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50 Snow Sculpting Ideas For You To Make In Your Backyard

Between shoveling snow from your driveway and having to dress in layers of clothes just to take out garbage, the winter season can be tough on us. But, it’s not all bad. There are so many thrilling activities that you can do during this time. 

Other than throwing outdoor winter parties, another activity you should consider is snow sculpting. Not only is this a fun activity, but it gives you an opportunity to exercise your creativity and beat your cabin fever at the same time. 

When I started snow sculpting with my friends a few years ago, my sculptures were far from picturesque. Snow sculpting was a steep learning curve for me, particularly because I didn’t know what to sculpt! 

If you’re a first-time sculptor, here are snow sculpting ideas that are sure to evoke your winter creativity. 

Playful Animal Sculptures

Giant Snow Walrus

big seal snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #animals

Image credit:

If you want your snow sculptures to be the talk of your neighborhood, this massive snow walrus is a great place to start. It’s quite easy to create and you can always start with a smaller version. This image on shows what your finished sculpture should look like.

Mother Elephant And Her Baby

Mother and daughter elephant snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #animals

Image credit:

This beautiful snow sculpture of a mother elephant chilling with her baby will melt your heart. Elephants make some of the best moms and this image says it all. Want this sculpture in your yard? Check out the tutorial on

Build A Tree-Hugging Bear 

tree hugging bear snow sculpture  #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #animals

Image credit:

This sculpture of a gigantic bear hugging a tree is sure to be a big hit in your garden. If you’re new to sculpting, you can start off with simpler animals, like a bunny. But if you’re looking for a challenging project, consider this tree-hugging bear I found on

Which One Is Real?

Dog sitting beside a dog snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #animals

Image credit:

If you’ve already built a snowman, it’s only fair that you get him a canine companion. You can model the sculpture after your pet. The best part is: you can build him in whatever position you want: lying down, sitting, or standing. provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a dog snow sculpture. 

Ride A Tauntaun

a man riding a kangaroo sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #animals

Image credit:

In the mythical Star Wars universe, tauntauns are a species of snow lizard, indigenous to the planet of Hoth. If you’re a fan of this sci-fi world, consider this sculpture idea on You can build a tauntaun big enough to ride — perfect for that photo op! 

Bunny Hugging A Tree

rabbit snow sculpture hugging a tree #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #animals

Image credit:

This sculpture — a rabbit hugging a tree — is one of the most unique snow creations I’ve ever seen. Built directly onto the tree trunk, this could be a tough one to pull off. Draw some inspiration from

A Fairy Snow Dragon

Dragon snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #animals

Image credit:

If there’s one mythical animal that will never go out of fashion, it’s a dragon. There’s just something fascinating about this majestic creature. Interested in learning how to make your own dragon snow sculpture? Check out how does it. 

Cartoon Sculptures

Meet Baymax From Big Hero 6

Baymax snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #cartoon

Image credit:

Compassionate and loyal, it’s easy to see why this fictional character from Big Hero 6 is another one of my favorites. Baymax is particularly easy to sculpt, being made up of a large torso and a small head. Take a quick look at

A Dark-Spirited Stewie

family guy snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #cartoon

Image credit:

With this sculpture, you have to be careful to bring out Stewie’s unique physical features. Basically, he’s a short, tubby figure with an unusually-shaped head and about nine strands of hair, combed back. Use the illustration provided by

Mike Wazowski In A Hat

monster inc. snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #cartoon

Image credit:

One of the funniest characters in Monsters Inc., Mike Wazowski is another cartoon character you can sculpt. He’s basically a spherical-shaped monster with one huge eye, two tiny horns on his head, and thin arms and legs. 

Add some color by crowning your snow sculpture with a blue hat, as illustrated on

Olaf The Snowman

Olaf snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #cartoon

Image credit:

This fictional character from Disney’s Frozen is an easy sculpting idea to execute. It’s essentially a small snowman, decorated with three buttons on his torso, two stick arms, and three twigs popping out from his temple. provides a detailed example of what your Olaf snow sculpture should look like. 

Snoopy And His Doghouse

Snoopy snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #cartoon

Image credit:

Snoopy, the pet beagle from the beloved Peanuts world, is a great sculpting idea for families with kids. Elevate this sculpture idea by building a big version of Snoopy and putting him on top of his doghouse. Check out the example on

It’s Cartman From South Park!

south park cartoon character snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #cartoon

Image credit:

One of the key characters in South Park — an animated television series aimed at adults, Cartman is an easy snow sculpture to pull off. Better yet, it’s one that your kids will enjoy creating, even if they don’t watch the show! 

