  Though you may need two people to do it, you can get this out of its bag and totally set up in a matter of a few minutes. Our blog post on this subject looks at 10×10 canopies in general and addresses the question of set-up requirements very well.

The frame relies on push-button technology to open up the frame quickly and without hassle. The canopy itself has strong Velcro fastening to keep it flush with the frame very comfortably. 

The wheeled bag and transportation are another plus – that’s actually quite a unique aspect of this product and one rarely seen with canopy products. I like that feature quite a lot, actually.

Easy transportation ensures hassle-free maneuverability for vacations and day trips. The frame weighs in at 40 lbs, which is not a huge weight to roll to any destination.

I quite like the accessory pack, containing a set of sandbags, ropes, and stakes, both full ABC Canopy sidewalls and half-design sidewalls, and of course, the carrying bag.

The following video shows how the canopy looks, gives an idea of the size and even shows the materials it is made of. This helps give our ABC canopy review a little extra context.

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ABCCANOPY Reviews: Social Proof

We’ve scoured the internet for some further proof of what people think about the ABC Canopy.

Here are  some positive things people had to say about the product and provide further feedback from people who are using this canopy for a variety of different tasks.

Alternative Products

Here, we present for you a few alternatives to the main product we have just reviewed.

Coleman Instant Canopy, 7 x 5 Feet

This is a product which is similar but has a few distinct differences. Not only is it smaller and easy for shorter people to set up, but it is also lightweight and arguably a bit more portable.

The Coleman instant canopy has more of a camping market than a commercial one, mainly due to the size. It is good for relaxing as a family underneath but may not be as good for trade shows, for instance. If you are looking for something smaller than the Coleman could be worth considering.

Key differences:

  • More compact at only 7×5 feet.
  • Cheaper than the ABC Canopy, partially due to size.
  • Also has a carry bag for simple transportation.

If 7×5 feet is enough coverage for you and you want simple and small from your canopy, check this model out here.

Eurmax 10 x 10 Pop up Canopy

The Eurmax has some very similar features to the ABC Canopy and is exactly the same size in terms of coverage at 10 ft x 10 ft. It does have a few differences which may make it more appealing, depending on your needs.

This canopy has a slightly more sturdy frame, which can be tougher to transport but also gives a bit more of a rigid structure. It is also on the more expensive end of the market which can be off-putting.

Key differences:

  • More sun protection at 99+ UPF.
  • Brushed steel frame which is more solid and rigid.
  • Harder to transport than the ABC Canopy.
  • More expensive.
  • Has zippered sidewalls instead of solid ones.

If you need something a little more sturdy and don’t mind carrying it around, check out the Eurmax here.

ABCCANOPY (18+Colors) 8ft by 8ft Ez Pop up Canopy Tent

I wanted to include an alternative which is made by the same brand!

To show that their range is relatively large, we have included the 8 ft by 8 ft Ez Pop up, which is almost identical to the 10 ft x 10 ft. It ships with Canopy walls and the only key difference is the fact that it is smaller in size, giving a different option to the customer for whom 10 ft may be too much.

If you like the design of the ABC Canopy and the features offered, but don’t need 100 square feet of coverage, check out the 8 ft by 8 ft EZ Pop up here.


After using the ABC Pop-Up Canopy, I can say with full confidence that it gets my seal of approval. The main issue with canopies these days is the reduction of quality over the decade or so, owing to cheap imports. After the test I have done, including setting up the canopy, taking it down, and checking for all round robustness and build quality, I am confident in recommending this for both home and commercial use.

The ABC Pop-Up Canopy is waterproof, easy to transport, and has decent sun protection, making it a viable option for you to use in the garden or out and about at events, or just take to the beach or on your next camping trip.

To judge if this product is for you, check out the ABC Canopy reviews for consumer feedback and general opinion. You can find the ABC Canopy reviews here.

To go straight to the product, you can find the ABC Canopy 10×10 right here .

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