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24 Of The Best Wood Fence Ideas: Make your yard well protected!

I wanted to put together a list of wooden fence options because there’s something about the beauty of wood fencing that is both natural and aesthetically pleasing. Wood has a rustic air to it, making it perfect for a lot of different garden setups.

When it comes to fence designs wood fencing is traditional and makes you feel like you’re part of the great outdoors, even if you are just in your backyard. On top of that, they’re also affordable and built to last.

Many people might be concerned that wood fences are too hard to care for or too expensive to install, so I wanted to address all your concerns with an FAQ aimed at showing you that wooden fences are the next big thing. Find it after the designs!

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Solid Wood Fence Ideas

Solid Privacy

Wood Fence on a chainlink fence

This kind of a solid fence is one of the best wood privacy fence designs, allowing you to enjoy the intimacy of your yard without any curious peeks. I love this type of fencing because of how approachable it is for new builders.

DIY Solid Fence Project

Simple solid fence

In my opinion, one of the major benefits of a solid fence is the simplicity of the project, which gives homeowners the financial freedom to go the DIY route, rather than overspend to hire someone else to do the job. I built the fence at my own home, and although it was quite challenging at first, it ultimately turned out to be one of the most satisfying experiences.

Inspiration for Horizontal Fences

Sexy by Nature

Horizontal bars wooden fence

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve always found the edge-to-edge lines of a horizontal face very sexy. It’s where urban modernism meets the traditional feel of classic wood.

Back-to-Front Slats

Horizontal fence staggered back-to-front type

The intriguing layout of this horizontal fence is all about a staggered back-to-front type of construction, creating a magnificent, double-sided pattern that I personally love to look at.

Tall & Discreet

Reddish-brown horizontal fence with playful pattern

With a reddish-brown color and interesting slat placement, this horizontal fence adds a playful pattern to the yard. If you’re anything like me and you love to enjoy lazy afternoons under the sunny sky, you’ll definitely appreciate the extra privacy this type of wood fence provides.

Wooden Illusion

21st-century fence making a yard appear longer and wider

This particular idea is an excellent example of how something as simple as wood can create something as modern as this 21st-century fence, making even the smallest yard appear longer and wider. Whenever I’m in a backyard with this particular wood fence design, I’m always struck by how well it goes together with colorful plants and flowers set against it.

Plant ‘n Wood Combo

Wooden fence with a little bit of distance between the slats

You can build a wooden fence with a little bit of distance between the slats, provided you have some shrubs or trees that can fill the empty space, to ensure privacy. I’m a sucker for greenery, and I couldn’t imagine having a wood fence without at least a few plants set against it!

Elegant Simplicity

Horizontal fence features asymmetrical wooden slats

I absolutely love how satisfying these wooden fence designs are to look at! With a minimalistic, contemporary vibe, this horizontal fence features asymmetrical wooden slats of different widths, for an elegant, yet imposing design.

Metal and Wood Fence Designs

Affordable Combination

Wood and metal fence to separate yard from the garden

This wood and metal fence is a practical way to separate your yard from your garden and it is quite an efficient tool for farms and pastures, where animals are free to roam. I always recommend it to my friends with properties that have a bit more acreage.

Timeless Shine

Fence with dominant metal components

One of the main things I love about a fence with dominant metal components is the versatility of the design. You can mimic a lot of different looks with this option, ranging from classic iron fencing to that solid, sturdy look of aluminum.

Corrugated Metal & Wood

Corrugated metal on a wooden frame fence

I find corrugated metal on a wooden frame to be a very appealing choice, not just because it completely blocks out curious looks from passersby, but also because it creates a nice contrast in bringing the two materials together.

Beautiful Rustic Fences

Out in the Woods

Vertical rustic wooden fence

Everything about this vertical rustic fence idea is astonishing: from the asymmetrical height of the different pickets to the visual effect created, making you feel as if you’re lost in the woods, enjoying time away from your tedious daily routine. I was always drawn to these rugged, uneven wood fence designs.

Countryside Inspiration

Wood fence with small logs of crude

If you want to achieve the best rustic fence effect, I’d advise you to consider adding small logs of crude wood, which will give your yard a countryside look with an almost cowboy-ish vibe.