Draw some inspiration from this Cartman snow sculpture I found on​.

Terrifying Snow Sculptures

A Monstrous Child-Eating Snowman

Snowman sculpture swallowing a person #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #horrorMovie

Image credit:

The wintry weather can be somewhat intimidating. Beat it at its own game by creating an equally fearful figure. Consider this monstrous snowman that’s feasting on a toddler, as shown on

Poor Decapitated Snowman

decapitated snowman #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #horrorMovie

Image credit:

Everybody knows how to build a snowman and your neighborhood is probably filled with standard, boring snowmen in the winter. 

If you’re looking to put a twist on the boring, traditional snowman, consider this idea by It’s a snowman being decapitated by a zombie! 

Monsters Reign In A Winter Wonderland

skeleton and monster snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #horrorMovie

Image credit:

The only thing scarier than seeing a dead snowman in someone’s front yard is seeing this powerful and terrifying monster and its grim reaper rider. Achieve this creation by following the illustration on

Snow Skull

skull sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #horrorMovie

Image credit:

Given that Halloween is just around the corner, there’s no better time to create a skull sculpture if you live in an area that’s always full of snow. If you’re not sure how to build this figure, can help. 

A Wicked Witch


witch snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #horrorMovie

Image credit:

You have to be an extremely talented sculptor to create a detailed sculpture like this one. The resemblance of this sculpture to the real thing is incredible. 

With some practice, you can create a similar sculpture. Just follow the example I found at

Movie Characters

Batman Vs The Mighty Shark

shark and batman snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #movie

Image credit:

One of the most popular superheroes, Batman is an individual who can single-handedly save the world. This snow sculpture by has Batman fighting off a shark and it’s a great example of what this hero can do. 

Stay Puft From Ghostbusters

ghost buster snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #movie

Image credit:

If you and your kids are fans of the Ghostbusters films, you’re sure to enjoy sculpting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

This fictional character wears a white sailor’s cap and a blue hatband. Around his neck, he’s draped in a blue collar with a red neckerchief. Take a quick look at the illustration on and get started!

Darth Vader

star wars snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #movie

Image credit:

Darth Vader is the Jedi-turned-Sith antagonist in the renowned Star Wars franchise. If you’re a die-hard fan, building a sculpture of Darth Vader, as illustrated on, is a great idea. 

Davy Jones — Monster Pirate

pirates the movie snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #movie

Image credit:

Do you love the Pirates of the Caribbean film series? Well, you can bring your favorite characters to life by building them in snow sculpture form! 

Learn how to create a sculpture of the mean and mighty Davy Jones by following the illustration at

Carved Snow Faces

King And Queen 

king and queen snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #face

Image credit: 

This giant and intricately carved snow sculpture of a king and his queen is another idea you can consider. However, you’ll need to team up with some talented sculptors if you plan on completing this project before the snow melts! 

Check out the details on

Old Man Winter

Old man face snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #face

Image credit: ​​

This creative snow sculpture was first created by the “House of Thune” team in Minnesota and presented at the 2014 US National Snow Sculpting Championships. Find out how to create your version of Old Man Winter at

Forest-Inspired Face 

forest inspired face snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #face

Image credit

Ever heard of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? This creative, forest-inspired face has elements of greenery and wood with acorns for eyes. Not sure of how to get started on this ethereal sculpture? Draw inspiration from this idea on

Fine Work

Celebrate Ice Hockey

ice hockey shoes snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture

Image credit:

If you live in a cold part of the world, chances are, hockey is a popular sport. If you’re passionate about hockey, why not build a hockey-related snow sculpture? This snow sculpture of ice skates I found on is a great idea. 

Gothic Beauty

skull face sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture

Image credit:

A skull snow sculpture looks pretty scary. But you can incorporate patterns and designs that make it look more beautiful and less intimidating. If you’re not sure how to go about this, check out how achieves this look.

A Chinese Phoenix

chinese phoenix snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture

Image credit:

According to Chinese belief, certain mythical creatures have supernatural powers. The variety of these mythical creatures is endless and they’re accompanied by fascinating folklore. You can build your own Chinese-inspired sculpture, like this phoenix I found at

A Snow Crown 

snow crown sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture

Image credit:

Build your own custom crown out of snow! Regardless of what holiday you’re celebrating, you can incorporate all kinds of patterns into the sculpture to match with your yard’s decor. this is one of the most awesome snow sculpting ideas I have ever seen!

Get inspired by this image on

Castle Sculptures

A Fortress Church

church snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #castle

Image credit:

Are you tired of the usual wintry activities, like sledding? Why not build a snow fort? While it seems simple, building a snow fort calls for intellectual ability and teamwork. The good news is you’ll have plenty of company to help you build during the holidays. 

