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32 White Picket Fence Ideas: Get Inspired!

Ask any little girl to describe what their ideal house looks like and more than half of them will surely mention a white picket fence and for good reason. 

White picket fences are traditional in style, but can also incorporate more modern elements, such as arbors or curved top edges. I’ve explored some of the most interesting white picket fence ideas, so you can see how easy it is to match it with every yard and house style out there. 

It’s hard not to get enthusiastic when thinking about the classic combination of white wood and green grass. To all that, add a drop of colorful flowers and you’ve basically got heaven’s corner — right in front of your house!

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Cool Ideas with an Arbor

Elegant Entrance

Elegant white picket with arbor entrance

Image credit:

Standalone or decorated with hanging flowers and plants, this white picket fence with arbor is a stylish combination for people who want a more intricate design for their yard or garden. Explore a variety of other options over at

Standing Proud

White picket with white arbor entrance

Image credit:

What could complement your garden more than a white picket fence and an arbor that creates a magnificent contrast with the green nature in your yard? Browse some other picket fence ideas by scouting this collection provided by

Matching Archway

curved styled white picket with an archway arbor

Image credit:

Probably one of the best white picket fence ideas is this rounded option, with an arch that matches the window in the background, creating a stunning visual effect that makes any house stand out in the crowd. Take a peek into some other amazing pictures of picket fences at

Alice in Wonderland

White picket with arch arbor and red rose bushes

Image credit:

Here is yet another white picket fence with arbor that looks like it’s taken out of a fairytale. The climbing red rose bushes complete the decor by adorning the white wooden elements, giving it an “Alice in Wonderland” vibe. You can also use it to create a winter wonderland backyard party when the cold arrives. Witness a wide range of other white picket fence ideas on

Just Add Flowers

Color Madness

white picket with pink flowering plants

Image credit:

Nothing can ever prepare you for how stunning a white picket fence looks when it’s surrounded by blooming flowers. Whether it’s blue hydrangeas, red roses, or orange begonias, every color seems to be enhanced and showcased by the white background. Dive into some other pictures of picket fences over at

Flower Power

White picket surrounded by flowering plants

Image credit:

Gaze at this picket fence idea while picturing your favorite flowers embracing the pure white wood, in what seems like almost rustic decor, reminiscent of warm summer days. Find more inspiration for your future white picket fence at


White picket fence and  flowering pants

Image credit:

Whether you’re looking for a picket fence idea to surround your entire outdoor space or hope to find something that separates different zones of your yard while also sprucing up the place, white fences and flowers will always be a sight for sore eyes. Linger upon these other magnificent flowers and fence combos from

Amazing Fences with Gate Ideas

Outdoor Romance

White picket gate with rose a carvings

Image credit:

This white fence with a rose carving on the gate has a very romantic feel to it. The combination of purple flowers and plain white wood is inspired by childhood homes. All that’s missing is a bunch of kids playing the background! See what other pictures of picket fences you can discover on

Fit for a King

vintage arched arbor with flowering bushes and white picket

Image credit:

If you’re looking for inspiration for a white picket fence gate, we might just have a winner. The curved upper edges of this gate are completed by the arched arbor, giving it an almost luxurious vintage elegance. View similar breathtaking options on

Childhood Dreams

Bungalow house with white picket fence and gate

Image credit:

White picket fences will always be the stuff we dream about as children when asked to picture our ideal home. Here you have a vacation-style bungalow with a picket fence and a gate, creating that welcoming ambiance of a dream home. If you want more white picket fence gate inspo, take a look over on

Pathway Perfection

White picket fence and gate, brick pathway to the house main door

Image credit:

Everything about this picture is absolutely perfect. The brick pathway that crosses through the open gate of the white picket fence, leading to a gorgeous classic house, surrounded by trees — every single detail is mesmerizing. Explore more white picket fence centerpieces at

Spruce It Up with an Alternating Pattern

Bold Asymmetry

Asymmetric white picket fence for a bungalow house

Image credit:

Leave it to this asymmetric white picket fence to create a stunning visual effect, suitable for bold homeowners that want their yards to look different than the mainstream. Feast your eyes on more white picket fence landscaping ideas on

The Future Is Now

pointed wavy style picket fence for a home with beautiful flowering garden

Image credit: ​​

The wave-style appearance of this picket fence option is a tad different compared to the traditional options out there, but it’s definitely something we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future. If you’re curious to see more pictures of picket fences, check out

Passerby Delight

alternating white picket fence and white beautiful flowers

Image credit:

This short, alternating height white picket fence is the perfect way to feature those beautiful roses — sure to astonish all those who pass by this amazing example of what a dream yard should look like. Also, see how well it goes with landscaping with rocks that is done along the fence line. Find similar options over at

Black & White Chronicles

White picket fence for a black and white house

Image credit:

Observe how beautiful this white picket fence contrasts with the black wooden panels on this home — elevating it from the ground and reflecting a design that’s both bold and appealing. View the project in full detail on the

Check Out These with a Curvy Top Line

Breathtaking Curves

white picket and the top of it is forming a curve style

Image credit:

There’s something about wooden curves that makes an entire yard look way more dazzling. See how these pickets are aligned in perfect symmetry, giving the whole place a stylish vibe? Discover more white picket fence ideas on

Let There Be Green!

white picket seperating the front yard garden and the sidewalk

Image credit:

When the pickets of your white fence are further apart, like in this particular example, your background plants and flowers have a lot more room to showcase their beauty, while creating privacy that’s both natural and adorable. Get ready to delve into more white picket fence options on

Picket Privacy

white and longer fence picket with a curvy style

Image credit:

For those of you looking for extra privacy in your front yard, you can explore white fence ideas that use longer pickets, placed closer to one another. The scalloped curves of these pickets add a touch of elegance. Check out to stay on top of future fence ideas.

