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Allen Roth Steel Gazebo Assembly Instructions: Build Your Gazebo Yourself

Living in North Carolina, we spend a great deal of time outdoors. Having a well-made gazebo to hang out in is a huge bonus for our family.

Allen and Roth make a variety of options to choose from. Some of the many options include pergola style, a dome gazebo, an easy up gazebo, and a hard-top option. We personally own the second gazebo discussed,  the dome one. Living in a warm climate we are able to use it year-round and do not need the fabric sides.

Each of these options also come with instructions that are simple to follow to install your new Allen and Roth steel gazebos by Lowe’s.

Pergola Gazebo Instructions

Replacement Canopy Top Cover for Garden Treasures 10' x 10' Pergola Gazebo - RipLock 500

First up in our list of options is the pergola 10ft x 10ft gazebo. This gazebo is a solid black structure with a tannish-gray canopy covering. If your taste is more on the industrial or rustic side, this Allen and Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s would be perfect for you. With its straight lines and sturdy build, it would fit nicely in a variety of yards. At 10ft x 10ft, it also provides a large covered area to protect you from the rain or the sunshine.

The Allen Roth steel gazebo assembly instructions that come with the gazebo are easy to read and will make the process of putting your new gazebo together easy. This particular gazebo’s model number is GF-12S039B and it can be assembled with the help of 2 to 4 people total. You will need to put aside about 4 hours total for assembly.

The only tools you will need for assembly is a 5ft ladder , the wrench you will need comes with the gazebo. To put your new item together, you will do so in the following order:

  • Base brackets
  • Base side panels
  • Connect the crossbars for the top of the canopy
  • Complete each side of the canopy – crossbars attached to 2 posts
  • Attach all 4 sides of the gazebo
  • Lastly, you will put the canopy on top

You can find the detailed assembly instructions on Lowe’s website. The assembly instructions also include the instructions on how to remove the gazebo canopy.

Next, we have the beige dome gazebo.

Beige Dome Gazebo Instructions

This gazebo provides you with a very classic cabana appearance. With its solid domed top and fabric tied to its legs, it is reminiscent of what you would see at a resort. This Allen and Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s is large at 12ft x 10ft. It will give you great protection from the sun while looking stylish.

APEX GARDEN Replacement Canopy Top for Lowe's Allen Roth 10X12 Gazebo #GF-12S004B-1

When it comes to putting this piece together, the assembly instructions of Allen Roth steel gazebos are straight forward. You will find all of the details you need in the PDF provided. This gazebo’s model number is: GF-12S004B and can be put together with anywhere from 2 to 4 people’s help. This item will also take about 4 hours of assembly time to complete the project.

The tools needed for this Allen and Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s are going to be the hex wrench  and a special wrench that comes with it. You will also need a ladder that is at least 5 ft tall for assembly. The instructions are easy to follow and you will put your item together in this order:

  • Assemble the support posts first
  • Connect left and right crossbars to each other
  • Connect all 4 sets of crossbars to create a rectangle
  • Place rectangle of crossbars on top of 4 support posts
  • Assemble canopy roof
  • Hang corner curtains
  • Lastly, put the actual canopy cover on

If you need more information on detailed assembly instruction, they can be found on the Lowe’s website. Also, the Lowe’s website offers the instructions to remove your canopy as well.

Our third gazebo option is the easy up gazebo.

Easy Up Gazebo Instructions

This option is very similar to the beige dome gazebo, however, it is all a beige colored fabric and has a simpler style. This is a gazebo that you will find in many yards and you know will stand up over the years. So, it is easy to maintain as it provides hassle free cleaning. You will have plenty of coverage with this 10ft x 12ft mosquito netted gazebo.

No products found.

Allen Roth steel gazebo assembly instructions for this gazebo are easily followed. The model number for this gazebo is L-GZ472PST-I and you will need at least 2 adults if not more to assemble. This gazebo has a very short assembly time of only 30 minutes! Therefore, this means more time to enjoy it and less time spent putting it together.

Luckily, you will not need any extra tools beyond what comes with the item for assembly. Below are the main steps required to put your new gazebo together:

  • Unfold and insert crossbeams into poles
  • Connect corner bars and poles
  • Attach short and long crossbars to one another
  • Attach hook to the top connector
  • Connect long middle bars
  • Attach the large canopy
  • Connect the small canopy
  • Attach the mosquito netting

To find the detailed assembly instructions, go to the Lowe’s website. There you will also find the instructions on how to remove your gazebo canopy.

Last, but not least we have the hardtop gazebo.

Hardtop Gazebo Instructions

Last, we have the fourth option – the hardtop. This gazebo is completely different from the rest as it offers a paneled canopy vs a material canopy. h2It’s size is h2 10ft x 10ft square h2and it features a h2vented canopy roof. With this sturdy construction, you can enjoy your Allen Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s year round!

The assembly instructions of this steel gazebo are detailed but easy to follow along with. You can find this model, numbered: Item # 401997 Model # L-GZ340PC0-5 online. While you can assemble this solo, you will need up to 6 people to move the gazebo. Assembly time is relatively short at 90 minutes.

When it comes to tools, you will need the wrench that comes with your gazebo and a Phillips screwdriver .

Below in order, the main assembly instructions are:

  • Connect left and right top screens
  • Attach screens to post connectors
  • Connect top beams to big top bars
  • Attach hook to small top connector
  • Assemble the small top roof panels
  • Connect the roof beams
  • Attach small roof covers to small top
  • Connect the big roof panel covers to big top
  • Assemble the top
  • Attach to posts
  • Stake to the ground

If you are looking for the detailed assembly instructions of this Allen Roth steel gazebo, they can be found on Lowe’s  website. You will also find the instructions needed to remove your canopy.

For the hardtop gazebo ITEM #0732511 MODEL #L-GZ401PCO-C1, you can find the assemble instruction on the website of SunJoy, a company that produces gazebo replacement parts. Here is the link.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the many options that are offered by Allen Roth for gazebos, you can choose which will best fit your life and needs.

If you live somewhere where you want to use your gazebo year-round, the hard top option may be best. If you live in a warm climate like my husband and I do, any of the soft top canopy options will work well.

In any case, you need not worry about the assembly. Since Allen Roth steel gazebo assembly instructions are easy to read and find, you should be able to enjoy your new item in no time.

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