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Backyard Creations Gazebo Replacement Parts Essential For Your Favorite Gazebo

It can be heartbreaking to see your gazebo top wear out. So many great memories were made under that one canopy roof! But just because your canopy roof has started to leak doesn’t mean the whole gazebo structure should be thrown away. 

You do not need to buy a new gazebo every time a particular part breaks or tears. I’ve found Backyard Creations gazebo replacement parts are a cheap and environmentally friendly fix to such problems.

In A Rush? Here Are All The Products

Let’s take a quick glance at the products I’m going to review here.

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Best Backyard Creations Replacement Canopies – A Round-Up

It is no surprise that gazebos can wear out since they are exposed to the outdoor elements on a daily basis, sometimes with no letup in particularly windy or harsh climates. Canopy roofs face snow, rain, heat, and wind head-on, so they are usually the first gazebo part to succumb to weather conditions, and always the first I seem to need to replace. 

Fortunately, a Backyard Creations gazebo replacement canopy will cost you just a fraction of a whole new structure. 

I had a look at a range of different offerings and can now proudly bring you these replacement canopy reviews, one might just fit your gazebo perfectly.

Garden Winds Sail Gazebo Replacement Canopy – Best Replacement Canopy For Wind Resistance

  • Best wind resistance in this round-up because of its RipLock performance fabric.
  • Water-resistant and treated for protection against UV rays. 
  • Fabric has double gridlines to prevent rips from spreading. 
  • Reinforced with 4-ply thread stitching for better pull strength.  
  • Meets PAI-84 US standard for flame resistance. 

If you are looking for a replacement canopy for your Sail Gazebo by Backyard Creations (manufacturer’s model number: 5LGZ1120701), this is just the product for you. 

The beige top fits the 12×12-foot frame size beautifully and comes with Velcro straps, as well as corner and side pockets. The pockets are reinforced with two layers of fabric and two rows of stitching to prevent them from bursting when attached to the rods. 

The fabric itself is made with 350 denier thread, making it more resistant to abrasion and tearing. 

Garden Winds stands by this product, which can be seen in their warranty. If the product is damaged due to a manufacturer’s defect within 6 months, they will offer you a complete replacement for free.


  • UV protection factor 50+.
  • Double-walled gridlines in the fabric provide double the strength.
  • 350 denier thread makes for heavy-duty fabric.
  • Reinforced pockets.
  • Flame resistant.
  • One-year limited performance warranty.


  • Color is different from the original.

Sunjoy Replacement Canopy Set For Awning Gazebo – Replacement Canopy with Best Design 

  • Comes in dark brown and gray. 
  • Best design because of the draping fabric and two-tiered roof. 
  • The Two-tiered roof allows fresh air to flow into the gazebo — which I much appreciated during hot summer days.

Looking for an exact replacement canopy for your Sunjoy/Backyard Creations Awning Gazebo model L-GZ1023PST-A? Look no further, as this is the right product for you. 

This Sunjoy replacement canopy set is designed to fit your 10×10-foot double-tier gazebo frame. You can expect the roof to stand at 120x120x33.5 inches when assembled. 

The canopy is made of durable 180g polyester fabric, which is also water-resistant. Having a canopy roof that effectively repels water is essential when living in a humid or rainy climate.

I find these types of fabric super low maintenance and easy to clean. Using a weak solution of bleach, dish soap, and water didn’t fade the color of my new replacement canopy.  

Another important advantage to bear in mind is that Sunjoy offers free replacement parts during the warranty period of their furniture – something that has saved my behind on more than one occasion and helped me to save quite a bit of money.


  • Made of durable polyester fabric.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Two-tiered roof has better ventilation.
  • Overhanging fabric gives style.
  • 12-month warranty.


  • Replacement awning not included. 

Jur_Global Replacement Canopy Top for BC Metal Gazebo – Best Budget-Friendly Replacement Canopy 

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  • Best budget-friendly option. 
  • Fabric is reinforced with 4-ply thread stitching.
  • Made with 350 denier thread,  which definitely made it more tear-resistant. 
  • Double RipLock technology with double-walled gridlines prevents rips from spreading. 
  • Fire-resistant and meets PAI-84 US fire standard. 

Looking for an inexpensive replacement canopy for your Backyard Creations 10×10-foot Metal Gazebo (manufacturer’s model number KGS286YU)? If so, I’ve got you covered. 

With this top-rated pick, you can expect to get quality features at a low price. 

The polyester spun RipLock fabric is designed to withstand diverse weather conditions. In the summer, it will shelter you from harmful UV radiation because it has UPF 50+ protection

The fabric is also water-resistant, so with it, I would have no problem trusting my gazebo to be up well into the fall and winter.

You will find this canopy easy to install on the frame. The Velcro straps came with corner and side pockets and made for easy mounting. The Dual-layer pockets were also reinforced with two rows of stitching to prevent them from ripping – super handy! 


  • The two-tiered roof for better ventilation.
  • UV protection factor 50+.
  • Double gridlines provide double the strength.
  • Made of 350 denier thread.
  • Reinforced with 4-ply thread stitching.
  •  Dual-layer pockets on sides and corners.
  • Flame resistant.


