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It’s A Jungle Out There! The Hidden Hazards Of Your Favorite Hobby Revealed!

They say that to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow, and it’s true. Gardening isn’t just about planting pretty flowers and giving yourself a hobby, it’s a good form of exercise, it gives gardeners a sense of accomplishment and it’s good for your mental wellbeing

Of course, every hobby comes with its hazards, and although your bushes and flowerbeds might look harmless enough, you should exercise caution. Even the most ardent of gardeners have fallen foul of a misplaced pitchfork, or a nasty bite or sting from a creepy crawly. 

So, what makes gardening so dangerous? Here we’ll explore the hidden hazards of your favorite hobby and remember – it’s a jungle out there!

Faulty products

Sometimes accidents happen that aren’t our fault. Dangerous weed killers and faulty gardening tools send thousands of gardeners to the emergency room every year, with some incidents proving fatal.

Speak with a law firm dealing with personal injury if you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault. When there have been problems with the manufacture of a product, the instructions provided on the equipment is incorrect or chemicals pose a direct threat to our health and wellbeing, you should seek action!

Back and muscle pain

Gardening is hard work and it’s a great form of exercise. Sadly, it can also take its toll on our musculoskeletal system. Weeding, digging, standing for long hours, crouching or even kneeling in awkward positions can leave us feeling achy and uncomfortable. As rewarding as gardening is, you should be wary of the strain your putting on your body. Always try to maintain good posture and sit down to complete tasks where possible. 

Heatstroke and sunburn

There’s nothing better than gardening in the sunshine. It certainly makes it much easier and there’s a lot more to get done when the warmer months of the year arrive. However, gardeners are at risk of heatstroke and/or sunburn. Long hours in the blazing sun can leave us dehydrated, exhausted and sickly, not forgetting a sore shade of crimson. 

If you’re gardening in the sunshine, you should try to work in the shade where possible, and take regular breaks. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking cool drinks throughout the day and always wear a high factor of sunscreen.

Toxic plants

Sometimes even the most beautiful of blooms can be toxic, leaving unsuspecting gardeners (or family members) susceptible to skin irritations, sickness, rashes, and even poisoning. Wearing gloves whilst you’re gardening is essential – they don’t just protect you from cuts and grazes, they could be preventing toxic substances from irritating your skin. 

Like this poison ivy:

poison ivy

Make yourself aware of any toxic plants that could be in your garden. Also, make guests such as your grandchildren or those with dogs aware of the dangers when they come to visit. 

Final thoughts

If you love gardening, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue to enjoy your hobby. Just be aware of the potential dangers and always keep your safety in mind.

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