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Jonathan Louis Furniture Reviews: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans

It’s such a disappointment when you come across a company that sells great products but has a hopeless website.

The reason I started my own website was that I couldn’t find trustworthy information about the products I wanted to buy anywhere else. I figured that since I was doing the research anyway, other people might benefit from seeing the information I discovered as well.

Jonathan Louis has been designing and selling furniture since the family-run business was established in 1985.

Its aim as a company is to create attractive, modern furniture that fits in with today’s lifestyle and offers exceptional value to customers. Unfortunately the Jonathan Lewis website doesn’t live up the company’s aims as it falls significantly short in terms of offering value to its customers.

It provides only minimal information about their products and although it includes some artfully styled images of their sofas, you can’t even zoom in to take a closer look.

So, if you’re considering buying a Jonathan Louis sofa for your home, and you’re frustrated with the lack of guidance on their website, I’ve already done the hard yards in terms of research!

Based on it, I have written these Jonathan Louis furniture reviews to help you get the information you need.

Choices by Jonathan Louis 

Choices by Jonathan Louis is a range of sectionals that allows you to pick the features that you want on your sofa.

If you’ve ever walked around a furniture showroom looking at sectionals thinking “if only I could put together those cushy cushions, with that sleek base and add those cute arms…” then you’ll probably love this customizable range.

Overall product design

The overall design of the Choices sectional is unobtrusive.

It has a squared-off look, a mid-height back, and simple block feet. Choosing to keep the overall design uncluttered means that the basic structure of the sectional works equally well with all the customizable options.

Product features – configuration and customization

All the standard sectional components such as left, right, and corner seats, plus a selection of covetable special components such as chaises, cuddlers, and wedge sections, are included in the Choices range

So you can design the configuration of your sectional to your personal specifications. Check out this article from if you’re unfamiliar with the different types of sectional components. 

Choosing the configuration of your sofa is only part of the story.

You also have a choice of four different arm styles, three different base styles, two cushion shapes, and literally hundreds of upholstery fabrics from which you can pick to create the look that you want for your family room, lounge, or basement.

Product features – build and specification

The frame of these sofas is made mainly of hardwoods and all joints are reinforced and padded.

The reversible cushions are manufactured from high resiliency foam core wrapped on both sides with a 1″ layer of polyester.

The cushions are supported by heavy gauge sinuous steel wire. On paper, this is a medium-quality specification build for a sectional and, according to this article from should have a life of at least 7 years under normal use conditions.

Jonathan Louis Furniture Review: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans: Common furnishing

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Choices by Jonathan Louis reviews generally well with purchasers, although a small number of customers have experienced some concerns with durability and overall Jonathan Louis furniture quality with this range. I’ve included more detailed information about these concerns a little later on in this article.  


  • Unobtrusive design – will look acceptable alongside nearly all existing design schemes
  • Customizable – you choose the configuration, components, styling details and fabric that you want.


  • Covers are not removable so they cannot be washed.
  • There is no choice in terms of cushion fill – if you like a softer or firmer seat, you are out of luck.
  • The components are made to fit in the configuration you choose initially and the arms are fixed in place – this means that you have only limited options to move the pieces into different arrangements.

Decorating with Choices by Jonathan Louis

Sectionals work well to define seating areas in open-plan environments

However, unless you have an unusually large space, your sectional will inevitably become a dominant feature of your living space simply because of its size.

This customizable sectional offers more decorating flexibility than most, allowing you to select a size and style that complements, rather than overwhelms, your existing room scheme and layout.

Have a look at this article from for some ideas about room layouts with sectionals.Jonathan Louis Furniture Review: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans: 2 Bond Street

Image credit:

How to choose the piece that suits you 

Plan your space

Before you go shopping, measure your space.  

Consider your requirements:

  • how many seats do you need;
  • do you want a corner, or an extended section to snooze in;
  • will you be able to see the TV;
  • and so on.

Sectionals don’t need to be pushed up against a wall or into a corner to look great, consider using the sofa away from the walls to create walkways behind and around it, and to enclose a cozy retreat within the sofa’s embrace.

Don’t forget to leave space for side tables or you’ll have nowhere to put your glass of wine in the evening.

