11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas

A quick glance at any house design show will reveal that the majority of women (and plenty of men) are super-excited by the potential of a walk-in closet.

If you’re one of them, check out this article which is packed full of ideas to help you to present this important room with the maximum style and elegance.

#1 Pure white, pure elegance

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Beach Style Closet

Image credit: cocodsgn.com

White is a classic and popular choice for walk-in closets with good reason. The purity of white offers a calming and uncluttered backdrop that lets your clothes and accessories shine. If your closet is on the small side, the refractive qualities of white, especially when paired with mirrors, will bounce the light around and make the space seem larger.

Adding touches of on-trend beach style with shutter details and a few carefully chosen pictures will ensure your closet feels tranquil rather than clinical.  Explore the look at cocodsgn.com.

#2 Go regal with golden tones 

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Masterful Master Suite

Image credit: deringhall.com

Warm elegance with a regal touch goes hand in hand with rich creamy tones and opulent golden accents. Create a walk-in closet just right for a modern princess by choosing ivory or cream cabinetry and pick out handles and frames in mellow gold. Add lots of mirrors, a statement crystal chandelier, and highlight decorative details such as raised panels and archways with gilding. Find ways to bring the look to life at deringhall.com.

#3 Light me up 

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Contemporary Closet

Image credit: 1010parkplace.com

Take a tip from the designers of high-end boutiques who are skilled in using lighting to show off their upscale clothing and accessories to the best advantage. Use a combination of overhead lighting, uplighters, downlighters, spotlights, and cabinet lighting solutions to create impact and bring some drama to your walk-in closet.  Check out a few of the ideas at 1010parkplace.com to get you started.

#4 Upscale wood 

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Traditional Wood Closet

Image credit: cocodsgn.com

Mid-tone or darker wood cabinets are a traditional choice for walk-in closets and offer a classy design option that is a good choice when you want to complement similar bedroom and bathroom furniture. Or perhaps you’re decorating a shared closet and need to strike a balance between a masculine and feminine feel.

Wooden cabinets tend to absorb a lot of light so if you go this route be sure to add plenty of light sources. Find out more about decorating a master closet with upscale wood at cocodesgn.com.

#5 Put accessories center stage 

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Custom Closet Design

Image credit: closetfactory.com

If you’re re-doing your closet it’s the perfect opportunity to create a dedicated space for all of your accessories. Before you start, take an inventory of what you have and then think creatively about how you’d like to store and access these items. If every belt, scarf, and bottle of scent has a home you’ll find it far easier to stay organized and keep your closet looking pristine.  Take a look at these ideas from closetfactory.com for different ways to display your accessories.

#6 Add a TV screen 

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Custom Design Closet 2

Image credit: closetfactory.com

I know, I know, it may sound a little peculiar to add a screen to your closet but go with me on this. If you’re a fan of make-up and styling shows then it makes a lot of sense to watch these with all your kit within reach so you can put your own looks together with the benefit of expert advice. Check it out at closetfactory.com
BTW, the rest of the closet configuration can be easily achieved with Rubbermaid deluxe custom closet organizer system kit.

#7 Reach the heights with a library ladder

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Custom Walk-in Closet

Image credit: closetfactory.com

A smart way to make the most of every inch of space in your closet is to add a library ladder. With a built-in slide-along ladder you’ll be able to easily reach all your clothes and accessories without the inconvenience of carrying a chair or stepladder all the way upstairs. Why not add high level open shelving for your purse collection to keep those expensive beauties both safe and easily accessible. Find out more about library ladders at closetfactory.com.

#8 Think creatively - closets are not just for clothes 

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Office Closet

Image credit: pinkpeonies.com

In smaller footprint homes multi-functional spaces are the way to go. If you’d love a luxurious master closet but can’t seem to find the space, consider combining it with another purpose, for example, add a desk to create a hybrid office/closet.  After all, if you’ve made the effort to transform your closet into a beautiful space why not make the most of it? Find your inspiration at pinkpeonies.com.

#9 Make it art 

Purses, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, and perfumes are often highly decorative in their own right so why not use your closet as an opportunity to display your wonderful collections rather than hiding them away behind boring cupboard doors. Open cabinets, angled glass shelving, and strategically placed hooks can all give you options for displaying your favorite pieces. Check out the artistic impact of America’s largest closet at lookandlovewithlolo.blogspot.

#10 Go bold with high contrast

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Bold with Light Contrast Closet

Image credit: mylusciouslife.com

Your closet is a private space where you can let your imagination run wild. Why not take the opportunity to experiment with a bold design that delivers drama by the bucket-load? Consider combining two or more contrasting colors or finishes for a unique and powerful impact. To pull off this type of design start by being disciplined and limit yourself to just a couple of colors and shapes. Then use your picks with courage and exuberance. Discover more bold and unusual design ideas at mylusciouslife.com.    

#11 Channel your inner Chanel

11 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas: Chanel Closet

Image credit: pinterest.ca

Chanel is the epitome of glamor and sophistication so why not take inspiration from Chanel for the design of your master closet? The keynotes are a combination of black and cream with gold accents and lots of glass and mirrored surfaces. Take a look at these images from pininterest.ca to guide your design.

Final Words

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this article and have found some new inspiration for your walk-in closet. I certainly enjoyed researching it, there are so many different ways to make your closet fabulous! I’d love it if you’d let me know your thoughts in the comments below and it’s cool if you want to go ahead and share the article with your friends.  


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