Allen Roth Laminate Flooring: Style At Your Feet

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Flooring is a piece of the home design that we all notice. We’ve heard about it on home design shows. Even when we were young we all heard our mothers yell the warning “don’t scratch the floor!” as they tried to protect this essential design piece.

However, as we got older we found it is our job to pick out and replace flooring – and many, many rows of flooring samples at a home improvement store can be intimidating.

My first suggestion would be to narrow your search to Allen and Roth flooring. They make strong, beautiful, quality flooring with a timeless look. Here, we will look over some of the types of floorings they offer, so you know the appearance and pros of the different styles as well as the drawbacks so you can make an educated decision. With the help of these Allen and Roth laminate flooring reviews, your job in finding the perfect style for your home will be easy.

Allen and Roth Oak Laminate Flooring

Allen and Roth offers laminate oak flooring in a variety of timeless colors and styles, so it can suit your home no matter the design. As you walk across these floors, the 10-mm thick planks will soften the sound of your steps. Some types in this brand also feature an extra 2 mm of padding for extra sound insulation. The planks come in a variety of sizes such as 4.96-in W x 4.23-ft L and 7.48-in W x 3.93-ft L. Anyone can easily install this flooring thanks to interlocking planks as well.

Available Colors and Patterns:

  • Russet Oak
  • Driftwood Oak
  • Gunstock Oak
  • Lodge Oak


  • Beautiful and relatively easy to install
  • Doesn’t scratch easily
  • Padded for sound control


  • Can vulnerable to water damage

Allen and Roth Hickory Laminate Flooring

The designs that Allen and Roth creates for their hickory laminate flooring mimic the look of natural wood. They are also designed with a 10-mm core for added stability and sound control. It comes in a variety of slat sizes such as 4.85-in W x 3.93-ft L, 6.14-in W x 4.52-ft L, 5.98-in W x 3.95-ft L, and a variety of other options as well. You should be able to easily install this flooring as it is made to interlock easily.

Available Colors and Patterns:

  • Brown Marcona Hickory
  • Light Brown Saddle Hickory
  • Brown Spice Mill Hickory
  • Golden Butterscotch


  • Padded for sound control
  • Easy installation
  • Realistic hard wood appearance


  • There are no complaints for this type of flooring

Allen and Roth Maple Laminate Flooring

Maple flooring is a little different than the other Allen Roth laminate flooring we’ve looked at so far.

This is mostly because it comes in a variety of colors and isn’t really restricted just to shades of brown as the other floorings were. It is made in 10-mm thick planks for both stability and sound.  The planks come in a variety of sizes but most often are sold as 4.85-in W x 3.93-ft L. Allen and Roth maple flooring is also made to be interlocking, so you don’t have to worry about complicated installation and glue.

allen roth laminate flooring frosted marple

Additional Colors and Patterns:

  • Burnished Café Maple
  • Frosted Maple
  • Off-White


  • Easy to install and no glue needed
  • 10-mm thick planks offer sound protection as well as extra durability
  • Offers a genuine, realistic, wood appearance


  • Is a rather soft material, making it easier to scratch
  • There have been instances of this flooring breaking near the interlocking planks

Who Makes Allen and Roth Laminate Flooring?

The chain home improvement retail store Lowe’s owns the brand Allen and Roth and sells their products. Since Lowe’s is such a large company that has locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, you won’t have any problems finding a location near you to find these products. If you happen to not have one near you, though, Lowe’s is willing to ship these products to you, even it is just for your ease. You can also access Lowe’s Allen and Roth products online. Lowe’s online store is just as vast as their physical locations. Lowe’s dedicates themselves to serving the communities they work for, so you will find nothing short of top-notch customer service to help you with your every need.

Allen and Roth brand has a distinct design that sets it apart from the other Lowe’s brands. They create their home décor to give you the feel of timeless classic pieces but with a unique twist. This twist is the modernization of these classic designs. Lowe’s wants your furniture to make your house feel like a true home when you use their Allen and Roth line. In this, they do their job well.

Their designs are the perfect blend of modern and classic to create a warm feeling in your home without it looking dated. As someone who installed Allen and Roth laminate floors in their own home, I highly suggest them. They have lasted a long time and were easy to install without having to hire outside help. In regards to their mission statement to offer modernized classics, they definitely deliver on their promises. Any choice of flooring by this brand will surely bring a nice, warm touch to your home.


All in all, I would, personally, highly recommend any of Allen and Roth’s laminate flooring.

They have a variety of choices, from oak to maple to hickory, and all of them are beautiful. They hold rich colors and a realistic, wood texture that gives a warm, classic feeling to your home.

With a wide variety of colors, this flooring will match any type of décor as well. Allen and Roth make all of their laminate flooring planks at least 10 millimeters thick and some with added padding. This helps to add sound protection as well as make the flooring more durable. In all, Lowe’s Allen and Roth brand not only makes quality flooring but flooring you will want to install in your home.

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    • I’m looking for some boxes of Gunstock Oak myself.

      Allen + Roth, do y’all have any suggestions on where we might can find this as Lowe’s no longer carries it.


  1. I need one case of Allen & Roth Driftwood Oak laminate. Just like all the other comments … it too is discontinued! Any idea on where I could purchase one case of it?

  2. I am looking for a box or even just a few pieces of Allen & Roth Golden Butterscotch Hickory for some repairs. Looks like it is already discontinued. Any ideas where I might be able to find some?

  3. I purchased frosted maple laminate from Lowe’s and wanted to buy more to do a couple of other rooms. They said they no longer carried frosted maple. They told me to check with Allen Roth to see if you still carry it. I will need about 1000 sq feet. Can I purchase it from you?


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