Allen Roth Wallpaper: Which Kind Do You Prefer?

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The Allen and Roth wallpaper is easy to put up, the quality is great, and it comes in a variety of great designs. The wallpaper ranges from the neutrals to cover the entire room to vibrant designs that are perfect for the accent wall.

The geometric wallpaper with fossilized rock formations can help to create a fresh and clean look for the preferred room. Plus, there are the paintable papers that make it really easy to customize the look of the home to match the specific needs.

What Kinds of Allen + Roth Wallpaper Exist Out There?

Allen Roth wallpaper includes the unpasted and pre-pasted variations to give complete flexibility in working with the different types of wallpaper.

The unpasted wallpaper is a regular wallpaper without any extra substances applied to its back.

The pre-pasted wallpaper is appreciated for its easy application. The reason is that it is not necessary to apply adhesive paste before sticking the paper to the wall. This wallpaper already has the paste on the back lining of the paper and it is a simple process of dipping the paper into a tub of water to help stimulate and release the sticking surface to make it possible to apply the paper to the wall. This has the added benefit of speeding up the process of putting up wallpaper because it is only necessary to immerse it for a matter of seconds before it is ready to use.

Additionally, this type of wallpaper is easy to maintain with the option to wipe down with a clean cloth and soapy water in the event of getting marks on it. It also has a useful thickness to help cover the minor bumps in the wall surface.

Whether you are looking for the luxurious wallpaper for the dining room or the more resilient paper for the kitchen or bathroom, you will certainly find that Allen and Roth have plenty of worthwhile choices to completely update the home to make it look fresh and clean.

Here are some of the popular styles of the wallpaper:

Vinyl Unpasted Textured Allen Roth Wallpaper

The vinyl unpasted textured wallpaper gives the perfect opportunity to decorate the home with personality and sophistication. The wallpaper comes in plenty of designs and styles with a popular choice, including the geometric design with silver circles that can look very modern when up on the wall.

This type of wallpaper isn’t pasted so it is necessary to use the normal application process of pasting the wall for quick and easy hanging. Additionally, the back of the paper is made such a way that it is really easy to strip at a later date when a fresh look is desired. This effectively means that you are able to strip the paper in full strips which is certain to be a great time-saving and saves on a lot of scraping and peeling of small pieces.

The textured nature of this wallpaper means it is great for applying to the less than flat surfaces and easy covers over any pre-existing wall imperfections. Plus, it can also go over paneling if you prefer.

A further plus of this type of Allen and Roth wallpaper is the ease of maintenance. To keep the paper looking its best it is simply a case of wiping the paper down with a soft cloth and soapy water.


  • Inexpensive way to create a great impact in the home
  • Wallpaper is quite strong which means it is possible to apply more paste if needed without causing damage to the paper
  • Very easy to work with


  • Can sometimes be tricky to match the designs and patterns

Vinyl Prepasted Textured Allen Roth Wallpaper

The vinyl pre-pasted textured wallpaper is ready and waiting to be applied to the living room or bedroom wall and comes in plenty of simple yet luxurious designs (Spanish tile design looks really nice). Most of the papers include a sophisticated and beautiful pattern that can go with virtually any look or feel that you are hoping to achieve.

The Allen & Roth wallpaper is available in plenty of colors, such as taupe, which is able to provide a quite neutral color that easily blends with the surrounding decor and if you do want to inject more color into the room you can accessorize with carpets, pictures, throws, etc.

The non-woven backing of this vinyl wallpaper means that it is designed to be fully strippable and will be very easy to remove from the wall when you want to freshen up the home design.

For the price of what you get, the vinyl pre-pasted textured wallpaper is a great bargain with similar patterns by other brands nearly costing twice as much.


  • This wallpaper is pretty easy to apply provided that you follow the directions exactly as stated
  • Easily covers the original wallpaper if left in place
  • The paper has enough thickness to make it easy to handle


  • The adhesive can be quite messy and it benefits to lay a plastic sheet down

Non-Woven Paper Prepasted Paintable Allen & Roth Wallpaper

The non-woven pre-pasted paintable wallpaper makes it really easy to get the precise look that you are hoping to achieve, and fully blends with the surrounding decor. Additionally, with the pre-pasted design, the installation process is very quick and easy.

This type of paper is slightly textured which means that it is very effective at covering the minor imperfections; this also means that the old paper can usually be left in place. The paper has a light foam type feeling. It gives it an extra thickness that is appreciated for ease in cutting and applying to the wall.

With each row of the paintable wallpaper sized at 11 yards x 20.5″ it is possible to cover a total area of 56 sq ft for a great coverage area. Plus, with the ability to paint the wallpaper there is no need to be concerned with matching designs or patterns, which means there is less likelihood of wasting paper.