Garden Separators

White picket fence with flat top style

Image credit:

Here is a perfect example of fence panels that separate different parts of your garden, while highlighting the magnificent colors of nature. For further info on this option and many similar picks, visit

Simple with a Thin White Picket

One Size Fits All

white thins picket fence and a family of three standing in front of it

Image credit:

The most amazing thing about a white picket fence is that it doesn’t really matter what type of house you’re trying to surround. Be it a bungalow, cottage, villa, or a cabin in the woods, white picket fences are easy to match with a number of different houses and yard decor. View this project in detail over at

Cottage Craze

cottage with a thin picket fence

Image credit:

This picket fence reinforces my previous statement: it’s so easy to match this type of fence with different house styles. Here is yet another cottage with breathtaking landscaping. The white fence blends easily with the yard, contrasting with pretty much every other color in this picture. Draw you next white picket fence ideas from the experts over at

Put the Pedal to the Vinyl

vinyl white picket fence with a curvy top design

Image credit:

Choose a vinyl picket fence for enhanced durability, as they are more resistant to water compared to other types of fences and materials. Plus, this beauty can really increase the value of your property, should you ever decide to sell. Dig into other vinyl fence ideas for your yard over at

Father & Son

White picket fence for a grey house

Image credit:

You have to admit: having a white picket fence that matches the outer frames of a wooden house is everything you hope for in terms of a traditional home vibe. The contrast between the elements isn’t just in color, but also in size, as the house seems even more imposing and majestic when standing tall behind such a small picket fence! Gather a variety of other on-point ideas for your next white picket fence project from

Gorgeous Traditional Ideas

Novel-Worthy Landscaping

a big house near the river has a white picket

Image credit:

The giant river stones that cover the outer walls of this house are more than just practical: they are a landscaping statement. This entire ensemble is something out of an Agatha Christie novel. Don’t miss out on some other pictures of picket fences over on

Grandma’s Yard

house with a flowering bush plants on the roof and white picket fence

Image credit:

Those of you that want to tackle that vintage picket fence vibe to the max will love this scorched wood look. It’s a timeless image that reminds us of summers spent at our grandparents’ house. Take a closer look at this vintage-style project on

Road to Heaven

traditional home with white picket surrounded by trees and flowering plants

Image credit:

This is literally what a slice of heaven looks like: a traditional home lost somewhere in the background, under the shade of trees to hide you from the ruthless summer sun — while a teal bike leans peacefully against the white picket fence, adorned with purple flowers. Find more beautiful white picket fence and flower combinations on

Drowned in Life

colored flowers covering a small, yet elegant white fence

Image credit:

How does one even begin to describe the delicacy of a bunch of colored flowers covering a small, yet elegant white fence? If anything else covered these traditional wooden pickets, it would almost be a shame! Uncover inspiration for traditional white picket fences over at

Vivid Colors

White picket fences on the front yard  garden

Image credit:

Oddly enough, white picket fences will always make the colors of your garden pop. Similarly, colorful flowers will also make that clean white stand out and I am mesmerized, each and every time. See other pictures of picket fences for your garden project at

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

White house with a diamond shape pattern on the white picket fence and flowering plants

Image credit:

If fancy wooden cut-outs are your thing, how about this diamond-shaped pattern, created by grouping together two carved pickets — designed to give your home a different look. Visit to see how picket fences will never go out of style!

Cool Fence Ideas with a Fancy Cut Out

Rounded Top Edges

white house with black windows and white picket fence with rounded top edges

Image credit:

Stay on top of the white picket fence game with a traditional model that gives a rustic vibe to yards looking to create a traditional style. It’s the perfect choice for a home with children, as the rounded top edges are completely safe and tasteful. Gaze at some other astonishing picket fence ideas at

Pineapple Express

wooden white picket fence with pineapple design

Image credit:

Just how adorable is this white picket fence idea? It takes something as trivial as a white wooden picket and carves it into a half-pineapple, to create a playful pattern that you will admire for years! Explore a world of fancy cut-out fence ideas on

The Devil in the Details

white picket with cat design on top

Image credit:

Another amazing thing about choosing a white picket fence is that there is never a dull combination, even if the fence itself is quite simplistic. There are many details and additional elements that can create a unique visual style, much to the delight of homeowners. Discover more awesome white picket fence ideas on


Surrounding your yard with a white picket fence is practical, visually appealing, a durable option in the long run, and quite inexpensive. Giving your white fence a fresh coat of paint or fixing any damage that may occur over time is a very small investment, compared to how dreamy your landscape can look if you choose this particular style.

Picking a favorite out of all these is nearly impossible, although I am a huge fan of the picket fences with curved top edges. Here are more inexpensive fencing ideas for you to check out.

Did you enjoy this article? What’s your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments and share it with your friends.

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