Draw some inspiration from this snow castle on

Go Big

big castle snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #castle

Image credit:

If you have the space for a big snow sculpting project, make a statement by creating an enormous snow castle — the kind that can be compared to Windsor Castle! 

To give it an authentic look, have your friends dress up and pose as guards. Get inspired by the castle on

An Indestructible Snow Castle

castle snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #castle

Image credit:

Sculpting a castle that’s only made of snow is a great achievement. But, if you don’t construct it the right way, it will fall apart before you can even get inside it. 

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure your fort is indestructible, such as making sure your base is solid and on level ground. shows you how to create a stable castle. 

Elevate With Lighting

lighted castle snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #castle

Image credit:

It doesn’t take a lot to make your snow sculpture stand out from the bunch. Sometimes, all you need to do is add a lighting fixture to give it that extra oomph. Check out how illuminates their snow fort with a string of lights. 

Ridiculous Snow Sculptures

Snowman Or Snow Woman?

snowman wearing a bikini #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #funny

Image credit:

Creating a snowman is fun. But do you know what’s even more exciting? Dressing him up. Kids will particularly enjoy adding a hat, scarf, and whatever else they fancy. This is one of the favorite snow sculpting ideas of mine.

But who says it has to be a snowman? If you want to build a snow woman, just add some feminine garments, as illustrates here. 

Pay Homage To The Great Outdoors

bonfire snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #funny

Image credit:

With cooler temperatures, outdoor activities, like camping and hiking, are usually out of the question. Still, you can find creative ways to celebrate the great outdoors. shows how one sculptor created a larger-than-life campfire and a giant marshmallow, using only snow. 

The Beer Freak 

alcohol drinking snowman #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #funny

Image credit: 

Your snow sculpting days are limited. So, have as much fun as you can and experiment with different objects and accessories. Often, what makes a snow sculpture stand out are the little details. Take a quick look at this easy-to-create beer-guzzling snowman at

The Land Of Sharks

sharks fin snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #funny

Image credit:

Want to scare away intruders when you’re away on vacation? All you need to do is to create an intimidating snow sculpture. A good example is this snow sculpture idea on, which shows a section of land with shark fins that stick out from the ground. 

A Snowman Toilet

toilet bowl with poop snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #funny

Image credit:

The beauty of snow sculpting is that you can let your imagination run wild. You can create a variety of things, from the conventional snowman to quirky objects, like a toilet! 

Sure, this might seem a little gross, but it’s one sculpture that’s guaranteed to turn people’s heads. Check out how nails this design.


First Dance

couple dansing snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #people

Image credit:

Interested in dance? Creating a sculpture of a couple holding hands, let alone dancing, is no small feat. This snow sculpture I found at can serve as the perfect reference to guide you. 

Passion And Love

couple kissing snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #snowman

Image credit:

Are you a fan of romantic comedies and love stories? If you are, you will love this sculpting idea of a couple kissing under a tree. See how it’s done on

Simple Snowmen

Keep It Simple

huge snowman #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #snowman

Image credit:

For newbie sculptors, you don’t have to go overboard with sophisticated sculpting ideas. A simple snowman, such as this one on, will suffice. 

Dress Him Up

snowman with bow tie and scarf #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #snowman

Image credit:

If you want to take things up a notch, but still keep it minimal, consider dressing up your snowman sculpture. Follow the tutorial on, which shows a snowman draped in a green scarf, black hat, and a red bowtie. 

Fun With Transportation

A Ship Sculpture

pirate ship snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #ship

Image credit:

Sculpting a ship or any other water vessel is really fun. You have the freedom to recreate your best battleship and put it into war or depict the catastrophic sinking of the Titanic. Draw some inspiration from

Train Sculpture

train snow sculpture #snowSculpture #snow #winter #sculpture #train

Image credit:

The number of commuters who travel by train is at an all-time high. Show your appreciation for this mode of transportation by modeling a snow sculpture of a train. Check out the demonstration on

Did You Like Our Snow Sculpting Ideas?

The next time you’re stuck at home on a snowy day, but want to spend some time outdoors, try some of these top snow sculpting ideas. My list contains snow sculpting projects that are easy enough for a newbie sculptor to execute, but others are difficult enough to challenge your sculpting skills. 

You can also use the snow you got from snow blowing your yard. These machines are very good at cleaning snow so you’ll have a lot of material to work with! You can also opt for a lighter machine that’s easier to operate.

Did you enjoy my post? Share your thoughts in the comment box below and don’t forget to share this article if you know someone who might enjoy it.

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