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ABCCanopy reviews: Why Choose This Canopy? Plus 3 Alternative Canopies

Are you looking for a canopy to offer protection at a garden party or another event? Keeping your guests dry or even your food protected can be a challenge.

A friend of mine recently found themselves needing canopies for an outdoor event and hadn’t heard of the ABC Canopy brand. They knew there was a risk of rain or other challenging weather, but took the plunge and bought this product.

Our ABCCanopy review shows how this product did at keeping them covered.

Presenting The Brand

The ABC Canopy company is based in the USA. Their website can be found here.

Not many other companies can offer this level of detail and knowledge on this particular subject. The brand has a huge range of products that utilize canopies. As well as actual standalone canopies they manufacture gazebos, tents, parasols and more. They know the industry well.

A lot of companies selling Canopies do not necessarily manufacture them, they may be imported, or simply bought it as a part of a larger range. For instance, a DIY brand may want to offer a canopy as part of an outdoor range, and buy some in wholesale. With ABC Canopy you know that the company is all about this specific product.

As a result of this level of specialism, ABC Canopy parts are also relatively easy to source. If something were to break, or even if you want to add additional walls, you can contact the customer service of the brand for help.

Their products are manufactured in their own US factory of 23,000 square meters. The brand’s ‘About Us’ section of their website says that this allows them to cut out the middleman and “control the quality of each product rigorously”.

ABCCanopy isn’t totally without any flaws, and not all of their products are 100% perfect. However, dedicated customer service is a big plus point, as well as the fact they are focused on making purely canopy related outdoor products.

ABCCANOPY Pop up Canopy Tent

The ABCCanopy pop-up canopy is designed to protect whatever is underneath it!

This is often people at gatherings and events, but can also be other items such as goods someone is selling at an event. This canopy also offers protection for food that you may be serving, whether commercially or just to friends and family at a gathering. It is designed to protect from extreme conditions whether sun or rain!

The ABC Canopy can be helpful in a variety of different situations.

Any kind of backyard event can make use of some form of cover, whether the weather is fine or rainy. These events can vary from the birthdays of children and grandchildren to garage sales, BBQs and other cookouts.

The shade can be useful for a lot of different things besides events.

Even if you just want to eat a meal outdoors or relax without worrying about rain or sunburn, this canopy can give the shade needed for any period of time spent outdoors, and the pop-up nature of it means it isn’t too difficult to put it up and take down. You could even put it up to protect you while gardening!

In some scenarios, it can be useful as a sellers tent or for use at an event where you are acting as a vendor or some form of a supplier. The canopy has enough protection and durability to be useful for commercial purposes.

ABC canopy reviews: White Canopy with poms decoration

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Buying Considerations

Before making the choice of which Canopy to buy, or whether ABCCANOPY reviews have enough to show that the product is worth getting, you should take into account certain considerations about the space you have and your own requirements.

Think about where you will be putting your canopy.

The ABCCANOPY is 10ft x 10ft, which isn’t small. Even though it pops up and is pretty simple to pack down, you should think about whether or not you have room for it once it is up. Will this be the correct size? It is worth marking out a 10 ft x 10 ft space in your backyard to see the dimensions this will be.

Think about whether the portability of the canopy will also be useful!

It packs up into a bag which can be wheeled to your destination and even fits in most vehicles easily. People often use pop up canopies such as this to take to the beach for shelter or even to use at flea markets.

Weather conditions should be considered.

Though the ABC Canopy has been built for both sun and rain, it is a pop-up canopy and can only do so much. If you live somewhere the wind can be very high, you may have to look at ways to additionally support the canopy.

ABC canopy reviews: Orange Canopy

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  • Valuable sun protection from the heavy-duty fabric, meaning less chance of burns.
  • Pop-up design can be assembled by two people quickly.
  • Can be transported in its own carry case which even has wheels.
  • Covers up to four tables or three beach chairs.
  • Comes with stakes and ropes to add some extra stability.


  • Water can build up on the top if weather conditions are bad.
  • Frame can struggle in windy conditions.
  • Screws could be slightly better quality and may need extra support.
  • Doesn’t ship with canopy walls, but these can be bought.