  • The color is different from the original. 

Garden Winds BC Woven Gazebo Replacement Canopy – Replacement Canopy with Best Overall Features 

  • Best overall choice because of its exceptional quality and buyer-friendly warranty.
  • Water-resistant and suitable for a humid climate – particularly useful for anybody living in a southern state.
  • UV protection factor 50+ protects from sunburn.
  • Double-walled gridlines embedded in the fabric prevent rips from spreading.
  • Meets the PAI-84 US flame resistance standard. 

Has your Backyard Creations Woven 10×12-foot Gazebo roof ripped? No worries, this Garden Winds replacement canopy is just what you need. This one is for model number L-GZ1033PST. 

It comes in a beige color and is designed to fit the 10×12-foot frame of your Backyard Creations gazebo perfectly – which it did when I tried it out. The Velcro straps and pockets on the sides and corners also made the installation process smooth and secure. 

The Dura Pockets are made with two layers of fabric with two rows of stitching at each hem. The stitches are made with a 4-ply thread for extra strength while the RipLock fabric is woven out of 350 denier thread — this makes it perfect for outdoor use.


  • Two-tiered roof allows a fresh breeze into the gazebo.
  • UV protection factor 50+.
  • Double gridlines prevent rips from spreading.
  • Made of 350 denier thread.
  • Reinforced with 4-ply thread stitching.
  • Strong Dura Pockets
  • Flame resistant.


  • The color is different from the original. 

Top Backyard Creations Replacement Canopy Manufacturers

Having some basic knowledge about the manufacturer of your replacement canopy will help you get a better idea of what to expect from the product and the company’s customer service.

To make it simple, it is in your best interest to know where your hard-earned money is ending up. 

Let’s take a look at the top replacement canopy manufacturers from my review list. 

Garden Winds

Garden Winds is the largest manufacturer of Backyard Creations gazebo parts in the country. They have earned the top spot because they constantly strive to offer the best quality products. I’ve been totally satisfied with everything I’ve ever got from them. There was one time I had a small issue with needing to change my address before the item was dispatched, but their customer service team dealt with it quickly and efficiently.

They are best known for their innovative RipLock technology, which has made their replacement canopies stronger than ever before. 

Their website is also easy to navigate, meaning you will be able to find whatever you are looking for quickly. If you are not sure which canopy is a match for your gazebo, you can simply send them a photo of the framework and one of their helpful and friendly customer representatives will help you to find a good match and make the right purchase. On top of this, all of their products are also protected by a one-year limited warranty, so you don’t need to worry about losing out on money if something breaks or snaps and it’s not your fault. 


Sunjoy Group
Image credit:

Sunjoy is a globally recognized company that specializes in indoor and outdoor furniture. Their stated mission is to bring inspiration, style, and purpose into every home, and I feel that they have helped me to do just that. I’d highly recommend them.

They manufacture original gazebo replacement parts in-house rather than buying them in from a third-party manufacturer. This helps to ensure a seamless fit with your gazebo frame. The parts that they make also undergo strenuous testing to guarantee their durability and weather-resistant features.

Their website showcases their wide range of well-crafted products and they make it easy for customers to find the right replacement parts in no time. And remember, if needed, you can always just send them a photo of your gazebo to get the right match, saving yourself the time and hassle of having to rifle through all of their products and their descriptions. 

Why Buy Backyard Creations Replacement Canopy Parts?

You may be thinking, “Why buy a replacement canopy when I can buy a whole new gazebo”?

Well, there are several reasons why purchasing a replacement part is probably a much better option for you.

Environmental and financial reasons:

  • Buying a replacement canopy is better for the environment because it helps reduce waste. 
  • Purchasing a new gazebo every other season is wasteful and expensive.
  • A replacement canopy will usually cost you less than 150 USD, which is far less than a new structure.
  • Your replacement canopy may even be covered by the gazebo’s warranty, meaning that you wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket at all.

Reasons to pick from my review list:

  • My picks are made of water-resistant materials that will serve you well, even when it’s raining and snowing.
  • Fabric with ultraviolet protection factor 50+ will block out 98 percent of harmful UV rays, known to cause premature aging and skin cancer. 
  • Garden Winds RipLock technology will prevent small rips in the fabric from spreading uncontrollably. This feature will make your canopy last longer.
  • The reinforced side and corner pockets make for simple and easy installation after it gets delivered.
  • The two-tiered roof style will help you stay cool in the summer.
  • You can safely barbeque under your gazebo since the RipLock fabric meets the PAI-84 US fire standard. 

Prep Your Gazebo For The New Season

A gazebo is a practical invention that shelters you from the sun, rain, and nosy neighbors. But, it also requires maintenance, typically every new season. 

These Backyard Creations gazebo replacement parts offer you a perfect opportunity to revamp your trusty gazebo for less money, without forgoing quality. My top replacement canopy picks are all water-resistant and ready to face the outdoor world, no matter the weather where you are.

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