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12 Man Cave Shed Ideas for Your Inspiration

A man cave is a man’s fortress of solitude. It is a sacred place that can be anything you need, from the gym you wanted to a workshop for all those projects you want to create. 

You have your new house. Now it is time to get the space of your dreams. But since a man cave can be anything, where do you start?  

I’ve put together these amazing man cave ideas that can inspire you to create the ultimate space for you. Let’s get started!

A Classic Barn For Country Lovers

You might think of a barn as just a place to put some grain, hay, or even livestock. But when it comes to sheds, the classic barn look is just an expression of your personality. It will look like a barn on the outside, but it can be anything you want on the inside. 

Now, to create this state-of-the-art man cave you’ve wanted all your life, you’ll need the right paint and wood detailing. A dark shade of red and the correct type of wood will be all you need for the exterior. You can either go with some varnish for the wood or paint the interior to your liking. A resin shed could also be a viable option.

If you love country music, horse riding, and the freedom of living away from the city, chances are you’ll love this man cave shed idea. Turning your shed into a classic barn might seem challenging. However, it could be worth it for the aesthetics of your own space

A Black Barn With A Contemporary Edge

A black barn shed might not sound that different from a classic shed, but it is. The main difference between them both is the style. As I said before, your man cave should show your personality, and that’s what a black barn can do for you. 

For this option, you’ll need high-quality black paint and some wood detailing for the exterior. Inside, you should continue the same feeling and combine white paint with more black or some other accent colors. 

A 4KTV, a black recliner, and a mini-fridge would be a good combination. However, you will need to factor in the costs of running electricity to your shed

If you like the shape and feel of barns, but you are looking for something more classy and city-like, then the black barn could be the right option for you. It will show the type of person you are and can even increase your home’s curb appeal

A Biker-Style Garage For Motor Enthusiasts

Turning your shed into a man cave is a great idea, but turning it into the ultimate garage for your bike is even better. A biker-style garage as a man cave offers you two things: the possibility of storing your bikes inside and a cool place to drink with your pals while you talk about bikes and more. 

For this type of man cave, you need space and a motorcycle. Everything else will depend on you and your tastes. You could add a dartboard or a poker table so you can enjoy your space a lot more. 

If you like motorcycles and working on them, this type of man cave idea can give you the perfect space for it. You can use it as storage for your bike and bike tools and as a place to relax when you need some me-time. 

An Outdoor Bar For Kicking Back

Suppose you are the kind of person that enjoys a cold beer or another beverage after a hard day of work or while watching TV on a Sunday. In this case, this man cave idea could be perfect for you. An outdoor bar gives you all you want and need in a man cave, from a place to relax with your mates to the best sports bar possible: yours. 

All you need to turn your old shed into a unique outdoor bar is the right tools and the design you want. Your outdoor bar can be all wood with some electric work for the fridge or mini-fridge and the TV for watching sports. Add a shelf for glasses and other utensils, and you are good to go. 

An outdoor bar is a perfect excuse to host poker night at your place. Adding a poker table or a pool table if you have space would be an excellent idea.

The Ultimate Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

If you love cooking outdoors and the smell of BBQ on a Sunday afternoon makes you smile, this man cave idea could be the one for you. An outdoor BBQ kitchen might not sound as exotic as a bar or a biker-style shed, but it sure can give you a more delicious time. 

For this man cave idea, all you need is the space and the materials to add a BBQ kitchen. Spare no space with this one because mobility is essential when cooking, and a small BBQ place can lead to accidents. One more thing to consider is the ventilation. For this option, a three-wall or one-wall shed should do. 

You can also include an outdoor table near the shed to enjoy the delicious feast you’ll be cooking in your new man cave. Remember that you’ll also need a place to store your cooking utensils and a way to wash them after a cooking session. 

A Sleek And Modern Office Space

Who said man caves should be all games and drinks? If you are looking for a place to work away from the kid’s screams and shouts, a modern office space could be the best option for you.

Turning your shed into a modern office will require the proper natural light and the right equipment. Every good office needs a comfortable chair, a desk, electric outlets, and a strong W-iFi connection. Once you have these items, you can think about decorating the shed to your taste. 

For example, you can add a couple of shelves for your book collection, some pictures or motivational phrases, and anything that can make it more comfortable. 

Now that working from home is more common than ever having your own space to work free from stress is essential. Just remember to leave work in the shed before going back home. 

A Fully-Stocked Workshop For DIY Enthusiasts

A fully stocked workshop is an excellent option for DIY enthusiasts because it provides you with the necessary space to start your own projects. Before deciding on this one, you should consider that a DIY workshop might need more space, depending on what kind of projects you want to pursue. 

Once you know what types of projects you will be working on, it’s time to decide your new DIY man cave style. Space is the most critical aspect of a workshop, so be careful about the items you place inside. You’ll need a large table where you can work on your projects, storage space for your tools, good ventilation, and the right light. 

The good news is that you can do all of these items by yourself. So, if you are the kind of person that prefers to build a table than buying one, this could be the man cave for you.