Features & Benefits

One of the top features to point out in the ABC Canopy review is the fabric which covers the canopy itself.

This is a heavy duty material with a silver coating as explained scientifically in this article and in this one as well.

This provides additional strength. It is not only 100% waterproof but it has UPF of over 50, meaning it is good for keeping the harmful sun’s rays to a minimum too. Some people have struggled with this product if there is a lot of rain as it may get in through the sides, but generally, a normal amount of rain won’t be an issue.

The set up is another big positive.

Though you may need two people to do it, you can get this out of its bag and totally set up in a matter of a few minutes if done right. According to A Nest With A Yard, all 10×10 canopies are easy to use and this model is not an exception.

The frame relies on push-button technology to simply open up the frame. The canopy itself has strong Velcro fastening to keep it flush to the frame. 

The wheeled bag and transportation is another plus.

If you’re looking to take your canopy to events or to the beach, for instance, you can ensure it gets there safely and relatively easily. The frame weighs in at 40 lbs, which is not a huge weight to roll to any destination.

The accessories ship with the ABC Canopy, so you will get a set of sandbags, ropes and stakes, both full sidewalls and half-design sidewalls, and of course the carrying bag.

The following video shows how the Canopy looks, gives an idea of size, and even shows the materials it is made of. This helps give our ABC canopy review a little extra context. 

ABCCANOPY Reviews: Social Proof

We’ve scoured the internet for some further proof of what people think about the ABC Canopy.

Here are  some positive things people had to say about the product and provide further feedback from people who are using this canopy for a variety of different tasks.

Alternative Products

Here, we present for you a few alternatives to the main product we have just reviewed.

Coleman Instant Canopy, 7 x 5 Feet

This is a product which is similar but has a few distinct differences. Not only is it smaller and easy for shorter people to set up, but it is also lightweight and arguably a bit more portable.

The Coleman instant canopy has more of a camping market than a commercial one, mainly due to the size. It is good for relaxing as a family underneath but may not be as good for trade shows, for instance. If you are looking for something smaller than the Coleman could be worth considering.

Key differences:

  • More compact at only 7×5 feet.
  • Cheaper than the ABC Canopy, partially due to size.
  • Also has a carry bag for simple transportation.

If 7×5 feet is enough coverage for you and you want simple and small from your canopy, check this model out here.

Eurmax 10 x 10 Pop up Canopy

The Eurmax has some very similar features to the ABC Canopy and is exactly the same size in terms of coverage at 10 ft x 10 ft. It does have a few differences which may make it more appealing, depending on your needs.

This canopy has a slightly more sturdy frame, which can be tougher to transport but also gives a bit more of a rigid structure. It is also on the more expensive end of the market which can be off-putting.

Key differences:

  • More sun protection at 99+ UPF.
  • Brushed steel frame which is more solid and rigid.
  • Harder to transport than the ABC Canopy.
  • More expensive.
  • Has zippered sidewalls instead of solid ones.

If you need something a little more sturdy and don’t mind carrying it around, check out the Eurmax here.

ABCCANOPY (18+Colors) 8ft by 8ft Ez Pop up Canopy Tent

We wanted to include an alternative which is made by the same brand!

To show that their range is relatively large, we have included the 8 ft by 8 ft Ez Pop up, which is almost identical to the 10 ft x 10 ft. It ships with Canopy walls and the only key difference is the fact that it is smaller in size, giving a different option to the customer for whom 10 ft may be too much.

If you like the design of the ABC Canopy and the features offered, but don’t need 100 square feet of coverage, check out the 8 ft by 8 ft EZ Pop up here.


If you are on the lookout for a canopy to protect either your family and friends or your goods at an event, looking through reviews and ratings such as our ABCCANOPY reviews can help narrow down your choices and find one suitable for you.

This product is waterproof, easy-to-transport and has decent sun protection, making it a viable option for you to use in the garden or out and about at events or just taking to the beach or on your next camping trip. This canopy means that come rain or shine you can stay protected from the environment if you need to.

To see if this product is for you, check the consumer reviews and further information, you can find the ABC Canopy here .

Still do not think this canopy is what you are looking for? Check our other canopy reviewshere

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