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How To Measure For Snow Blower Tire Chains? Here’s What You Need To Know

To measure for snow blower tire chains, you will first need to find out your tire size. Tire sizes can be displayed in 2 or 3 digits, such as 3-5 and 26×12-12. These figures refer to the dimensions of the tire, such as its height, width and rim diameter.

For those of us who are surrounded by piles of snow in the winter, snow blowers are our best friends who we couldn’t possibly do life without! 

But as amazing as these machines are, there’s just one thing that can kick their power up a notch and make our lives all the more easier – snow blower tire chains.

If you’re wondering, “But how to measure for snow blower tire chains?” don’t fret because this article has all the details you’ll need to give your snow blower a much-needed boost

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Why Do You Even Need Snow Blower Tire Chains?

Snow blower with chains on its tires

Snowblower tire chains are the key to giving your snowblower more traction, thus helping it perform a lot smoother and easier. With improved traction, your snow blower will be better equipped to grip into packed snow and ice, resulting in more control for you and a reduced risk of slipping.

If you have a medium to large-sized yard or area to cover, I’d definitely recommend getting yourself a set of snow blower tire chains.

The only area of caution with these snow chains is that they can damage your tires if they’re the wrong size, fitted incorrectly, or if they’re used directly on asphalt or tar. For the latter, you might want to check out this piece on how to clear snow from gravel driveways.

How To Measure For Snow Blower Tire Chains?

Are Your Snow Blower Tires Designed To Fit Snow Chains?

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Firstly, you need to determine whether snow chains can be fitted onto your snow blower tires. Some snowblower tires aren’t designed for snow chains, but that doesn’t mean they won’t perform well. It just means that their manufacturer designed them so well that they don’t even need snow chains. 

To find out whether or not your snow blower tires can be fitted with snow chains, check whether there’s enough space between the body of the snow blower and the inner sidewall of the tire. 

Ideally, you should have about 2 inches of clearance. This works for most snow blowers, but fair warning, it may differ depending on the model you have. 

Don’t stress about it if you’re unsure after checking it out, because the manual that comes with your snow blower should clearly state whether it can be fitted with snow chains.

And if your snow blower is so old that you can’t find your manual (or keep up with regular breakdowns and maintenance), check out this piece for some of the best snow blowers that can even withstand gravel driveways.

What Size Are Your Snow Blower Tires?

Snow blower tires size infographic

Now let’s get down to the numbers. The size of the snow chains you need depends on the size of your snowblower tires. The bigger the tire, the longer the chain. 

Snow blower tire sizes are usually located on the side of the tires and can either be 2 or 3-digits long. These digits are sometimes separated by a symbol like a subtraction or multiplication sign, but all you need to know about these is that they’re basically placeholders and hold no other significance.

A 2-digit tire size looks like this: 3-5. The first figure represents your tire’s width in inches and the second is your tire’s rim diameter.

A 3-digit one looks like this: 26×12-12. The first figure is the height of your tire, the second is its width and the third is its rim diameter. 

If you’re unable to find your tire size, you can simply use a measuring tape to get the different measurements. And if you can’t find a snow chain that’s the same size as your tire, there’s no need to worry because most snow chains on the market are adjustable.

Does The Snow Chain Fit The Type Of Tire Tread On Your Tires?

A man operating a john deere snow blower

Tires often have different tread types and patterns. To select the correct tire chains, first, make sure that they’re compatible with the type of tread on your tires. If they aren’t, the chain won’t work as desired. 

Check out this video by YouTube user Tractor Tires and Tire Chains Experts for some more information on how to choose the right snow blower snow chain for your machine:

YouTube player

Fitting Your Snow Chains

Here is an easy way to go about fitting your snow chains onto your snow blower tires. Please remember that snow blowers come in varying types and models, so the process may differ. 

It’s highly recommended that you have a look at your instruction manual first and make sure that you follow the guidelines set out in it. 

  1. Place your snowblower tire chains on the ground. Make sure that the flat chain links are facing up.
  2. Place the adjustable clips on the outer edge of the tire. 
  3. Once you’ve placed the chains correctly, push the snowblower forward until your tires are sitting on the chains.
  4. Lift the two ends of the chain and link them together. Your chain should now be wrapped around the entire tire. Repeat this step on the other side.
  5. Double check whether the chain is fitted snugly on both tires. Make sure it isn’t too loose.

For a visual representation of how to go about this, check out this video by YouTube user JacksSmallEnginesTV on how to install snow ice chains:

YouTube player


Do Snow Chains Have To Be Exact Size?

Snow chains don’t have to be the exact size. Most snow chains are adjustable so you can always tweak the length as per your tires’ specific measurements.

Do Tire Chains Work On Snow Blowers?

Tire chains do work on snow blowers. The only requirement is that your snow blower has to be designed to allow for a chain to be fitted on. This can be determined by checking whether it has enough clearance between the tire and wheel rim.

Will Chains Help My Snowblower?

Chains will help your snowblower. If your snow blower allows for a chain to be fitted on, it can make a world of difference in how well it moves, especially when you need to clear packed snow and ice.

Will Tire Chains Damage Driveway?

Tire chains can damage driveways if they’re used on bare asphalt or tar. They can also damage the tires if used directly on the ground. They’re only meant for use on snow and ice. 

Ready To Measure Your Tire Chains?

I’m sure you’ll now agree with me that snow blower tire chains are must-haves if your snowblower needs a boost (and if it allows for chains, of course). They really will level up your snow blower and make the process of clearing out snow and ice on those winter mornings a whole lot easier.

I hope my article helped you figure out how to measure for snow blower tire chains. Please let me know in the comments below whether you found it helpful. I’d love to hear from you!

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