The best way to use this Allen and Roth paintable wallpaper is to spread the work over a period of two days. On the first day apply the wallpaper and leave it to dry for a good 18 to 24 hours. After this period of time, it is ready to be painted with the preferred color of choice.


  • Works very effective at covering rough surfaces
  • Pre-pasted for easy application
  • Quick to hang on the walls with very little shrinkage


  • The wallpaper can easily tear if soaked for too long

Non-Woven Paper Prepasted Allen and Roth Wallpaper

Grasscloth allen and roth Wallpaper
Image by Jenny Cu

The non-woven pre-pasted wallpaper from Allen and Roth helps to create a casual and fresh look with a choice of neutral colors (brown, beige, etc.) that can easily complement the look and theme of the home. A popular design choice is the natural grasscloth design that is easily able to compliment the surrounding décor in the living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Similar to other Allen and Roth wallpapers, each role has the ability to cover 56 sq ft, while the non-woven backing gives the option to remove the paper at a later date with a lot more ease.

Even though there is a wide range of wallpapers that have designs on patterns, there are also those with no repeat pattern which really helps to simplify the installation process. Additionally, this is a prepasted type of Allen and Roth wallpaper that means the installation process is quick and easy.


  • Very easy to hang on the walls with no need to apply the extra paste
  • Low-cost option to get a high-quality finish to virtually any room
  • Wallpaper is still easy to move on the wall to make sure it is correctly lined up


  • Old wallpaper can show through if it has very bold patterns or designs

Non-Woven Paper Unpasted Allen Roth Wallpaper

The non-woven paper unpasted wallpaper comes in plenty of warm and stylish colors, which can range from neutrals like terra cotta and gray to the ledge stone look.

Allen Roth Red Brick Non Woven Wall Covering WallpaperFor those interested in a more unique look, the ledge stone style is designed to appear much like realistic bricks. This is a great choice to use on a feature wall to add more life and dimension.

This type of non-woven Allen & Roth wallpaper isn’t prepasted so it is necessary to apply the paste to the wall before hanging. Even though it is necessary to separately apply the paste, it is still very easy to hang this type of wallpaper in the dining room or the bedroom.

Other great qualities are the non-woven makeup, which makes it very easy to remove the paper at a later date in a single strip for repairs or updates, while this paper is also thick enough to cover the minor imperfections in the wall surface.

A single roll of this paper has the ability to cover a wall measuring 8 foot by 6 foot, which means it can be quite inexpensive to decorate an entire room.


  • Great designs to really make a wall stand out
  • Very easy to clean and maintain so a practical choice to hang in the kitchen
  • Wallpaper is very durable and sturdy which means it won’t start to fall apart while handling


  • It can be quite wasteful to fully match certain patterns


I hope that my post will help you to navigate among all the available kinds of Allen Roth wallpaper with an ease.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post them in the comments!

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  1. Help!! My wallpaper lot numbers are not matching up! I only need 1 more roll and I’ve bought 8 rolls and none work! The pattern matches until halfway then is off 1/4″!!

  2. Lowes is no longer carrying wall paper. I am trying to find a roll of paper that they had listed as item #155579, model#15102. It is pale beige with a green design, textured paper. I am hoping you can help me find someone who carries this. I only need to replace 2 strip of paper and would hate to have to rip all of the other paper off and start over. Thanks for your help.

  3. Do you where I can find 3 boxes of the Ledgestone brick pattern wallpaper?
    I need some desperately to finish a project.
    The wallpaper has been discontinued

  4. I have your Floral Stripes item 161437 model 15104 with a light blue stripe in it and I need to get two more rolls. I know it is an older paoer but I was hoping some where that there was two rolls of this with the blue stripe . Could you please help me. Thank you in advance,
    Susan wenderoth
    [email protected]

  5. At Lowes I found a wallpaper that I would love to have. They however no longer sell wallpaper. I am looking specifically for a design that is bamboo with a small gold dragonfly. It was in your “Green” book, page 29, and I think it’s called Imperial. It’s vinyl coated, prepasted, and price code B. The design is by Raymond ? -can’t read the last name from my pic. I don’t need a lot, probably just one roll. Please advise if I can buy direct or if you have a retailer in the 98406 zip code area. Thanks very much. Betsy

  6. I am trying to find allen + roth paintable wallpaper in squares pattern. None of the Lowes stores within 75 miles of zip 44622 have it. Do you know where or how I might obtain a roll?

    • I actually just bought a new never used roll at a thrift store. It is allen +roth paintable wallcovering 56 sq ft 11 yrds x20.5 in. Squares pattern batch 002 lot #0350747
      I was hoping to buy a couple more rolls but now i see thats probably impossible. Let me know if you would like this roll.


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