Consider your style

Next, think about your decorating style and how the sectional will fit into it.

Choosing different options for the base, arms, and cushions from the Choices range will create a very different impact. If you like a traditional look, rolled arms are a good choice, whereas the track arms will create a more contemporary feel. Domed arms and flared arms both deliver vintage appeal.

A skirted base can complement a charmingly informal shabby-chic style and an upholstered base will blend in with almost any décor.

However, while a wood-trimmed base could go well with a more sumptuous design, it may limit your options in terms of matching to other wooden furniture.

The choice between boxed cushions and T-shaped cushions is really about personal preference as both will work well from a style point of view, although T-shaped cushions offer a little more comfort thanks to a larger seating area.

This video from Goodlivingbydesign walks you through some of the design choices and quality features to look out for when buying a sofa.  

YouTube player

Think about color

Choosing a fabric and color for your new sectional can be challenging. 

The number of choices can be confusing and you might find that your head is at war with your heart. If you’re finding it difficult to choose, the safest option for large furniture pieces like sectionals is a light neutral as this gives you the flexibility to add pops of color with cushions and throws without being limited to a particular decorating scheme.

Quality and durability of Choices by Jonathan Louis

Overall the build standard of the Choices range and of Jonathan Louis furniture quality in general is of a reasonably good grade for a mid-range product.

Compared to other manufacturers, the Choices range offers comfortable seating, modern design, and a lot of customization options.

What other customers have to say

These days it’s usually pretty easy to find out what other customers have to say about a product before you go ahead and make a big purchase. This report from says 58% of Americans always check online before purchasing a new product.

The customer reviews for these sofas suggest that they offer a similar level of quality and durability to most mid-range sectionals at this price point.

Jonathan Louis Furniture Review: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans: jl good review preview
Jonathan Louis Furniture Review: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans: jl good review 2

However, it’s unusual to have so many customization options in a mid-range product so that feature does give the product more appeal than other similarly-priced products.

Where there have been problems with the quality and durability of the product these seem to be mainly to do with the upholstery rather than the frame. Some customers say that the cushions go flat quickly, or that the fabric is too loose, or prone to pilling.   

Jonathan Louis Furniture Review: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans: Sofa Reviews and Complaints

Visual inspection before you buy

There are a number of checks that you can make while looking at a sectional that will give you an indication of its quality and likely durability.

1 – Take a look at the upholstery. It should be smooth and tight with no creases or pilling.

2 – Push firmly on the arms. They should not move more than a fraction of an inch.

3 – Grasp the arms and along the top of the back. If you can feel the wooden frame that may be an indication that the manufacturer has skimped on the padding.

4 – Sit on the sofa to check whether you can hear creaking or cracking. It should be silent.

5 – Try leaning back and moving your weight from side to side, the sofa should not dip or sag. The components of the sectional should stay together and not easily move apart.

6 – Lift up the cushions and inspect the areas underneath. All surfaces should be smooth without protrusions, rough wood, or sharp staples.

Jonathan Louis Sectional Reviews 

Jonathan Louis also manufactures a selection of other sectionals. Here’s a summary of the Jonathan Louis furniture sectional range.

Modular sectionals

Modular sectionals are a sub-type of sectional that allows you to rearrange the components. Check out this article from for a more detailed explanation.

Jonathan Louis Modular SectionalsWidth, inchesDepth, inchesHeight, inches
No-cushion modular Belaire
Armless Chair
Chase Unit




The no-cushion modular Belaire has sleek, clean lines that and distinctive biscuit-tufting that adds a mid-century feel. It would look good in an ultra-modern living room and includes armless units, corner units and chaise units that can be configured in a number of different ways. The measurements of the armless chair are W34xD37xH31 while the chaise unit measures W37xD65xH31.

Caso has a low profile back, rectangular back cushions and deep, wide seats that slightly overlap the floor-hugging base. The overall design is simple creating an understated, laid-back effect. Various units are available and the sectional can be configured in a many different ways to suit your room and preferences.

At 46 inches deep, Noah is a low profile, deep seated modular sectional with a modern vibe with low squared-off arms. The addition of baseball-stitched, overstuffed cushions strikes a softer note than you associate with many modern pieces. A five piece sectional measures W145xD131xH29.

