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27 Enclosed Patio Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Sometimes all you really want is to enjoy a morning cup of coffee while admiring the beauty of your surroundings. But you don’t often get to do that, do you? Unfortunately, sometimes Mother Nature with her constant mood swings has other plans for you.

An enclosed patio provides you with the protection you need from the outdoor elements, so the weather no longer dictates when you get to enjoy your porch. Moreover, an enclosed patio can easily be customized to suit your needs and become your own little piece of heaven.

In this article, I’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about the enclosed patios. I’ll also showcase some of the enclosed patio ideas that you can easily incorporate into your home, today.

Looking For Help From a Professional Company?

If you’re looking for someone to help you with transforming your patio, you can get a free quote from top local contractors here:

Patios With Curtains

Go Thicker for More Privacy

grey themed patio with curtain enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#outdoorCurtains #patioshade
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Screen enclosure can be quite expensive, depending on the material you choose to cover your patio. A great, more affordable alternative is to simply hang up some curtains. Thicker curtains, like the ones displayed here, can add privacy to your enclosed patio. Check out to see their different array of curtains.

Go Translucent to See More

patio designed with wooden furniture, coral hanging decor, purple pillows and thin fabric curtains as an enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#outdoorCurtains #patioshade
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Maybe you still want to be able to see what lies behind your curtains. In that case, ditch the thick curtains and go for thinner ones that allow you to see your surroundings clearly. Just don’t go too thin to the point where privacy is completely lost. Other great examples of these types of curtains are showcased at Check them out!

Best Of Both Worlds

metal furniture, chandelier, and white curtain for patio enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#outdoorCurtains #patioshade
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What if you want to maintain your privacy, but still want to be able to see if someone or something is approaching your property? Go for a curtain that’s not too thick that it completely blocks out your vision and not too thin that your neighbors see everything. Visit to see how that balance is achieved.

Decorative Curtains

Apart from the practical purpose of curtains, they can also be a part of the overall design of your patio. For instance, these curtains have the same neutral shade as the tablecloth and the small light fixture above the table. This ties together the overall design. For more ideas of this nature, check out

Tropical Vibes

Add Some Wood Blinds

patio with wood blinds  as an enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#outdoorShade
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If you live in an environment that’s full of greenery and you’re looking for something to blend in well with the surroundings, wood blinds should be right up your alley. You can also use wood blinds as a roofing option, to make your patio enclosure look more cohesive, as demonstrates.

An Outdoor Bar

vintage bar feel for a white rustic patio with wood blinds  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#outdoorShade
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Some owners of enclosed patios aren’t all about relaxing and admiring nature. Some are actually looking to transform their patio into a small party house, to which they can invite their friends for a drink. Incorporate the previous tip into this one to create that vintage bar feel.

Thatch Things Up

Rustic patio with thatch blinds to create enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#outdoorShade
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You don’t need to buy curtains or blinds if you buy thatch. Thatching is all about using dry vegetation, such as water reeds, heather, straw, rushes, or palm branches, to build a roof to cover your patio. Dry vegetation can also serve as insulation because they are densely packed and their bulk is always dry. More on this on

Fenced Enclosure

A Whole New Room

patio surrounded with a white fence  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#fence #privacyfence #pergola
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Got a spacious patio? You can completely surround this area with a fence, to transform it into a whole new room. Add some furniture here and there, some sort of light source, a table, and voila, your home has just been resized. Check out how accomplishes this.

Your Private Yard

backyard patio with white fence enclosure with light coloered furniture and decoration  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#fence #privacyfence #stringLights #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting #backyardLighting
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An enclosed patio doesn’t need to be on your front porch. You can use up a little bit of your backyard to build a fairly commodious enclosed backyard patio, just by adding a tall fence around a couch or two. You can find similar fence-related enclosed patio ideas on

Matching Furniture

Patio with fence enclosure and furniture that matches the fence and the floor  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#fence #privacyfence #stringLights #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting #backyardLighting#pergola
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Incorporating furniture that matches the fencing around your patio is a great way to use a fence as a means of decoration and not just security. And, style-wise, it looks pretty darn chic. For more stylish patio ideas, visit

Let Your Guard Down

Patio decorated with plants and white shade furniture and surrounded with bare enclosure made of wood and metal  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#fence #privacyfence #pergola
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If your home is already surrounded by a fence, there’s no point in adding another tall fence around your patio. However, you can add a decorative fence, like the one in this picture, to beautify your home. offers more budget-friendly enclosed patio ideas like this that you can use.

Outdoor Dining Area

patio outdoor dinning area  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#fence #privacyfence #pergola
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With a minimal railing around your patio and a dining table, you can invite the whole family for a great meal outside in the fresh air. Various examples of this can be found on

Screened-In Patios

Modular Home Awnings

Window awnings can prolong the life of your flooring and furniture because they keep them protected from direct sunlight. They’re also pretty affordable. Check out for more about awnings.