Budget-Friendly Wooden Fence

Repurposed old pieces of wood as wooden fence

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option to integrate a small wooden fence that separates your miniature garden or chicken-pen from the rest of your yard, repurposing old pieces of wood to create a timeless, rustic look is, in my opinion, the best way to go.

Cozy Slice of Heaven

Wooden rustic fence separating the yard and the garden

Much like the example above, this idea is also meant to create wooden divisions in parts of your yard or garden that need protection from children or animals. I added it to my backyard after my dogs took an interest in ruining my precious petunias.

Color Me Pretty

Creative and colorful rustic wooden fence

Just one look at this image will give you amazing, new, and creative ideas on how to build a rustic fence with affordable materials, allowing you to get playful with the colors at the same time.

Classic Meets Modern

Perfectly aligned horizontal slats for a rustic wooden fence

I can’t help but feel like this rustic fence feels more like a sculptural masterpiece, with smooth accents and perfectly aligned slats that depict a sense of how modern and classic vibes can blend together.

Wooden Crayon Art

Creatively carved wood fence into a colored pencil

I love getting creative with wood! It has never been easier, especially since this is a material that can be carved into the shape of whatever you fancy, opening up a world of possibilities.

Gorgeous Lattice Fencing Ideas

Mixing Styles

Lattice fencing with cross pattern on top and solid vertical pattern buttom

Whenever I talk to anyone about lattice fencing, I always point out that it isn’t just about long chunks of wood put together in a cross pattern: you can get creative and mix up the latticework with a solid vertical fence below, to create an interesting design.

Wooden Plant Support

Lattice wooden panel with a solid fence

Lattice fencing is more about the effect and less about privacy. If you want to get the best of both worlds, I think you should consider combining a lattice wooden panel with a solid fence in the background, creating the optimal setup for hanging plants.

Romantic Yard Escapades

Tall lattice wooden fence with lighting at the bottom of each support pole

Talking about clever designs, how about this tall lattice wooden fence with lighting at the top of each support pole? I adore the atmosphere created by dimmed light bouncing off the wooden fence. It can be quite the added touch to a romantic yard setup, where all that’s missing is a glass of rosé.

Picket Fence Alternative

White vinyl lattice fence panel

Dreaming about a modern approach to the classic white picket fence? I’m a big fan of vinyl lattice fence panels that are both practical and decorative, and will give your yard an elegant look.

Curved Cedar Beauty

Cedar criss cross fence

For me, cedar will always be a viable option in terms of wood for excellent yard and garden fences. This is mainly because it’s affordable and long-lasting.

Backyard Vacation

lattice fence as a plant support

While they do make great outdoor screens, I always found lattice fences to also provide the best plant support, suitable for homeowners that are in love with being surrounded by as many natural elements as possible.

Wood Fence FAQs

What Is The Best Wood To Use For A Fence?

The correct answer is: it depends on what you’re looking for. Pine, fir, or spruce is affordable and lasts longer. Cedar and cypress have natural oils that act as insect barriers but are also very resistant to rot.
Redwood is also good, but it’s more expensive compared to other types of woods. However, it is also better looking and more durable. I believe that there is no point in being too frugal when it comes to wooden fence designs that are meant to protect your home and yard, so I would put redwood among the best types of wood for a fence.pine wood planks

How Much Is A Wooden Fence?

The price of your wooden fence will vary, depending on the type of wood you choose, as well as the quantity of wood you have to buy. I put together a little overview of the prices below, just to give you a basic idea of what you can expect to spend:
●   A 6-foot long cedar picket costs roughly $2-3 for one.
●   Spruce is valued at about $5, for the same length.
●   Redwood prices can go as high as $8.
●   Cypress is less expensive, at about $2.

How To Make A Wood Fence Last Longer?