Remy is a simply designed modular sectional with metal legs. At only 37 inches deep it is narrower than many of the other sectionals on offer from Jonathan Louis. Standard components measure W37xD37xH27 and can be switched around as often as you like to create different configurations.

Here are some pros and cons of Jonathan Louis modular sectionals:


  • Modular sectionals can be arranged and rearranged as you wish.
  • The addition of special sections such as wedges, cuddlers and so on means you can create a furniture piece to match your needs exactly.


  • The smaller component parts in a modular mean that there can be more movement between sections.

Standard non-modular sectionals

Here is some info about the Jonathan Louis non-modular sectionals.

Jonathan Louis Standard
Non-modular Sectionals
Width, inchesDepth, inchesHeight, inches

Pia has cone-shaped legs with brass finish caps and high, narrow, straight arms. The cushions are filled with channeled blown fiber to mimic the feel of feather and down. The dimensions of each section of the three-part Pia are W78xD45xH30 / W45xD45xH30 /W78xD45xH30.

Trenton is a curved sectional with tailored back cushions, button-tufted seats and high dark wood legs. The three components of the Trenton measure W64xD36xH30 / W53xD53xH30 /W65xD36xH30.

Matthew is a larger-scale sectional with low, tailored, track arms and a multitude of throw pillows. The back of the sectional angles out creating a distinctive profile while the base tightly hugs the floor. the two elements of the two-piece Matthew measure W79xD47xH32 /W47xD47xH32.

Caitlyn is a two-piece sectional with nailhead beading detailing on its classic rolled arms. The overall effect is more tailored, formal, and tidy than the average sectional. The dimensions of each of the two components are W95xD38xH30 /W71xD38xH30.

The subtle flared arms on Blissful complement the softer look of this sofa. Blissful can include a sleeper section in queen or full size. Options include standard pillow top, inflatable, or memory foam. Dimensions for a full size sleeper are W83xD38xH32.

Here are some pros and cons of Jonathan Louis standard non-modular sectionals:


  • Non-modular sectionals often use larger component pieces. These offer more flexibility to the designer leading to more variation in the style of the sectionals.


  • You are limited to the choices made by the designer – if you want a left arm chaise instead of a right arm chaise for instance you may not be able to get it.

Read on for more details for these Jonathan Louis sectional reviews.

Choosing a Jonathan Lewis sectional – style and size 

Measure your room layout

When you’re buying a Jonathan Louis sectional it’s a good idea to plan out your entire room to make sure your chosen piece will fit comfortably within it from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. You can check out this detailed guide from to help you plan your living space.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Plan in clear pathways for people to cross the room and reach seating areas, doors, and so on. Your pathways need to be around 3ft wide.
  2. Coffee tables can be placed around 1ft from the edge of a couch to allow people to sit comfortably. Don’t overlap coffee tables with your pathways to avoid bruised shins.
  3. Plan to place furniture in groups so people can talk without shouting or straining to hear. 8ft is a good distance.

Consider heights and sitting preferences

Take a realistic look at the heights and usual seating preferences of your family to work out which Jonathan Louis sectional will be most comfortable for you and your family.  

Taller people will typically be more comfortable on sofas with a greater seating depth that matches the length of their thighs and higher backs that support more of their body. The Belaire, Matthew, and Pia models might all be a good choice for a taller family.

Shorter people will generally prefer a shorter seating depth or the option to put their feet up on a chaise or tuck their feet up next to them and lean on an arm or cushion. Sectionals such as Noah, that have lower arms work better for people who like to sit in this way.

Kids rarely seem to sit straight on sofas or sectionals and teens often argue over who gets the chaise and corner units so they can sprawl over even more space. They also seem to have a talent for instantly making cushions look untidy the moment they sit down.

So, if you tend to be a little obsessive about tidy cushions you may prefer a sectional with fixed or no back cushions such as Belaire rather than a loose back style with multiple cushions such as Matthew.

What about Jonathan Lewis sectional quality? 

If you’re concerned about Jonathan Louis furniture quality, and you’re considering this new range of sofas, it seems that the majority of customers who’ve bought from the Jonathan Louis range previously are happy with their purchase.

In terms of build quality, Jonathan Louis sectionals are made in line with the guidelines you’ll find in this article from Good for sofas that offer decent build quality.

