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Step by Step Guide for Setting Up a Lighted Tent In Your Backyard

No matter if you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary or special occasion party, lighted tents can provide the perfect shelter for your guests.

Not only will it keep them out of the elements, but a lighted tent will allow your party to go into late into the night without having to worry about another light source. Plus, lighted tents are a magical way to enhance your party mood as it will twinkle along with the night sky.

Setting up a lighted party tent doesn’t have to be a challenge. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process!

Setting Up Your Tent

The first step s to start with the tent itself.

You have a couple of options here as you can choose to set the tent up on your own or have a rental company construct it right in your backyard for you.

If you decide to do it on your own, follow the tent instructions by laying it out and setting the stakes. You may need the help of a few friends to lift the tent into position and to set the poles. Once you have secured your tent and are sure that it is stable, you are ready to add the lights that will illuminate it inside.

Step by Step Guide for Setting Up a Lighted Tent In Your Backyard: Hanging light bulb

String Your Rope Lights

You will need several strands of rope lights that will go around the perimeter of your tent.

You can select from a variety of light colors to compliment the theme and design of your party. To ensure you have the right amount of lights, you’ll want to measure the tent perimeter and purchase the same length of lights ropes to match its length.

As you start to string your rope lights, you will need to stitch a loop to secure the lights into place. It is best if you use fishing line or heavy thread in a discreet color. You’ll want to add a loop around the light rope every 10 inches or so to make sure the lights stay in place.

Continue to stitch and loop your light ropes around the tent.

You can decide if you want just lights on top of the perimeter or if you also want to add a light row around the flooring too. In either case, you will use the same method of stitching and looping to attach the light ropes.

Wrap Your Beams

Next, you’ll want to make sure to add lights to the tent poles or beams that are inside.

This can help to disguise these unsightly support pieces that are necessary to keep your tent positioned in place. Simply twist your light ropes around each pole inside your tent. You may need a ladder to ensure you cover the poles from top to bottom.

To make sure the light rope stays in place around the tent poles, you’ll want to secure the lights with a looped stitch attached to the tent fabric. This will help to keep the light rope secure and prevent it from slipping during your party festivities.

Step by Step Guide for Setting Up a Lighted Tent In Your Backyard:lights to the tent poles or beams that are inside

Add Net Lighting

To really give your tent that added appeal, you’ll want to add a series of net lights throughout its ceiling.

This will light up your tent and really give you that illuminating effect that screams party time.

Adding net lights to the roof may seem like a challenge, but it will be well worth the effort you have made when you see the final results.

To start, you’ll want to secure stitches about every three inches or so to keep the lighted net in place. Continue to stitch and hang your net lights to give you that starlight-sky effect.

Powering Your Lights

Since you are having an outdoor party in your backyard, you’ll need to consider the power source for your lighted tent.

You may opt for a generator to power the lights, or if you are lucky, you may have a power outlet on the outside of your home.

Once you have decided how you will power your lights, you’ll need to attach extension cords to the light ropes and net lighting you have hung up in your tent. Run the extension cords to your power source and be sure the cords are properly secure.

You’ll want to tuck the cords, so they are out of the way of your guests and don’t pose a trip hazard. A good way to handle exposed cords is to use heavy-duty tape to attach them to the floor. This can provide a safe and seamless way to power your lights from your backyard.

Step by Step Guide for Setting Up a Lighted Tent In Your Backyard:Outdoor party lights

Now, that you have completed your lighted tent, you are ready to enjoy your party under the night sky with a perfectly illuminated party atmosphere.

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