Bohemian Outlook

bohemian themed patio with screen enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#stringLights #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting #backyardLighting#pavillion #pavilion
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The bohemian look is often achieved by using different textiles here and there, so why not screen in your patio with some sort of textile, as well? In their enclosed patio ideas, demonstrates how to do a bohemian-style porch, perfectly.

Sliding Screens

Sliding screens as a patio enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting#pavillion #pavilion
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If you don’t want your patio screens to be completely static, consider investing in a more dynamic option, such as sliding screens. More screened-in patio ideas can be found on

Sunny Sun Room

Patio with a translucent screen enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#pavillion #pavilion
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You’ve got your roofing and flooring done, now just add some translucent screens that will let the gleaming rays of the sun enter your enclosed patio. Love the sun? Check out for more sunny run room ideas.

Little Stunners

cool color in decorating a small porch  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#pavillion #pavilion
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Spacious patios are great, but living small with a rather small patio will definitely make you appreciate every square inch. You’ll find excellent tiny porch ideas on

Glass Patios

Glassy Sun Room

patio with glass enclosure and lovely furniture  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#pavillion #pavilion
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Not too fond of metal patio screens? What about screening in your patio with glass, instead? Houses surrounded by greenery could definitely use some glass screens. Other glassy sunroom ideas can be found on

Neutral Colors

glass enclosure for a patio with a gray and white furniture, wall and floor  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#pavillion #pavilion
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You don’t have to live in a sunny region to incorporate glass. As you can see, it looks great in colder terrains, as well. Find more of similar contemporary enclosed patio ideas on

A Bit of Both

Patio with a glass roof and wall  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#pavillion #pavilion
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The sun still shines every now and then in colder regions, but that doesn’t mean that you need to change colors. Neutral colors still look amazing under the sun. Plenty of similar models can be found on

Glass Veranda

black themed veranda with glass enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#pavillion #pavilion
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Transform your patio into an outdoor veranda with a sliding glass door and a few glass windows. Other brilliant ideas are demonstrated on

Glass Entryways

glass sliding door as a patio enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#pavillion #pavilion
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Again, why settle for static screening when you can have a more dynamic option? Glass doors are also great for decoration, as they tend to reflect the colors that surround them. have over 50 amazing decorative glass door ideas.

A Complete Glass House

luxurious patio with TV, furniture, fireplace and glass enclosure  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#pavillion #pavilion
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This can be a bit costly, but if you have the financial wiggle room, you can transform your patio into a whole new, integrated house. Visit for more information.

Green Enclosure

Climbing Vines

outdoor space decorated with climbing vines, fire ot at the center and furniture on the side  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#plants #garden
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This is more of a decorative tip, rather than a screening option. Crawling vines can provide an incredible aesthetic to your patio no matter where you are. Visit to other cool ideas of the same nature.

Is It a Garden or a Patio?

garden in a patio #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#plants #garden
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If you happen to lack a garden in your backyard or if you don’t have a backyard to begin with, why not make a garden out of your enclosed patio? Again, is the place to be for such awesome ideas.

Summer Outdoor Space

enclosed patio decorated with plants and old furniture  #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#plants #garden
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Decorating your enclosed patio with some greenery, a couple of lounge chairs, and a table sounds very much like the perfect place for a date. For other stunning ideas, visit

Potted Greenery

outdoor living space using plants as an enclosure #patioideas #patiodeck #outdoorSpace #outdoordecor #patiodecor #patio #outdoorliving #outdoorFurniture#plants #garden
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Finish it all off by adding as many plant pots and stands as possible. More plants mean more shade and more clean air for you to breathe. provides similar ideas to this one.

Even More Ideas For Your Enclosed Patio

Add Memories In A Form Of Canvas prints

If you decided to have a well-lit enclosed patio by using light curtains or windows, you can decorate the walls with a beautiful canvas print. Put a family picture or some lovely scenic views or go all-in with abstract designs. Such canvas prints could add a new dimension to your overall design.

Make An Indoor Picnic

What could be better than a picnic table in your enclosed patio! It can make you feel that you are outside while still being protected from elements.

You can choose your table’s color to suit your desired needs that would go well with the rest of the theme. Decorate your table with a flower pot or some candles.

Get An Extra Dining Room

Are you still searching for more ideas on how to decorate an enclosed patio? Why not put a dining table out on a spacious patio. It could offer some beautiful romantic dinners if your house already has a fence and you have plenty of privacy.

How Much Does an Enclosed Patio Cost?