Jonathan Louis Furniture Review: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans: Sofa

Image credit:

Here are some of the highlights and details of how the Jonathan Louis range matches up.

Sofa frames

Sofa frames will ideally be made of kiln-dried hardwood not plywood or softwood. Check out this explanation from for what kiln-dried really means.  Jonathan Louis sectionals are mainly made of kiln-dried hardwoods.


Wooden dowels or corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets are all acceptable ways of creating joints.

Sofas held together with just staples and glue are unlikely to be very robust. Joints should ideally be padded to avoid tearing the fabric.

The joints in Jonathan Louis sectionals are reinforced with corner blocks, wood glue, and high-pressure stapling. They are  padded to prevent the joints coming into contact with the fabric.

Spring systems

Spring systems can use eight-way hand-tied springs or sinuous serpentine springs.

This summary from The provides a simple explanation of the different types of sofa springs.

Jonathan Louis sectionals use heavy-gauge sinuous springs.

Cushions fills

Cushion fill can vary and all types of fill have upsides and downsides.

High-resilience foam wrapped in down and conventional foam wrapped in polyester batting are both considered to be resilient and reasonably-priced options. Jonathan Louis sectionals use channelled blown fiber and foam core cushions offering a mix of comfort levels.

This guide from provides some handy definitions for the various types of cushion-filling.

Jonathan Louis Ottoman Reviews 

If you’re looking for an ottoman to go with your new sectional there are several choices on offer from Jonathan Louis.

Jonathan Louis Ottoman

Width, inches

Depth, inches

Height, inches


The Belaire range includes a matching biscuit-tufted ottoman which measures W33 x D33 that can be added to the sofa units to create a chaise effect or used simply as an occasional table.

Tarzan is a round ottoman and can be upholstered in leather or fabric. Its overall dimensions are W47xD47xH16.

Randall at W63xD41xH17, Ashbury at W59xD31xH17 and Copley at W59xD31xH17 are all metal base, rectangular ottomans with leather tops.  Randall also offers an extra storage shelf.

Riley is a square ottoman with an upholstered base and top and square stitching details. Its dimensions are W42xD42xH20.

If you’re looking for storage with your ottoman, the Morrissey which measures W52xD30xH17 has a lift up upholstered lid and storage space inside.

Here are some pros and cons of Jonathan Louis ottomans:


  • An ottoman gives you something comfortable to rest your feet upon.
  • It can be moved around the room to wherever you need it.
  • Some ottoman’s provide storage.
  • The upholstery saves your shins from bruises.


  • Ottomans are not as practical for placing drinks or snacks as coffee tables.

Decorating With Ottomans

There are two main choices when it comes to decorating with ottomans. Your first option is to go for an ottoman that matches the sectional exactly.

Jonathan Louis Furniture Review: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans: Ottoman Matching

The Belaire range allows you to do this. A matching ottoman will create a harmonious effect and might be a good choice in a room where your sectional is a backdrop piece rather than the star of the show.

The second option i to choose an ottoman that stands alone in design terms making it a design statement in its own right. 

Jonathan Louis Furniture Review: Sofas, Sectionals, Ottomans: ottaman not matching

This approach works most effectively when you tie in some aspect of the ottoman design to the sectional, picking up a color, shape, or design similarity.

Jonathan Louis Furniture Fabrics 

To keep your sofa looking its best for as long as possible, it’s important to select the right option from the range of Jonathan Louis furniture fabrics. Here are a few thoughts to get you started and check out this article from for more ideas.

  1. For sofas that will be used daily and where there are pets or children to consider, opt for a heavy use blended fabric such as a mix of polyester, cotton and rayon.
  2. Microfibres are also a good choice for family sofas and have the added benefit for allergy sufferers of being lint-free and not attracting dust.
  3. Leather is a good option for durability and most spills can just be wiped up.
  4. Patterned fabrics will hide marks more easily than plain fabrics.
  5. Heavily textured fabric is durable but not the best choice for pets whose claws may catch in the threads.
  6. Linen, cotton, velvets and silks are less hard-wearing and are best saved for sofas that will only be used occasionally.
  7. If your sectional will be in a sunny room, consider choosing fade-resistant fabric.

