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5 Backyard Improvements You Should Not Do by Yourself

Every homeowner knows that there is always work around the house. 

To have a functional and beautiful home, you need to take care of it and do regular maintenance. This work also includes the outside of your house as much as the inside.

However, believing that it will save money, many homeowners try to fix and upgrade things as their DIY projects. This may sound practical, but it can also cause more expenses and trouble than hiring a professional would do. The key is to know when and what type of home improvements you should not do by yourself, and the following may give you some idea about that.

Trim the trees

Trimming the trees in your backyard will add curb appeal, increase the home’s value and protect your property against damage during storms. 

So, this is why tree trimming should be a regular activity to do around the house, but not the one you should do by yourself. 

Firstly, you need to look for a cherry picker for hire since a ladder is not safe and probably tall enough to reach the furthest branches. 

Then you will need special tools like loppers, pole pruner, and shears, as well as to know how to do this job.

A professional knows where to cut the branches so the tree would stay healthy and lush in the season. They will also trim the trees in a manner that will encourage branches to grow in a certain direction, away from the roof and the house in general. 

A well-trimmed backyard

Install outdoor lighting

It would be great to use only solar lights in the yard since they are eco-friendly and easy to place. However, an outdoor area still depends on traditional lighting methods for security as well as to look great in the evenings. But working with electricity is not something that you should consider as a DIY project since it can have life-threatening consequences if you don’t know what you are doing.

Professionals will assess the grid, make sure that wiring is properly laid down and possess no threat to human and animal life. Also, they will inspect any works to make sure that your home is safe from fire when lights are installed. Moreover, thanks to their experience, an electrician can give you advice on how to arrange the lights to gain the best effect for the lowest electricity consumption.

Building a deck

Building a deck is neither easy nor cheap, so this is a home improvement you should definitely leave to professional.

The material for deck building is expensive and you need to understand construction principles in order to build a safe structure. Additionally, the type of materials and design you want may require too much work for a DIY project and can even cause damage to the exterior of your house.

With a contractor, you can have an aesthetically appealing and practical design that will go well with the rest of your house. Not to mention that professionals buy materials at the discount, have the equipment to do the job right and will finish it more efficiently. 

Renovating the façade

Façade is very important for curb appeal and can greatly contribute to landscaping design by setting the tone or adapting to one. But more importantly, it protects your home from cold, hot and humid weather by keeping the structure and foundation dry. Since over the time, the façade starts to show the signs of decay like cracks, paint peels and even have chunks missing, you need to repair it regularly.

However, this is more than a simple painting job and in most cases will need an expert hand to preserve its integrity. A professional will know what products to use and how to apply them so that your façade will stay intact for a long time regardless of the climate. And also, make sure to clean and fix the gutters since their leaking can damage the façade and speed up its deterioration. 

a sprawling mansion with pool and well-maintained landscape and backyard

Building a fireplace

Having a fireplace outside is a great way to make your home more beautiful and have a place to entertain guests and hang out with your family. 

However, building one may require more expertise than you have no matter if it’s in the middle of your seating area or connected to the outside wall. While fire pits are a great DIY project, fireplaces are more complex and also require knowledge of city regulations.

Not to mention you need to have masonry experience and be familiar with safe building practices to avoid having a fireplace collapsing and endangering your family and property. A professional contractor will know how to position your fireplace, which materials to use and what is following the neighborhood code. This may seem like an expensive ordeal, but causing accidental structural damage or even fire will cost even more. 


These are only some home improvements you should not do by yourself, but the list can be even larger if you are not handy with the tools. 

So, opt for a professional service and enjoy expertly and safely completed projects around your house that will certainly steal looks from your neighbors.

a large house with landscaped garden and backyard
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