According to Home Advisor, the expense of building an enclosed patio ranges anywhere from $2,900 to $40,000, with the average cost sitting around $16,238. The cost of building an enclosed patio varies, depending on how you envision it. But, the range you should be expecting to pay is usually between $8,372 and $24,377.

What Contributes to the Cost of an Enclosed Patio?

There are a few factors you need to be aware of before moving forward with a contractor, as they can heavily dictate the cost of your patio enclosure. Let’s briefly go over each one.

Size of the Patio Enclosure

Not to state the obvious, but a larger enclosed patio will cost more money than a smaller one, so it all boils down to your budget, really. It’s important to first envision how you want your patio to look, before taking any size measurements.

Think of a patio enclosure as an investment in your home. You don’t really want to cut down on the size too much to the point where the patio is a little too uncomfortable to be in.

Materials of the Patio Enclosure

There are a vast variety of materials you can use to build your enclosed patio. Of course, one material will differ in cost from another. I highly recommend that you don’t go cheap on materials, as this will determine how durable the whole construction will be.

You also need to keep in mind that different screen materials will help you achieve different things. For instance, if your patio space lacks privacy, you should definitely opt for privacy screens that won’t allow the neighbors to see you.

Another example of a material to consider is pet screens, which are designed to resist damage inflicted by the claws of your pet. This is highly recommended if you own a cat.

Roofing Options

The roofing of your enclosed patio is a noteworthy factor in your total cost. You don’t need to worry about roofing costs if your patio is already covered by the roof of your home. But, if your plan is to extend your patio beyond the roof of your home, or to add a new patio that won’t be under your roofline, you should expect some expenses to come along with it.

The first option you can go with is to use the same roofing material as on your home’s roof. The second way you can go about this is to install an insulated roof, which usually tends to cost less than traditional roof shingles.

However, an insulated roof doesn’t usually have the same durability as a traditional one. Lastly, you can cover the whole structure with screens.

Flooring Options

As far as flooring options go, there’s absolutely no limit to what you can do and it all depends on your personal preference.

The two most popular options are pavers and concrete flooring because they provide a good level of durability. For those who prefer a range of colors and designs to pick from, we recommend going with pavers.

You can also use flagstone; the pro is that it’s easy to clean!

Additional Features

Adding extra features to your patio project will come with extra expenses. Some features that you might want to consider include installing a window or two. This allows you to circulate the air in your enclosed patio by leaving the windows open.

Additionally, you might want to install some ceiling fans to provide comfort and maybe some sort of light source, in case you intend on spending some time on your patio at night.

Another thing that’s worth taking a look at is a fire feature. Just make sure that you follow safety measures when having a fire pit in your covered patio.

Why Consider Getting an Enclosed Patio?

Getting an enclosed patio has plenty of notable benefits. Some of them are too obvious to state, but some might not have occurred to you.

Increased Property Value

An outdoor enclosed patio can help put a spotlight on your home and make it more appealing. This is a sound investment to make if you intend on attracting potential homebuyers. And, while yes, a patio enclosure can cost you some money, you’ll be able to regain that money back when you ultimately decide to sell your home.

Additional Storage Space

Enclosed patios provide a great area for storing anything from shoes and clothes to tools and equipment. While you want to keep the area neat and not too cluttered, you can still make use of that empty corner as storage space.

Additional Security Measure

It’s already hard enough for a burglar to break into a property. An added enclosed patio makes it even harder for a burglar to break in, as it serves as another line of defense that any potential intruder has to go through.

Burglars will find it easier to look for another property to try and break into, rather than deal with the hassle of both your enclosed patio and door lock.

Protection From the Outdoor Elements

By outdoor elements, I don’t just mean the various weather conditions, this also includes any sort of animal or insect intrusion. Think about it: you don’t want to be chilling in your favorite chair to look and find a swarm of mosquitoes coming after you. And you don’t want to leave your sandwich on your patio table to come back and find an army of flies on it.

Another thing an enclosed patio can help with is to protect you from harmful UV light emitted by the sun, which is especially helpful for people with sensitive skin. A quality mesh screen covering your patio can help reduce the unwanted glare of the sun.

Did You Like Our enclosed patio ideas?

An enclosed patio is something many homeowners dream of having but tend to make excuses as to why it might be out of their reach. The above-mentioned enclosed patio ideas should provide you with enough options to choose from, no matter your budget.

If an enclosed patio is completely out of your budget, you might want to consider a semi-enclosed patio or backyard pavilion instead. Visit this link to find out everything you need to know about pavilions.

Also, keep in mind that a patio can be considered an accessory building (according to our research) and you may need to comply with local regulations while modifying it.

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know in the comments whether you enjoyed the ideas we shared today and feel free to share this list with your friends who are thinking about building their own enclosed patio.

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