Allen Roth Flooring: Why It’s My Go-To!

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Why I pick Allen Roth flooring? If you are into redoing homes, then you will sometimes you will have to consider completely tearing out the flooring and replacing it. Although it can be a laborious and expensive task, it really can improve the look and the value of your home!

When I was working as a contractor, I hated having to tear it all out, but when you are doing it to your own person home it is a little more special. You can craft your home exactly how you want it done.

That being said, when I am redoing my flooring, I only have one company I go to now. I always aim for Allen Roth hardwood flooring! These dark flooring pieces are excellent for any home style. They really stand out if you pick the rich flavoring of the dark oil rubbed bronze color which is my personal favorite hardwood!

Allen Roth Laminate FlooringAllen Roth Flooring: Oak

The option on whether to pick laminate floor vs non-laminate floor is generally a personal one. I normally pick laminate flooring because I like the added protection and the longevity of it. But all in all, it is an opinion based answer.

Laminate floors are held together with a see through the seal that helps to protect it from scratches and to keep it clean. Regular wood flooring is just planks that are laid as closely together as possible, but this means that stuff can get in between the gaps and it can scratch the actual wood!

There are plenty of Allen Roth laminate flooring reviews available on the internet and at, so if you have any specific questions I would definitely look there! Generally, the installation is pretty straight forward, but if you need help just follow the Allen Roth laminate flooring installation instructions or installation guide!

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Allen Roth Flooring Register

Along with picking out what type and what color floor you like for your house, you also should match it with the right style and color of flooring register! Flooring registers are those little grills or grates that cover up vents and the pipes for the ventilation. They can also be called Allen Roth vents. These are very subtle but important pieces that need to look perfect for your home!

I personally always use a dark Allen Roth oak laminate flooring because this looks great with the style I’m looking for, but it also flows great with the Allen Roth floor register dark oil rubbed bronze. These two pieces generally are a good match and they look perfect together, so I suggest you take a look!

How To Take Care of Allen+Roth Laminate Flooring


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Getting rid of scratches

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Who Makes Allen and Roth Flooring?

Allen and Roth is a brand owned by a home improvement retail chain Lowe’s.

The products are manufactured by various external manufacturers. At the moment of this writing, their flooring is made by a company from North Carolina called Unilin Flooring NC, LLC.

Unilin is a well know and respectable flooring manufacturer. Their products usually have a great quality. It is an international company with headquarters in Belgium.

Unilin is also responsible for the warranty of Allen Roth flooring.

If you have problems with your Allen Roth flooring even after you installed them, do not hesitate to go back to the Lowe’s store where you bought them and ask them how they can help you. However, the chances are that once the Allen + Roth flooring is installed, you will enjoy it for many years without any problems!

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10 thoughts on “Allen Roth Flooring: Why It’s My Go-To!”

  1. What cleaner/polish would you recommend in order get rid of smudges and leave a clean and clear look? I’ve tried ZEP Hardwood & Laminate floor cleaner from lowe’s and it leaves the smudges.

  2. I had purchased Allen + Roth Russett Oak Laminate flooring D3037 from Lowes a few months ago and I now wanted to match another area of floor with the same flooring. Lowes no longer carries this item. I need about 7 bundles. Is it still made and is it available?

    • Hi Jerry,
      Sorry to tell you but if Lowe’s does not have this type of flooring, nothing we can do.
      Is this area in the same room? Because if so, buying the same type of flooring would not help you. Different batches of flooring may have a slightly different color that would be quite visible on the floor of a room.


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