A Sleek Game Room And Billiards Hall

If having your own outdoor bar is not your style, then a game room could be the way to go. For instance, you can use your new man cave for video games, billiards, darts, and poker. You only need to consider the space available before deciding what to include in your new man cave shed. 

An excellent sleek game room should have the latest video game console, comfortable sofas, and a big TV. If video games are not your thing, then consider a pool or poker table and a dartboard for the walls. Additionally, you can also add a mini-fridge and a microwave, so you don’t have to go to the house every time you want a snack. 

There is no rule for a game room. You can use it to store your action figure collection, play video games at the maximum volume, or bring in your mates for a poker session. 

A Light And Airy Regular Gym

A man cave is not always for fun and games. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can turn your shed into your perfect gym. A man cave gym can be anything from a small space with a bar and some dumbbells to an expansive room with machines for every kind of workout

If you have the budget and space, you can fill your gym with the machines necessary to tackle each muscle. Before thinking about the tools and gadgets, what every gym should have is the proper ventilation. With the ventilation off the list, you can begin thinking about all the weightlifting and cardio equipment you want.

A gym can be the best man cave idea for you because it can be a space just for you, or you can share it with other family members. If your partner also enjoys fitness, your man cave can become a place for the two of you. 

The possibilities of having a man cave gym are many. So, use this idea to inspire your choice and get the home gym you’ve always wanted. 

An Innovative Container Gym

Unlike the regular man cave gym, a container gym should be your choice if you don’t have much space to work with. It is quite innovative because it uses every inch of space available for a purpose. 

The walls can become bars to do some pull-ups or to attach some resistance bands. The floor can be a place for burpees, yoga, stretches, sit-ups, or more, and you can use the remaining space to store your dumbbells and other equipment. 

Ideally, you’ll have enough space to allow ventilation and airflow. This is essential for all gyms, especially if you live in a hot and humid place. 

An Outdoor Relaxation Space With A Tub 

A man cave can be many things, including a place to relax. I think we can all agree that there’s nothing more relaxing than an outdoor hot tub after a stressful workday. If you need a space to let go of pressure, you should consider this man cave shed idea. 

To make this a reality, you won’t need that much space, but you’ll need to get water running to your shed. It might require hiring someone to do it for you, but once that’s done, all there is left to do is decide what type of tub you want. 

It could be a jacuzzi with hydromassagers or a plain tub with warm water and some salts. Regardless of what you choose, there’s no denying that you can have the time of your life with it. Bring your partner in and enjoy one of the most romantic settings. 

Additionally, you can decorate the tub space with some comfy sofas and a mini-fridge. Do you want to binge the next episode of your favorite show while on the tub? Add a TV. It’s your man cave – you can put whatever you want in it. 

A Relaxing Zen Space

Man caves are not all about poker games, pool tables, big TVs, and a place to drink. If the pressure of daily work gets too much for you, it could be an excellent option to have a calm space for you to relax. That’s what zen space man cave will offer you: your own space to unwind. 

Unlike the other options on the list, a zen space man cave is all about your mental and spiritual needs. You need to include some way for natural light to enter, a comfy couch or sofa, and the right colors. Use colors that can bring peace of mind and calmness. For instance, some white with blue, green, or gray can be the best combination for you. 

A relaxing zen space is possible for your man cave. Just ensure that there are no distractions inside. It means no devices like TVs or laptops and no alcoholic drinks. Use it as a place to meditate, read, and relax. 


What Every Man Cave Should Have?

What your man cave should have will depend on you and your likes. However, there are some items you’ll find in most man caves worldwide. For example, a big TV, a recliner couch, a mini-fridge, and a high-quality audio system should be on your man cave list.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Man's Shed?

The budget for a man cave will depend on what style you like and the items you want. A bit of painting, a deep clean, and refurbishing your old shed will cost less than building one from scratch. On average, you might spend between $5,000 to $20,000 USD

What Color Should A Man Cave Be?

The color of your man cave should represent your personality and style. Avoid extra dark colors or pastels for the inside, if possible. Apart from that, you can use any color you want – black for the outside and something full of life for the interior is a winning combination. 

What Is A Woman's Man Cave Called?

The female equivalent of a man’s cave is called a she shed. Although they are not as widespread as man caves, women can also have a space of their own. It serves the same purpose, offering a space for women to enjoy their hobbies and alone time.

How Big Should A Man Cave Be?

Your man cave’s size will depend on the items you want to have and the space available for it. As a minimum, you should be looking at 9 square feet (2.7 square meters), and as a maximum, the sky’s the limit.

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Man Cave?

You may need planning permission for your man cave, depending on the size of your shed and where you live. In some places, you’ll need permission if you’ll use the shed as an extra room. Additionally, you’ll need permission if you start charging per beer in your outdoor bar.

Using Man Cave Ideas In Your Shed

A man cave is an extension of who you are. Use the ideas on this list to come up with something unique that only you could have made. A BBQ place with a big TV and an outdoor tub – why not? It’s your space. It can be whatever you want. 

Did you enjoy this article? What does your man cave look like? And if you don’t have one yet, which of these ideas interests you the most? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and share this article if you like these man cave ideas. 

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