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How to Transform Your Flooring From Plain to Fabulous

Flooring is a major aspect of every room.

If you’ve tried renovating a room by changing furniture or decor and it hasn’t worked, turn your attention to your flooring.

​It sets the tone for the room and if it lacks personality,  it can take the whole vibe of the room to a low level. Changing something about your flooring can completely transform how the room looks.

There is so much you can fo with flooring including 3D effects on vinyl, using reclaimed wood, innovative designs, and things like that can make the floor your focal point.

Quick Take on Material to Use

The type of flooring material you can choose has expanded over the years. You no longer have to choose between simple floorboards or carpet.

There is now a multitude of choices that are eco-friendly, stylish, and durable materials.

These materials include resin, which is made from chemical interactions with two polymers and concrete. The material made is a tough floor that is non-slip. Vinyl is another material that is growing in popularity. It’s a practical and attractive choice due to its slip-resistant nature and its warmth.

Reclaimed wood is another hot trend that’s blowing up on the market nowadays due to its vintage feel. It can come from anything from old retail flooring, old wine crates, wooden pallets, and old gym floors. It’s a great alternative to hardwood flooring that’s is prone to bleaching.

A Few of the Ways You Can Transform Your Floors

1. Create Continuity

If you connect the flooring from one room to another or from an indoor space to an outdoor space, your rooms will look bigger. 

If you have doors that fold or patio doors, it’s extremely important that you have continuity from your patio to your interior.

An example of this would be having panel flooring inside and decking outside.

Both have a wooden and warm look that blend seamlessly when they’re facing the same direction. This continuity will remain as long as the panels are going the same direction, so you can even switch up the colors for the spaces.

2. Other Materials to Imitate Wood​

Ceramic tiles can imitate wood if you want the wooden look but don’t want actual wood floors. These ceramic tiles can look exactly like wooden boards but can be made in different colors, so you can have your own personality on them. Besides ceramic tiles, you can get the wooden look from laminate, vinyl planks, bamboo, and classic linoleum.

3. Bring Nature Inside

Vinyl is a great material for indoors because it’s durable and eco-friendly.

It can transform your floors by creating a flow from the outdoors to the interior of the home. Pair this with strategically placed plants you’ll have a room that is comfortable and in tune with nature enough to not be too much.

4. Go for the Industrial Look with Concrete

Concrete is growing in popularity due to its easy cleaning methods and because it’s on-trend. Many people are going for an industrial look and concrete will help you achieve that.

If you don’t want to commit to concrete but still wish to get the industrial look, then you can substitute for vinyl. Vinyl gives you a similar look, but it has many more advantages.

If you went with concrete flooring than you would need to take extra steps to ensure that it’s sealed properly to prevent mildew from growing when moisture penetrates its surface.

Overtime if your concrete floor starts to crack or settle in certain areas, you’d need to call a foundation repair company and ask about epoxy crack injection and concrete leveling services.

Vinyl doesn’t have this issue and is both warm to the touch and soft.

Vinyl can also be used to create a retro feel and be incorporated in a multitude of designs, whether it be a 1950s kitchen or diner. You can get bright colors to contrast with walls and mix and match the flooring.

5. Speaking of Retro, Ceramic Tiles Are Up to the Job​

Ceramic is also a good choice in flooring if you’re looking to accomplish either the retro or the industrial style for your room.

Retro patterns on your floor can work extremely well with industrial-looking furniture which tends to incorporate fabrics such as leather with different types of metals. Tiles have the power to be starring roles in your interior and can be used throughout the house including in bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens. If used in the living room, they could make a statement.

They can also bring an impact to your room if they’re different patterns, shapes, or colors are used.

With ceramic tile, you have endless possibilities at being creative. If you’re bold, you can even mix patterns to create a unique design that is truly your own. If you’re not into retro or industrial, tiles always work well in traditional types of interiors.

6. Classical Is Always Classy​

Interior designs that are styled to look classical, drawing influence from the grand homes that can be found throughout Europe, are also gaining a huge following in renovation crowds. These homes tend to match eclectic furniture made from dark wood with opulent fabrics and ceramic tile floors that are patterned. 

 If you truly wish to draw inspiration from the Victorian Era, then the ideal choice for the patterns on the tile would be monochrome. Colors that complement each other like grey and cream, or more popularly black and white, would be the choice for rooms like the kitchen​. 

These colors lend themselves extremely well to modern kinds of interiors as well. 

 Having your tiles injected with some color can add a Mediterranean twist to your room and make it feel like a kitchen from a country like Spain or Italy. Having tiles in colors like reds, blues, and greens are very striking and make a statement for any room that they’re in.

They also are a great way to transform a dull and tired space as they give the room an immediate uplift.

There are tiles that draw influence from the Mediterranean with their en-caustic effect and intricate details.

Important to Remember

As you’re on the hunt for ways to make your flooring stand out and brighten the whole room, be sure to remember the style you like and what purpose you’re using the room floor.

While it’s nice to be trendy, you don’t want concrete on the ground where your family plays game night. Small changes can do enough to transform your whole room.

​About the author: Nigel is a flooring specialist with over a decade of experience with commercial flooring. He owns a business called Ecoflor which helps install business flooring solutions to his clients.

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