It’s worth noting that some fabrics clean up with just soap and water whereas others may require a specialized solvent.   

You can order three free fabric samples on the Jonathan Louis website.

Where Is Jonathan Louis Furniture Made? 

Finally, you might be asking yourself “where is Jonathan Louis furniture made?” and “will I be supporting US manufacturing if I buy my sectional from Jonathan Louis?”

The good news is that you can relax as all Jonathan Louis furniture is made in the USA so you can buy with a clear conscience. The company produces its furniture in a 300,000 sq.ft. facility in based in Gardena, California.

Jonathan Louis Furniture Reviews: Final Words

I hope you found this article with Jonathan Louis furniture reviews useful and that it helped you to make sense of the unhelpful Jonathan Louis website. If you enjoyed it, please share and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Nadya's the creative mind behind this blog, sharing her passion for landscaping, gardening and making spaces that nourish the soul. An entrepreneur and writer based in Raleigh, NC, Nadya turns imaginative ideas into inspiration, fueling home and garden dreams. Though Nadya crafts gorgeous posts and photos showcasing lush yards or blooming gardens, the real magic happens behind the scenes where Nadya's partner Brett provides endless support, implementing each vision with care and dedication. Brett's the one ensuring her creative concepts come to life. At heart, Nadya remains an imaginative soul, forever dreaming of whimsical details, vibrant hues and lush landscapes. Each manicured edge or blossoming bloom fuels inspiration, expanding her vision of what's possible in design and life. She shares her love for landscaping, gardening, and outdoor design in her blog, the one you are visiting right now. If you are interested in the same things, be sure to check it out! Also, follow Nadya on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr!

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  1. I purchased two parts of a sectional… both we’re chaise’s…. My first purchase came in defective…. Puckers in the seams… tufting was shallow… one piece was not the length of the floor model.. shorter… all in all I was completely dissatisfied… so I gave them another chance rot make it right…. We’ll.. the second order was worse than the first! I will not ever purchase anything from this company again! Terrible quality..,tufting breaks down quickly.., loses it shape… do not recommend!!! Buyer beware ‼️

  2. Have you actually looked at the reviews you reference in your article? They are mostly terrible – I’d say at least 80% of them had serious problems with the JL brand, mostly with the terrible upholstering or the inferior quality of the cushion materials. After reading the reviews posted there’s no way I’d buy this brand furniture! I don’t understand how you can basically recommend it.

  3. Thank you for this review! I too am wondering why there is so little information on each item on their website. I really am struggling, as most do not show measurements. This is a big deal, especially when dealing with a small space.

    Thanks again!

  4. WE just purchased a Jonathan Lewis sofa and chair From RC Wiley but couldn’t get a straight answer about the fabric and weather the Co uses chemicals? but after reading your revue, I feel confidant that we purchased a good product.

  5. Thank you so much for your in-depth review, it has provided the direction needed for choosing my sectional. I just received the swatches that I order from JL and I’m pleased with both the color and texture. I now face The difficult task is locating a dealer in Florida.

  6. We bought a Jonathan Louis couch in 2012 for our beach house and absolutely LOVE it still…..everybody comments on how comfortable this couch is. We just bought a new house and want the same couch for the new house but of course a new one and a different color. I’m having trouble finding someone who carries the brand in my part of Texas. Do you know if there is a dealer who sells them online? We want the microfiber fabric.
    Thanks for the info.

  7. I’m taking my Jonathan Louis arm chair to the curb for bulk trash pick up right after I write this. This is/was most poorly constructed piece of furniture(? ) we have ever owned. I was good for a short while, but with no glue or screws holding the piece of wood with the springs, which are poorly attached, in tension to the frame what would one expect. It was attached with just staples! it’s not repairable. The money plant fabric, although looking great in the beginning wore fairly. I’ll be sure to check the manufactures name tag for this brand when I go shopping for a replace. Never again.

  8. Super helpful! Found a JL sectional in Georgia and wanted to see if it was REALLY made in California. You’re right, their website is not good. And they don’t even brag about being made in the USA! Actually had to do more research because I was skeptical. Your detail, honest review, description of options and advice on what to look for in a sectional was incredibly helpful! Thank you!!


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