If you want a wood fence, you might be asking yourself: How do I protect my wooden fence?
In my experience, building a fence with untreated wood is a surefire way to expose it to all kinds of damage from the elements, insects, or plants that are touching it. There are several tips and tricks to ensure your fence has a longer lifespan:
●   To protect your fence from rot, stain it whenever necessary. Also, make sure you remove all debris that could potentially lead to rot: like building materials or piles of leaves resting up against the fence. If you notice parts of your wooden fence starting to rot, replace them immediately to prevent it from spreading.
●   If you paint your wooden fence, use a scraper to remove old paint traces before applying a fresh coat.
●   Repair any damage to the wood before it expands. If there are any broken boards, replace them. If you see any splits, sandpaper the surface.
●   Treat your fence for termites. These insects can threaten the most common types of wood used in fences, from cedar to redwood.
●   Make sure that your fence is protected from moisture as much as possible. This doesn’t mean you should cover it every time it rains, but make sure if it has wooden slats that come in contact with the ground, they don’t rot because of moisture.treating and sealing a wooden fence with a brush

How Long Will A Wooden Fence Last?

When determining how long your wooden fence will last, there are many factors to consider:
●   The natural life of the wood used to construct your fence is one factor that will determine how long your fence will last. For example, some cedar products can last anywhere between 15 and 30 years, while spruce has a shorter lifespan of up to 7 years.
●   If the wood is treated, it will last longer.
●   The longevity of your fence also depends on the installation method. For example, if your fence comes in contact with the ground, it will be more exposed to moisture, which can damage it.
●   A wooden fence will also last longer if you take care of it properly. That means that you need to look for rot, cracks, splits, and other forms of damage and fix these issues before the problem expands.

Do I Need A Permit To Build A Fence?

This depends on the area where you live. Local by-laws may prevent homeowners from building a fence without a permit and this may vary depending on your state and country.
Some cities may allow you to build a fence without a permit, provided you don’t exceed a certain height. For instance, you can build a fence in New York without a permit, as long as said fence is under 6 feet in height. My own fence in North Carolina cannot be taller than 4 feet within 15 ft from any public road. More secluded properties can have fences of maximum 7 feet in height.

Top Considerations Before You Build A Fence

Whether you’re looking to protect your pets, create backyard privacy, mark property lines or give your kids a safe place to play, a fence is often the perfect solution. If you have a dog that loves to dig (Siberian Husky owners know all about it!), you might want to invest in a training collar to keep them from trying to tunnel their way out!

When you add one to your property, you can create clearer boundaries, boost property value, or even enhance overall aesthetics and curb appeal. Nonetheless, buying a fence is a big investment and commitment — one that requires careful planning if it’s going to be executed properly.

When you want to add the kind of fence you’ll love years into the future, stop and consider all the possibilities, complications and options for building a fence at your home.

You have to explore issues such as what material to use, what height/size you need, utility lines, neighbors, entrances and more. Are you interested in learning more about what to think through before buying a new fence?

Curious about a checklist of what to consider when you want to do your due diligence in a fence purchase? If so, check out this handy infographic of top considerations! Click on the infographic to enlarge it.

The author of the infographic is Chris Buenz, the owner of First Fence Company in Chicago, Illinois. With more than 18 years of experience in both fencing and sales, Buenz is well-versed in the Chicago-area business market.

Did You Like Our Wood Fence Ideas?

Wood is still the underdog of the fence world, but people are slowly learning to appreciate its value. In my opinion, it’s a more convenient option compared to a concrete fence, as wood comes in all shapes and sizes and in options for everyone’s budget.

But wood fencing ideas are not just a budget-friendly option: it’s also a more natural and customizable way to personalize your home.

Did you enjoy this list of wood fence ideas? Have you come across any other amazing wood fence ideas you’d recommend to your best friend? Hook me up with your ideas and your vision of what the most awesome wooden fence should look like!

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Candace Osmond

Award Winning Designer, Candace Osmond has been in the industry for more than 10 years. She studied Interior Decorating & Design and is also an accomplished writer and multi-published author. Apart from being an author on our website, she also writes for In her free time, Candace can be found traveling, tending to her garden, or enjoying the outdoor haven on the earth that is her backyard. Candace currently lives in the beautiful Maritimes of Eastern Canada with her husband, two beautiful kids, and a bulldog.

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