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How Does Snow Blower Power Steering Work? Here’s The Answer!

How does power steering work on snowblowers? Power steering is a drive assistance mechanism that slows or locks each tire separately when you press a handle grip. It helps you make left and right turns in harsh winter conditions more easily.

Looking to buy the best snow blower for your local winter weather? Don’t know if the power steering feature is worth the extra bucks?

If you live in a particularly snowy area, you should get a snowblower with power steering. It will make snow removal much easier and safer!

But what exactly is snow blower power steering? You can get all the answers you need in neatly organized sections below. Let’s take a look!

Snow Blower Power Steering Explained

What Is Snow Blower Power Steering?

How Does Snow Blower Power Steering Work

Snow blower power steering, also known as power assist steering, is a driving mechanism that aids forwarding momentum and maneuverability. Let’s break this definition down.  

Snowblower power steering is basically a system that supplies power from the engine to the wheels, which you get to control with a lever, a trigger, or a handlebar. This system allows you to control the wheels and the movement of the whole machine.

The ability to control each wheel separately is important when working in heavy snow. Without this feature, turning a large snowblower in snowy conditions is difficult and dangerous

All large snow blowers, whether you are buying a 2-stage vs 3-stage snow blower, are equipped with power steering and an electric start. These snow blowers can weigh well over 200 pounds and are meant to be used in heavy snow. Their usability almost depends on power steering. 

Single-stage and compact two-stage blowers, on the other hand, don’t need power steering. These units are lightweight and can be operated without any assistance

How Does Snow Blower Power Steering Work?

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Snow blower power steering is a fairly simple system. The wheels of a snow blower with power steering are connected to the engine as well as the control lever or handle grip through a cable

When you press the handle grip or a trigger, you instantly cut power to the tire to either slow it down or lock it in place. Snowblowers usually have a handle control for each tire, for your left and right hand

When you disengage one wheel, the power still goes through the second wheel. Because one tire is still and the other in full motion, you get to make a left or right turn with hardly any effort. 

This video shows you how snow blower power steering works:

What Are The Benefits Of Power Steering?

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Here are some of the reasons why you should get a snowblower with power steering:

  • Steering forward and making turns in heavy snow and on ice takes little to no effort.
  • Your heavy-duty snowblower won’t strip you of your energy just by operating it.
  • It is ideal for people with a smaller build that don’t have the height or the weight to steer a heavy snow blower. 
  • You can operate your snow blower with one hand. 
  • You can use your other hand to rotate the discharge chute without having to stop the machine. 
  • Power steering makes your snow clearing quicker and easier.
  • You will feel safe and comfortable while operating your heavy snowblower.

What Are Some Problems With Power Steering?

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The most common problem people run into with power steering is the freezing up of the cable. The moisture from wet snow that accumulates on the cable easily freezes in low temperatures

When the cable freezes you may have trouble locking the wheels. Your power steering will be temporarily disrupted until the cable starts to defrost. 

Another thing you may not like is the additional cost you will have to pay to have this feature. Snowblowers with power steering are a little bit more expensive. The power steering feature can make up to 10 percent of the total cost

Is Power Traction Control The Same Thing?

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Power steering goes under a lot of names. It is sometimes referred to as power traction control or free-wheel steering. These names all represent the same thing, which is the ability to control each wheel separately.  

Brands come up with different names for power steering to differentiate themselves from the competition. It is a way to make their products seem more unique or innovative


Is power steering on snowblower needed?

Power steering on snowblower is not needed unless the snowblower is too big to steer without assistance. You will need power steering if you plan on clearing heavy snow and don’t have the body strength to turn the machine on your own. 

Are airless tires good on snowblower?

Airless tires are good on snowblower because they never go flat. They don’t need to be constantly refilled with air and are practically maintenance-free. They are flexible and offer good traction, just like pneumatic air tires. 

Do I need a self-propelled snow blower?

You don’t need a self-propelled snow blower if the machine is lightweight and easy to push forward without assistance. You don’t need a self-propelled feature if you will be clearing light and dry snow from your driveway. 

Don’t Hesitate To Invest In Power Steering 

Snow blower power steering may not be needed in all instances, but in some cases, it is practically necessary

If you get lots of heavy or wet snow in your area and don’t have the body strength to steer the machine on your own, don’t hesitate to spend a little more on a snow blower with power steering. It will make your snow removal chores much easier and safer. 

If you are concerned specifically about clearing wet snow, read our guide about the best snowblowers that can tackle this job easily.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to ask any questions! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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